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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe stands out at present as one among its period’s staple animated tv collection. Its appreciation ranges from real fondness to nostalgic remembrance. The present is well-known for its rushed manufacturing, which led to heavy use of recycled footage.

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Despite this, the present stands head and shoulders above its contemporaries, like The Transformersand Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It does so due to its sheer quantity of entertaining, off-the-wall episodes.

10 Diamond Ray Of Disappearance Set The Show In MotionDiamond Ray of Disappearance

“Diamond Ray of Disappearance” (Season 1, Episode 4) was the primary broadcast episode of He-Man, and it kicked the exhibit in glorious style. When Skeletor discovers the titular jewel, able to transporting its goal to a different dimension, he decides to make use of its energy to overcome Eternia.

This plan naturally does not sit nicely with He-Man, who comes alongside to thwart it. He makes use of his energy to crush the jewel earlier than telling the viewers that Skeletor is a schmuck for his dishonest try to chop corners to success. The viewers is left with the primary impression of animated tv’s funniest villain.

9 The Once And Future Duke Reflects Familial Anxiety About A Growing ChildThe Once and Future Duke

“The Once and Future Duke” (Season 1, Episode 58) sees a childhood pal of Prince Adam and Teela reverted to a toddler by an uncle who’s additionally able to eradicating one’s reminiscences by means of magical powers. It’s as much as He-Man to get better the misplaced Ring of Remembrance to get better younger David’s reminiscence.

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The episode explores sophisticated emotions round rising up, familial reminiscences, and what it means to reside and study. Count Marzo is one among He-Man‘s extra colourful villains who is not named Skeletor, and his jealousy in direction of his nephew helps create one of many present’s most memorable episodes.

8 Battle Of The Dragons Explores The Line Between Winning And LosingBattle of the Dragons

“Battle of the Dragons” (Season 2, Episode 49), one among a number of episodes written by the formidable J. Michael Straczynski, sees the villainous Morningstar trying to reignite the struggle between dragons and people by blaming the extinguishing of Granamyr’s flame on two of the human’s ranks. Per components, He-Man is summoned by Granamyr with a view to assist save the day.

Few He-Man episodes fulfilled their ending ethical of being winner extra seamlessly than this one. Morningstar is introduced as a traditional grasping archetype who makes an attempt to take advantage of a scenario, whereas Granamyr is the wiser character who sees by means of the previous’s scheme. However, he does so with gracefulness.

7 Things That Go Bump In The Night Taught That It’s Okay To Be AfraidThings That Go Bump in the Night

“Things That Go Bump within the Night” (Season 2, Episode 22) goes in opposition to the He-Man stereotype by giving an episode that acknowledges the facility of concern and the reality that it is pure to have fears. Prince Glitch falls in with Skeletor’s motley crew as a result of he thinks it will assist him rid himself of concern.

The episode is a uncommon instance of He-Man not following a well-recognized components. The masculine traditionalism that defines the present is basically questioned by the ethical. The episode even dares to place forth {that a} private drive for braveness can land you in a harmful scenario.

6 Teela’s Quest Gave The Character DepthTeela's Quest

“Teela’s Quest” (Season 1, Episode 6) finds questions across the character’s previous being unraveled. As He-Man origin episodes go, it is the perfect of the bunch. It presents the message {that a} father or mother’s love for a kid is equally sturdy whether or not there exists a blood relation between them, and Teela takes the reins of the present properly, which wasn’t all that widespread for feminine characters on the time.

Skeletor turns into concerned within the proceedings and follows Teela as she seeks the Oracle to provide her the reality about her mom. With He-Man and Battle Cat in pursuit, disaster is averted, and Teela comes to understand Man-At-Arms much more than regular as her parental curiosity ceases.

5 The Dragon’s Gift Introduces The Audience To GranamyrThe Dragon's Gift

“The Dragon’s Gift” (Season 1, Episode 34) finds He-Man and Teela happening a mission to seek out the traditional, highly effective dragon Granamyr in hopes that he’ll assist them reverse a spell from a scheme hatched by Skeletor that turned Man-At-Arms right into a crystal statue whereas defending King Randor.

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Granamyr is one among He-Man‘s most recognizable characters outdoors the same old suspects, largely because of the Viking-style helmet he wears. He softens his tone upon discovering his guests’ compassion for all times within the Forgotten Forest and presents to assist them reverse the spell. The episode is He-Man’s eco-friendly second.

4 Evilseed Is One Of The Show’s Weirdest EpisodesEvilseed

“Evilseed” (Season 1, Episode 25) stands out as an additional bizarre He-Man episode, which is basically saying one thing because the present had a number of odd moments. As unusually aggressive weeds start to take over the lives of the individuals of Eternia, He-Man suspects yet one more assault from Skeletor.

Skeletor is not behind the scenario, although, and is certainly impacted by it as nicely. Begrudgingly, he groups up with He-Man with a view to deliver the scenario to an finish. Few moments within the present are extra entertaining than the sworn enemies teaming as much as take down an ultra-weird titular adversary they share.

3 The Cosmic Comet Is Another Off-The-Wall EpisodeThe Cosmic Comet

“The Cosmic Comet” (Season 1, Episode 1) begins He-Man off on its recognized trajectory with Evil-Lyn and Beast Man approaching Castle Grayskull simply to get their tails whipped by He-Man. However, the crushed villains and their ringleader Skeletor then pursue a comet that had handed overhead at Grayskull.

The actual enjoyable arrives when Skeletor instructions bolts to land at Zagraz Mountain, the place the heroes from the Royal Palace have gone to hunt solutions in regards to the comet, and these bolts flip into dwelling creatures. Meanwhile, Zagraz confronts his previous failures. This is a foolish episode even by the present’s requirements, but it surely’s so trippy and off-the-wall that it is simply forgiven.

2 The Rainbow Warrior Takes Skeletor OutThe Rainbow Warrior

“The Rainbow Warrior” (Season 2, Episode 20) is one other uncommon He-Man episode that bucks custom. This is as near feminine empowerment because the present ever got here. Skeletor hatches yet one more scheme to rule Eternia, however meets his match, not by the hands of He-Man, however Queen Marlena.

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When Skeletor sends a military of ships to assault the Royal Palace, Marlena, after reminiscing on how she wound up on Eternia, realizes she’s the one one who can put a cease to the assault. After being overmatched, Skeletor flees the scene, leaving his companions to face the fallout.

1 The Problem With Power Is Simply The Best He-Man EpisodeThe Problem with Power

“The Problem with Power” (Season 2, Episode 45) is the perfect He-Man episode as a result of it contends with the potential risks inherent in wielding the sort of energy the character holds. It’s additionally one of many few episodes that genuinely try a critical topic.

Skeletor concocts a plan to have He-Man surrender his position as a hero in order that he and General Tataran not have to fret about him. Knowing they cannot defeat him, Skeletor hatches an concept to stage a false loss of life seemingly brought on by He-Man. As 80s animated cartoons go, that is heavy stuff, and it simply stands out because the present’s greatest episode.

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