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With an evergrowing listing of choices that may solely get longer with the eventual launch of One D&D, gamers seeking to give their warlocks the sting have by no means had extra to select from. While warlocks might not have as many spells or spell slots as different courses just like the wizard, they get many different skills gifted by their benefactors.

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By incorporating feats, gamers can customise their warlock and strengthen them to face out amongst the opposite courses. Some feats let a warlock be even higher at what they already do, whereas others assist them broaden into niches in any other case unavailable to them.

Updated September 2, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: With One D&D’s renewed curiosity in feats as a principal a part of a personality’s construct, we have revamped this listing to present much more details about the numerous nice feats for warlocks in Dungeons & Dragons.

10 Elven Accuracy

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything pg. 74

Elven Accuracy helps gamers hit their targets extra typically when utilizing ranged assaults just like the warlock’s hallmark and arguably finest cantrip, Eldritch Blast. The feat achieves this by giving characters a +1 in any potential rating besides Strength or Constitution and permitting the participant to re-roll one in every of their cube throughout an assault that makes use of one of many above potential scores, supplied they’ve benefit.

  • Increases accuracy to take care of harm output
  • Helps enhance a warlock’s principal casting potential rating

There is an apparent drawback with the Elven Accuracy feat, and that’s the prerequisite of being an elf or half-elf, which drastically diminishes the pool of characters who can profit from it. However, with One D&D’s new mechanics decoupling potential rating modifiers from race, elves may be simply as efficient as warlocks as every other character.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 80

Metamagic Adept permits gamers to faucet into powers from D&D‘s underrated sorcerer class. The character beneficial properties two sorcery factors and two Metamagic choices. Some choices embrace Distant Spell, which doubles a spell’s vary for one sorcery level, and Quickened Spell, which prices two sorcery factors and permits spells to be forged as a bonus motion.

  • Grants a warlock elevated flexibility with their low variety of spells
  • Can enable a warlock to double up on spells by copying them

One of probably the most notable Metamagic choices is the Twinned Spell, with which a warlock can copy any of their strongest spells. Warlocks solely get so many spell slots to mess around with, so with the ability to get two spells for the value of 1 is a large boon.

8 War Caster

Player’s Handbook pg. 170

War Caster is one in every of D&D’s assist feats for melee spellcasters. One of War Caster’s most helpful skills is giving characters benefit on Constitution saving throws for focus, which boosts the chance of sustaining their spells after taking harm. On prime of that, it permits casters to make use of spells throughout alternative assaults and to make use of somatic elements whereas their arms are full, which means they will forged spells whereas dual-wielding or utilizing a sword and defend.

  • Helps a warlock keep their focus in order to not waste treasured spell slots
  • Enables melee warlock builds to work even higher

The solely motive this feat is not extra helpful to a warlock is that almost all warlock builds, save for the Hexblade, don’t interact in a lot shut fight. However, the profit to focus checks alone is price a feat slot, as focus spells can simply change the tide of battle.

7 Resilient (Constitution)

Player’s Handbook pg. 168

Many think about Resilient to be one of the vital highly effective feats in D&D. It permits gamers so as to add a +1 bonus to a capability rating, which in flip boosts the flexibility rating modifier. They additionally acquire proficiency within the saving throw for that potential.

  • Helps a warlock keep standing in battle a bit longer
  • Gives a warlock a greater likelihood to take care of focus on spells

While the participant has the choice of boosting any of the flexibility scores, selecting Constitution wouldn’t solely enhance a personality’s hit factors however would additionally give them additional assist of their focus checks, which require a Constitution saving throw. This turns out to be useful for warlocks who take quite a lot of concentration-based spells.

6 Magic Initiate

Player’s Handbook pg. 168

Warlocks do not need quite a lot of spell slots, nor do they know an enormous array of spells. So any feat that affords them extra spells is beneficial, although maybe not as helpful as feats that additionally give them free casts of spells.

  • Expanded entry to spells past the warlock’s restricted spell listing
  • Extra spells to forged with out using spell slots

Magic Initiate is amongst the highest D&D feats as a result of it permits characters to take cantrips and spells from a wide selection of different courses (although they have to solely select from a kind of courses). Warlocks already get probably the greatest fight cantrips in D&D, so taking this feat will allow them to add some much-needed utility from one other class’s listing.

5 Spell Sniper

Player’s Handbook pg. 170

Spell Sniper is an apparent feat for warlocks who love capturing off Eldritch Blasts, and due to the cantrip’s potential to ship off a number of rounds per use (after fifth stage), it’s an efficient construct. Not solely does Spell Sniper double a spell’s casting vary, nevertheless it additionally ignores partial cowl, which means no enemies are protected.

  • Drastically will increase the vary of Eldritch Blast
  • Allows a warlock to strike at enemies in cowl with out penalty

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Where Spell Sniper fails is in its lack of versatility. In addition to all its advantages, it additionally grants the character a combat-oriented cantrip from any class — however the warlock already has probably the greatest fight cantrips. Plus, few Dungeon Masters incorporate fight fields sufficiently big to want Spell Sniper’s first boon, making it a one-trick pony.

4 Eldritch Adept

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 79

Eldritch Invocations are the bread and butter of the warlock class, which is why selecting up extra of them is rarely a foul concept. The Eldritch Adept feat permits gamers to take an Eldritch Invocation, making this a high-utility feat each on and off the battlefield. When they take this feat, warlocks even have entry to higher-level Invocations that different courses with this feat don’t.

  • Expanded entry to the warlock’s key function
  • Lets a warlock give attention to their principal position fairly than diversifying

Many of the Eldritch Invocations do the identical job as different feats. Eldritch Mind offers the gamers the identical benefit on Constitution saving throws for focus as War Caster does. While this might sound redundant, it does release extra feat alternatives, and the higher-level invocations grant warlocks entry to spells and talents extra highly effective than a standard feat provides.

3 Shadow Touched

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 80

What warlocks want are extra spells and spell slots. Shadow Touched permits the participant to take the second-level spell Invisibility and a first-level spell from the Illusion or Necromancy faculties. Furthermore, it permits them to forged every of those spells as soon as per day with out expending a spell slot. This successfully offers them an additional second and first-level spell slot.

  • Grants a warlock entry to higher-level spells early
  • Increases a warlock’s principal casting potential rating

To make this feat much more engaging, it additionally offers the participant a +1 in both Intelligence, Charisma, or Wisdom, every of which is a crucial potential, and Charisma is the warlock’s Spellcasting Ability. Shadow Touched additionally matches nicely with the numerous otherworldly warlock patrons a participant can select from.

2 Fey Touched

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 79

As the title suggests, Fey Touched works the identical manner as Shadow Touched. However, as a substitute of granting the participant Invisibility and one first-level spell from Illusion or Necromancy, it offers them Misty Step and one first-level spell from the Enchantment or Divination faculties.

  • Gives a warlock additional spells to make use of with out spell slots
  • Lets a warlock get out of bother or into melee fight with ease

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Misty Step is likely one of the most helpful spells within the recreation, as casters can spend a bonus motion to teleport throughout the map. This offers them a leg up in fight but in addition opens the door for a lot of out-of-combat alternatives. The identical bonus to skills scores that the Shadow Touched are graced with are additionally supplied in Fey Touched.

1 Telekinetic

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 81

Thanks to their Eldritch Invocations, warlocks are of probably the most versatile D&D courses. Adding the Telekinetic feat gives much more utility each on and off the battlefield. Using a mere bonus motion, a personality can push or shove one other 5 toes, supplied the goal is inside 30 toes and fails a Strength saving throw. This generally is a game-changer in fight, as it may possibly transfer enemies into one other participant’s space of impact and even knock them off a harmful ledge.

  • Expanded choices for each out and in of fight
  • Extra mystical powers not tied to spells or spell slots

Being that Telekinetic is a psychological energy, one can use its skills with out being seen or heard, making it the proper transfer to make use of in a tense role-play state of affairs. To prime it off, this feat lets the participant be taught the Mage Hand cantrip and forged it invisibly with no verbal or somatic indicators.

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