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All-Star Superman grew to become an undisputed Superman basic. Many thought of author Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely’s twelve concern collection the best Superman story of all time and the best superhero comedian of all time as effectively. Morrison and Quitely took inspiration from each period of the Man of Steel and created a narrative in contrast to anything on the market.

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The workforce borrowed essentially the most from the Silver Age. Arguably essentially the most creatively fertile period of the Man of Steel’s mythos, there have been a number of Silver Age Easter Eggs in All-Star Superman. Morrison and Quitely workforce did a tremendous job of modernizing them, however sharp-eyed followers know them after they see them.

10 The Fortress Of Solitude Zoo Is Right Out Of The Silver Age

The Fortress of Solitude is a crucial a part of the Superman mythos. It’s additionally modified rather a lot over time. The unique Fortress felt prefer it was carved out of ice, whereas newer ideas constructed off the Richard Donner Superman film’s design, that includes a number of crystalline constructions.

All-Star Superman leaned into the Silver Age design, together with Superman’s menagerie of alien creatures. Superman’s zoo within the Fortress was a cool a part of the Silver Age model and readers bought to see it return in All-Star Superman. The enjoyable nod to Superman’s previous helped cement the Silver Age really feel of the guide’s Fortress of Solitude.

9 Superman References The Giant Key He Used To Have

Another vital aspect within the Silver Age’s Fortress of Solitude was its large key. Superman created a key that was so heavy, solely he might elevate it. Because it was the Silver Age, the important thing was large. All-Star Superman put a twist on that. Superman created a key from superdense dwarf star materials.

While the important thing was commonly sized, it was extraordinarily heavy. Superman referenced the outdated large key, nodding to the Fortress’ historical past. The dwarf star key was a novel twist on an outdated idea, and one which very long time Superman followers will love.

8 Jimmy Olsen And Lucy Lane’s Relationship Is A Throwback

Jimmy Olsen will get his personal showcase concern in All-Star Superman #4. It opens in his residence, the place readers discover him hanging out with Lucy Lane. The youthful sister of Lois, Lucy and Jimmy have a wealthy Silver Age historical past the difficulty pays homage to.

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Jimmy and Lucy had lengthy been in an on-again, off-again relationship that trendy comics principally forgot. All-Star Superman pulled this out in an exquisite little nod to Jimmy Olsen’s previous. However, Jimmy and Lucy’s relationship within the newer comedian felt like a love letter to Jimmy Olsen’s historical past greater than the couple’s.

7 Jimmy Olsen’s Doomsday Transformation Plays Into His Many Silver Age Transformations

Collaborating with Jamie Grant and Phil Balsman, Morrison and Quitely’s fourth concern depicts Superman getting contaminated by black Kryptonite. To cease him, Leo Quintum, the pinnacle of P.R.O.J.E.C.T., transforms Jimmy Olsen into Doomsday. Even although Doomsday is from the ’90s, Jimmy getting powers by an outlandish transformation is pure Silver Age.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen was stuffed with tales the place Jimmy Olsen remodeled into bizarre variations of himself and saved the day. It’s not possible to have a Jimmy Olsen story like this with out a comparable transformation, and the creators expertly integrated that trope.

6 Bizarro World’s Appearance Reflects Silver Age Aesthetics

Bizarro starred in a number of superb Silver Age tales. Becoming a fan favourite, his reputation spawned the dice formed Bizarro World, the place there have been duplicates of everybody in Superman’s life. It was a giant deal within the Silver Age, with Bizarro World taking its place as a part of the DC Multiverse.

All-Star Superman’s Bizarro and Bizarro World was very completely different from the Silver Age comics in conception, feeling extra like a multiversal predator world, however its look introduced an fascinating throwback. Considering it was a large a part of Silver Age Superman’s historical past, Bizarro World’s return was a superb resolution.

5 Jonathan Kent Dying Brought Back Themes From The Silver Age

For trendy readers of Superman, Jonathan and Martha Kent are vital components of his story. They’ve appeared in lots of of comics and followers love them. Many take into account Jonathan amongst comics’ finest fathers and Martha is the quintessential comedian mom.

In the Silver Age, the Kents have already died and solely ever seem within the outdated Superboy comics. All-Star Superman #6 — by Morrison, Quitely, Jamie Grant, and Phil Balsman — is a brilliantly poignant concern, coping with the loss of life of Jonathan Kent, pulling in acquainted themes from the Silver Age.

4 Lois Lane Gaining Superpowers Was A Big Silver Age Trope

Lois Lane in All-Star Superman is a mixture of her modern-day and Silver Age selves. Modern Lois is hard as nails and a hero in her personal proper, whereas Silver Age Lois is outlined by her love for Superman. Lois’ discovery of Superman’s id in All-Star Superman brings up what number of occasions Superman tricked her about his id.

All-Star Superman #3 — by common creators Morrison, Quitely, Grant, and Balsman — depicted Lois entering into a course acquainted to her Silver Age self. Lois grew to become Superwoman, one thing that occurred typically within the Silver Age. A typical Silver Age Superman trope, Lois as soon as bought her powers from a method created by Superman, much like the one in All-Star Superman.

3 Samson And Atlas Both Clashed With Silver Age Superman

Silver Age Superman featured wild tales, with creators bringing in all types of strongmen to problem the Man of Steel. During that point,

Samson and Atlas appeared in Superman comics, and All-Star Superman #3 introduced each right into a contest with Superman.

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For trendy readers unfamiliar with Silver Age tales, Samson and Atlas showing might need simply appeared cool and helped make a Silver Age-style Superman romantic comedy potential. However, each characters had vied with the Man of Steel again within the outdated days, generally over Lois’s hand, simply as they have been in All-Star Superman.

2 Nasthalthia Luthor Was Supergirl’s Nemesis In The Silver And Bronze Age

Silver Age DC is filled with forgotten characters, as evidenced by Nasthalthia Luthor falling out of vogue within the late Bronze Age. Known as Nasty Luthor, she was Supergirl’s worst enemy. As the Lex Luthor of the Supergirl comics, she performed an fascinating position in Supergirl historical past however fell by the wayside for Lena Luthor.

The Nasthalthia Luthor of All-Star Superman proved very completely different from the older model. With the brand new seems and common aesthetic, Nasthalthia appeared like a completely new character to readers unfamiliar with Supergirl’s historical past, however Silver Age followers remembered her.

1 Superman’s Costume Was Basically The Silver Age Costume

Superman’s costume has gone by a number of modifications over time. Artists like Wayne Boring and Curt Swan outlined the Silver Age costume, and it was that model of the swimsuit that Frank Quitely took inspiration from. Quitely’s method of drawing Superman match into the character’s Silver Age conception, and the costume grew to become the cherry on prime.

Giving Superman the Silver Age costume was a delicate method of exhibiting readers what sort of story All-Star Superman could be. Many readers probably did not discover or place why the All-Star costume seemed so completely different, however it was one more Silver Age Easter Egg for followers within the know.

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