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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a multiple-part manga and anime franchise with eccentric characters, gory violence, and absurdist humor. As followers await Steel Ball Run’s animated launch, they could replicate on the present’s extra ugly moments. The sequence is notorious for its darkish storylines and controversial scenes corresponding to traumatic animal mutilation, violence towards girls, and even baby loss of life.

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The present juxtaposes these horrors with brilliant colours and eccentric characters. Furthermore, the anime (extra so than the manga) meanders round a few of its extra graphic scenes to counsel somewhat than element these occasions. Either approach, the present has no scarcity of darkish implications.

10 Dio Brando Horrifically Killed Jonathan Joestar’s Dog

While Danny does not rank amongst Jojo’s saddest deaths, it was a darkish and appalling second within the present’s first season, Phantom Blood. The season’s protagonist, Jonathan Joestar, had just one pal, his canine, Danny. Jonathan handled bullies and a horrible adopted brother. Danny was his one solace.

While followers by no means noticed the canine’s loss of life on display, the scene panned towards an oven-like equipment outdoors the Joestar mansion and implied Danny’s ugly finish. While there have been many horrific animal deaths all through the sequence, this ranked among the many most pointless and proved Dio’s cruelty.

9 Angelo’s Entire Past Is A Dark Implication

While the present particulars the serial killer Angelo’s life to an extent, some components needed to be inferred. From his origins to the minutia of his horrific crimes, many issues needed to be implied and could not function on display.

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After Josuke Higashikata defeated Angelo (by rearranging his molecules), the present continued its pattern of roundabout explanations when small particulars trace that Angelo was nonetheless alive and considerably sentient as an enormous rock. The sequence recommended he would dwell for eternity as an inanimate object.

8 An Orangutan Sexually Harassed A Child

Fans see the aftermath of Forever’s efforts to peep on Anne, Team Joestar’s younger stowaway, however the Orangutan’s motives stay implied. Luckily, Jotaro Kujo arrived simply in time to make sure Anne’s security. He shortly defeated Forever with Star Platinum, his famously quick Stand.

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There are many moments all through the sequence during which ugly, taboo, and deeply uncomfortable occasions happen. While Jotaro thwarted Forever’s plans earlier than he may bodily hurt Anne, it may have been potential. Some followers suppose the present went too far on this and related situations.

7 J. Geil Sexually Assaulted And Killed Polnareff’s Sister

One of the worst issues that occurred to Jean-Pierre Polnareff was his sister’s brutal homicide. He spent the remainder of his life attempting to trace down and actual revenge on the person who killed her. This villain turned out to be Enya’s son, J. Geil, who commanded the Hanged Man Stand.

Violence towards girls is a frequent theme in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, with feminine characters getting attacked on and off the display. While the present was clear about Sherry Polnareff’s destiny, JJBA left the precise occasions and particulars to hypothesis.

6 The Team Tortured Mannish Boy

Mannish Boy had a tough stand with Death 13, which ranks amongst Stardust Crusader’s strongest villain stands. Using Death 13, Mannish Boy may infiltrate Team Joestar’s goals and kill them. Plus, no reminiscence of the dream world remained if the sufferer evaded Death 13 lengthy sufficient to get up.

Noriaki Kakyoin was Death 13’s unwitting first sufferer. Fortunately, Kakyoin was among the many group’s extra clever members. He finally discovered a approach to struggle again, and when he and Mannish Boy returned to the actual world, the present implied that Kakyoin fed the kid feces.

5 Polnareff Had To Lick A Toilet

There have been many occasions Dio Brando was Jojo’s worst character, however his henchman, Enya the Hag, was virtually as evil. Her Stand, Justice, seemed like fog. If it efficiently pierced a sufferer, Enya may then management them.

Polnareff skilled Justice’s energy firsthand when the Stand pierced his tongue and compelled him to lick a bathroom. While this disgusting command’s period occurred behind closed doorways, it was no much less disturbing to followers. Unfortunately for followers, it was too simple to think about the worst-case state of affairs.

4 Von Stroheim Died In A Historic Battle

Joseph Joestar ruined his likability when he labored with a identified Nazi soldier, Rudol Von Stroheim. Joseph’s cooperation with Stroheim was one of many sequence’ most controversial moments. Allowing Stroheim a hand in stopping the Pillar Men, thereby depicting him heroically, was in poor style.

While Stroheim survived the encounter with Ultimate Life Form Kars, he didn’t make it out of the sequence unscathed. On high of being changed into a cyborg, he died on the Battle of Stalingrad. The darkest implication was not Stroheim’s loss of life however Joseph’s alliance with him.

3 Dio Made A Woman Eat Her Baby

One of Jojo’s most ugly deaths is when Dio tricked a mom into consuming her child. The manga depicted this scene in horrific element, however the anime was barely extra reserved. After her seize, the lady pleaded with Dio to not harm her child. Dio complied, nevertheless it was a trick. In the tip, he had her harm the newborn.

Dio turned the lady right into a vampire and compelled her right into a place during which her vampiric starvation could not resist consuming. While Dio did not instantly power her, he knew what he was doing. It was proven off-screen, nevertheless it was apparent what occurred.

2 Alessi Killed Children Regularly

Alessi’s complete arc ranks among the many darkest factors in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. He was one of many creepiest characters within the present, and he used his Stand to show again the clock on individuals’s lives, bodily altering their our bodies and psychological capabilities.

Not solely did he flip a lady right into a fetus, however he additionally turned Polnareff right into a toddler. Alessi’s arc had extraordinarily darkish implications and implied his sadism and obsession with energy over others. In addition, the imagery was visceral and extremely controversial.

1 Diavolo Remains In A Time Loop

Among Golden Wind’s darkest factors is Diavolo’s imprisonment inside a time loop. While Diavolo was not a great character and deserved to face punishment, an everlasting time loop was a harsh sentence. Unfortunately, he was a sadist, very similar to many different JJBA characters.

In the time loop, he experiences fixed loss of life and rebirth, as he relives loss of life repeatedly. The darkest implication is that he may nonetheless be caught there. Even after the arc completed (and different seasons got here and went), Diavolo continues to be in his hell.

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