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Anime characters favor an thrilling grand entrance, most of them like to point out up simply within the nick of time, with a significant show that amazes everybody round them. However, displaying up late can usually backfire and end in some severe penalties.

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Being on the incorrect place on the incorrect time is unhealthy sufficient, but it surely’s even worse for characters that present up on the proper place on the incorrect time. They can miss out on all of the enjoyable and even worse, lose somebody vital to them as a result of they weren’t there when their liked one wanted them most.

10 Tanjiro Wasn’t There For His Family (Demon Slayer)

Before Tanjiro’s life falls aside in Demon Slayer he’s the oldest brother of a cheerful household within the mountains. They will not be wealthy, however they get by simply wonderful and luxuriate in a humble life-style.

Unfortunately, Tanjiro often has to depart his dwelling to promote provides within the metropolis, which implies he wasn’t dwelling when his household is attacked by a demon. It’s unlikely Tanjiro would have made a lot of a distinction if he hadn’t stayed the evening at an acquaintance’s home as a substitute of heading dwelling, however that does not cease the guilt from consuming him up inside.

9 Hitsugaya Couldn’t Save His Childhood Friend (Bleach)

As Captain of squad 10, Hitsugaya usually comes throughout as chilly and reserved. However, there may be one one that is aware of the true him and that is his childhood good friend Momo Hinamori. The two of them grew up collectively so it is comprehensible that Hitsugaya would need to shield her.

Unfortunately, when Aizen reveals his treacherous methods by stabbing Hinamori by way of the chest, Hitsugaya arrives just a few moments too late. Luckily they each survive the encounter, however Hinamori’s psychological well being nonetheless suffers due to how Aizen betrayed her.

8 There Was Nothing Left For Naruto To Save (Naruto)

Naruto loves consideration, he likes to face out by making a grand entrance. Considering his pals are succesful shinobi who can maintain themselves it is not essentially a nasty factor when Naruto reveals up late to a struggle.

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However, Naruto’s entrance is rather less efficient through the Pain Arc when he arrives simply after the Akatsuki have utterly leveled the village. Not solely are most of his comrades useless, however there is not even something left of the village for him to save lots of. Luckily, Pain has a change of coronary heart so the damages brought on by Naruto’s late arrival aren’t as extreme as they might have been.

7 Luffy Couldn’t Save Ace (One Piece)

Ace is Luffy’s brother in One Piece so it is a large deal when he is arrested by the navy and sentenced to execution. Luffy units out immediately to save lots of Ace, and he manages to struggle by way of Impel Down, a government-controlled stronghold.

Unfortunately, for Luffy and his pals, Ace is taken away from Impel Down moments earlier than he arrives on the ultimate ground. Maybe if Luffy had arrived a couple of minutes earlier he might have prevented the battle and saved Ace from his destiny.

6 All Might Was Late Because Of His Time Limit (My Hero Academia)

As the primary Pro Hero, All Might from My Hero Academia saves everybody with a smile, however even he is not proof against displaying up on the proper place on the incorrect time. During the USJ Training arc, All Might makes use of up his time restrict and might’t get to the USJ in time for sophistication, which implies he is not there when villains assault.

Both Thirteen and Aizawa are significantly injured within the struggle and Aizawa even suffers everlasting unwanted effects. All Might could also be an incredible hero, but when he hadn’t wasted his time restrict, he would have been on the USJ in time to save lots of everybody.

5 Lelouch Cared More About His Plans Then His Friends (Code Geass)

Lelouch does not seem to be the kind of one that cares for others. He claims his actions are for his sister’s sake however even that looks as if extra of an excuse for his horrible actions. However, when Shirley is killed by Rolo, Lelouch is hit the toughest, particularly since he arrived moments after she was attacked.

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Had Lelouch arrived on time, it is probably he might have talked Rolo out of killing Shirley, particularly since Rolo’s foremost aim is to assist Lelouch obtain his objectives. Unfortunately, Lelouch was too targeted on different issues, so he wasn’t there when Shirley wanted him.

4 Yusuke Didn’t See Genaki’s Death Coming (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Considering there are nearly no guidelines to the Dark Tournament in Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke ought to have realized he and his pals have been in simply as a lot hazard exterior the ring as they have been inside it.

Then once more, Genkai’s private beef with Toguro is just too advanced for somebody like Yusuke to know so it is sensible he did not notice they have been going to struggle till after it was too late. Yusuke manages to reach simply in time to listen to Genkai’s ultimate phrases, however he actually wasn’t there quickly sufficient to save lots of her, which is simply what Genaki and Toguro needed.

3 Kaguya Nearly Missed Her Chance At Love (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War?)

Not each missed alternative in anime is a matter of life and demise, however that does not make it any much less miserable when a personality misses out on time with their pals.

Kaguya from Kaguya-sama: Love Is War? desires to see fireworks together with her clubmates however on the final minute, her father refuses to let her go away. She sneaks out with a purpose to attend the pageant, however she arrives moments after the fireworks finish. Luckily, her crush Shirogane is ready to discover one other fireworks occasion so the evening is not an entire loss.

2 Saitou Forced Kenshin’s Hand (Rurouni Kenshin)

It’s exhausting to consider Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin turns into Kenshin’s ally with how he is launched. Not solely does he assault Kenshin and almost drive him to revert to the Battousai, however he almost kills Sanosuke when Kenshin and Karou aren’t dwelling.

Finding Sanosuke half useless in the midst of the Dojo is why Kenshin goes into his struggle with Saitou with out considering. Saitou would have pressured Kenshin to struggle him finally but when Kenshin WAS been dwelling as a substitute of Sanosuke, the struggle would not have ended so badly for everybody concerned.

1 Levi Shouldn’t Have Trusted His Squad (Attack On Titan)

Being a member of the Levi squad in Attack on Titan is a big honor, particularly since Levi hand picks the perfect troopers. He builds a group of Scouts that belief one another, however that belief backfires when Levi leaves his squad to fend for themselves.

Even with their talent, none of them stood an opportunity in opposition to the Female Titan. Levi’s rage over the demise of his comrades helps him beat the Female Titan and save Eren, but it surely’s unlucky he could not be there to save lots of his pals as nicely.

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