DC Comics has offered readers with a number of the greatest battles of all time. Often, the whole Multiverse has hinged on these conflicts. Reality has quaked in these epic confrontations, as essentially the most highly effective heroes and deadliest villains conflict. Not each victory is reduce and dry, although. Sometimes, these battles finish in pyrrhic victories, with the heroes’ victories typically being costlier than imagined.

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These victories have saved the day, however the price paid was ridiculously excessive. Sometimes, the victories themselves had been meaningless in the long term. Everyone suffered in these wins, and there have been no simple victories.

10 The Justice Society Beat Black Adam But Lost The War

JSA: Black Reign, by author Geoff Johns and artists Don Kramer and Rags Morales, pit the Justice Society towards Black Adam. Adam was alongside Atom-Smasher, Nemesis, Brainwave Jr., Northwind, and Alexander Montez. Together, the group smashed the dictatorship of Asim Mohammed over Adam’s homeland of Kahndaq.

The Justice Society acquired concerned when the remainder of the world balked at former members of the staff sacking a rustic. The staff fought a number of battles towards Adam and his staff. In the tip, the Justice Society discovered about his alliance with Mr. Mind and was capable of beat Adam in battle. However, they could not depose him or break his maintain over the folks he freed.

9 Wonder Woman Freed Superman From Maxwell Lord But Ruined Everything

In the story “Sacrifice,” which ran by way of Superman, Action Comics, Adventures Of Superman, and Wonder Woman, Maxwell Lord used his thoughts management powers to have Superman repeatedly attempt to kill Batman. Wonder Woman acquired concerned finally, however she was in method over her head. Her better combating means allowed her to hold the day and he or she freed the Man of Steel from Lord’s management.

Lord assured that it might occur once more, so Wonder Woman did the one factor she may do. She broke Lord’s neck. Unfortunately for her, the whole factor was being recorded and was launched to the general public. Killing Lord did huge injury to her fame, in addition to to that of the Amazons, and ended with Lord’s OMACs going after Themyscira.

8 Green Arrow Killed Prometheus But The Damage Was Done

Justice League: Cry For Justice, by author James Robinson and artist Mauro Cascioli, noticed the Justice League attacked by Prometheus. After years of not getting his due as a villain, Prometheus unleashed his most fearsome assault towards the League, killing a number of heroes simply to show how harmful he was.

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In his grasp stroke, Prometheus detonated an enormous bomb in Star City. This killed many, together with Lian Harper. Green Arrow took issues into his personal palms and hunted Prometheus to his lair, killing him. It was a meaningless gesture, although, as 1000’s had already died.

7 Kyle Rayner Defeating Hal Jordan Was A Stop Gap Measure

Kyle Rayner has had some epic adventures through the years. They all began together with his battle with Hal Jordan. Possessed by the concern entity Parallax, Jordan tried to assert the powers of the Guardians to remake his destroyed house, Coast City. Jordan slaughtered the whole Corps and killed the Guardians, attempting to get the ability of the Central Power Battery.

Rayner was given the final Green Lantern ring and was the one one standing in Jordan’s method. He defeated Jordan, but it surely was a hole victory. The Corps and the Guardians had been nonetheless destroyed and Jordan would return extra highly effective than ever not lengthy after.

6 Batman Defeated The Joker In Batman: Endgame But It Was Costly

Batman: Endgame, by author Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, is well a high story from their run. The story sees Joker out for revenge towards Batman. He took management of the Justice League, throwing them on the Caped Crusader as a gap transfer, and it solely acquired worse from there. Eventually, the 2 had a climactic ultimate battle within the Batcave.

Batman gained, however the injury from their battle introduced the cave down round them. Both of them ended up useless however had been resurrected by a stream of Dionesium that ran underneath the Batcave. It was a expensive victory for Batman like few others.

5 All-Star Superman Ends With A World Without Superman

All-Star Superman, by author Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely, is broadly thought of one of the best Superman story of all time. The story follows Superman, who’s poisoned from overexposure to photo voltaic radiation because of a Lex Luthor scheme, as he offers together with his personal mortality. The story ends with an assault by Luthor and Solaris the Tyrant Sun, with Superman on his final legs.

Superman took them each out however needed to restore the injury that Solaris did to the solar. He raced off and took up residence contained in the solar, working tirelessly to maintain it going. The world was left with no Superman, and Lois Lane waited patiently for his return.

4 2018’s Man Of Steel Had Superman Win But The Cost Was Too High

Not each Superman story has a contented ending, even when he wins. 2018’s Man Of Steel, by author Brian Michael Bendis and artists Jason Fabok, Ivan Reis, Ryan Sook, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Steve Rude, Adam Hughes, and Kevin Maguire, noticed Superman battle towards Rogol Zaar, the destroyer of Krypton. He and Supergirl had been examined like by no means earlier than and solely gained as a result of Superman imprisoned Zaar within the Phantom Zone.

Before the ultimate battle, Zaar broke into the Fortress of Solitude and destroyed the Bottle City of Kandor. So, whereas Superman and Supergirl triumphed, hundreds of thousands of Kryptonians died. Zaar would additionally escape of the Zone not lengthy after, able to assault Superman once more.

3 The Sinestro Corps Was Defeated But It Was Only The First Battle In The War

The Sinestro Corps War was a sci-fi epic like no different. Written by Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi, and Dave Gibbons with artwork by Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, and Patrick Gleason, it chronicled the assault of the Sinestro Corps on the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro and his fear-powered ring slingers did huge injury to the Corps after which attacked Earth.

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The mixed forces of Earth’s heroes and the Green Lantern Corps had been capable of defeat the Sinestro Corps, but it surely was a hole victory. The Sinestro Corps was nonetheless an influence within the universe and the battle was the primary within the War of Light. The solely factor that really got here of the battle was the Green Lantern Corps gained the flexibility to make use of their rings to kill.

2 The End Of The Judas Contract Saw Everyone Lose

The Teen Titans have had some thrilling adventures, however few are as tragic as The Judas Contract, by author Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez. Terra gained the Titans’ belief and was given all of their secrets and techniques. Unfortunately, Deathstroke and Terra had been working collectively. The two attacked the staff after they had been at their weakest, taking all of them hostage however Dick Grayson.

Teaming with Deathstroke’s son Jericho, the newly christened Nightwing was capable of rescue his pals. Terra lashed out in anger, attacking Deathstroke, the Titans, and the H.I.V.E. In the tip, Terra died, Deathstroke misplaced out on his H.I.V.E. contract, and the Teen Titans mourned their misplaced pal.

1 Crisis On Infinite Earths Seemed Like A Heroic Victory But So Much Was Lost

Crisis On Infinite Earths is the blueprint for each occasion that got here after it. Written by Marv Wolfman with artwork by George Pérez, the story chronicled the battle towards the Anti-Monitor. The battle went backwards and forwards, with the heroes shedding Barry Allen and Supergirl within the combating, in addition to numerous universes value of beings. In the tip, the heroes defeated the Anti-Monitor however the Multiverse was contracted down to at least one universe.

While the heroes stopped the Anti-Monitor from destroying all actuality, it was at the price of a virtually infinite variety of lives. Beyond that, the Anti-Monitor would finally return to bedevil the heroes repeatedly and the Multiverse would return as effectively.

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