Dubbed “the brightest witch of her age” by Sirius Black and lots of others, Hermione Granger is without doubt one of the hottest and clever characters within the Harry Potter franchise. As a end result, she is an iconic character. One-third of the sequence’ Golden Trio, Hermione’s fast considering and huge information incessantly will get the group out of many tough conditions.

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Hermione can be acknowledged for her loyalty, bravery, and sacrifice, doing no matter she will be able to to assist her mates and show herself as a Gryffindor. However, many followers agree that Hermione’s beyond-average intelligence units her aside from the remaining and will have simply as simply sorted her into Ravenclaw. Her intelligence permits her to shine many occasions all through Harry Potter.

10 She Saved The Trio From Devil’s Snare

To defend the Philosopher’s Stone, numerous traps and obstacles are arrange by Dumbledore on the best way to the place it’s saved inside Hogwarts. One of those obstacles is Devil’s Snare, a magical plant that may wrap tightly round anybody touching it.

Having paid consideration to Herbology class, Hermione simply found out how you can beat the plant. She manages to get Harry to loosen up and keep nonetheless so the plant lets them slip by way of to security. However, Ron continues to panic. Remembering that Devil’s Snare hates daylight, Hermione casts ‘Lumos solem’ and helps Ron to security.

9 She Perfected Wingardium Leviosa On Her First Try

Hermione appeared a bit overbearing and overconfident within the first film. She initially comes throughout as boastful, however at the least she has the abilities to again her confidence. During charms class, the scholars all battle to carry out the levitation attraction ‘Wingardium Leviosa’.

When Hermione berates Ron for his carelessness, he tells her to show her intelligence and carry out the attraction herself. Of course, Hermione casts Wingardium Leviosa with ease, impressing Professor Flitwick and leaving Ron biting his tongue.

8 She Figured Out Who Nicholas Flammel Was

Hagrid is a beloved employees member of Hogwarts and he grows very near the Golden Trio. However, he’s probably too open with them as he typically reveals secrets and techniques he ought to hold to himself. One of those secrets and techniques is Nicholas Flammel’s function in no matter Dumbledore is preserving hidden within the fort.

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Having learn a lot of the contents of the Hogwarts library, Hermione acknowledges Nicholas Flammel’s title in a ebook she beforehand checked out. Bringing this to Harry and Ron, the trio discovers that Flammel is the proprietor of the Philosopher’s Stone. This solutions the query of what Fluffy, the three-headed canine, is guarding inside Hogwarts.

7 She Discovered The Basilisk

In The Chamber of Secrets, Harry is suffering from a voice that solely he can hear, main him to wind up on the scene of the crime when college students are discovered petrified. Researching the seemingly unexplainable occasions, Hermione additionally will get petrified. However, she manages to determine what is going on within the college and go the message on to Harry and Ron, regardless that she is unconscious.

As Hermione lies within the hospital wing, Harry finds a scrap of paper in her hand which explains that the creature Harry is listening to is a Basilisk and that it’s utilizing the pipes to journey the varsity. This permits Harry and Ron to organize to take the creature on, understanding that they cannot look into its eyes or they’ll die.

6 Hermione Time Travels To Take More Classes

Hermione is without doubt one of the most clever and succesful college students at Hogwarts, excelling in each class besides divination, which she doesn’t consider in. The Prisoner of Azkaban proves how gifted she is as a result of she’s given a Time Turner, an extremely harmful magical object that permits her to attend as many lessons as doable.

Hermione makes use of the Time Turner to journey again in time and basically be in two locations without delay. Despite being swamped with lessons and work, Harry and Ron barely discover a change in Hermione, apart from her seeming to look out of nowhere. This reveals that she nonetheless manages to stay on prime of her research.

5 She Figured Out Lupin Was A Werewolf

Remus Lupin turns into a distinguished character in The Prisoner of Azkaban when he takes over the place of Hogwarts’ Defense Against the Dark Arts trainer. Lupin was a pupil at Hogwarts with Harry’s father and Sirius Black, and he turned a werewolf after he was bitten. Despite spending years coping with this, his identification stays a secret from the scholars and a lot of the educating employees.

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However, Hermione manages to determine it out. From Lupin’s boggart being the moon to Snape setting an essay on werewolves, Hermione manages to piece collectively the reality about Lupin, which explains lots of his actions and behaviors.

4 Hermione Suspected Harry Was A Horcrux

Hermione discovers quite a bit when she researches Horcruxes and spends a variety of time with Harry as they observe them down and destroy them. Seeing the best way Harry can really feel and react to the Horcruxes, coupled along with his psychological connection to Voldemort, confirms that Harry acts as a keeper of Voldemort’s soul.

When Harry will get the affirmation, he tells Hermione, “I feel I’ve recognized for some time, and I feel you may have too.” This implies that there was an unstated understanding between them that they did not need to consider was true. Although Harry was surrounded by mates for years, Hermione was the one one who linked Harry to the Horcruxes.

3 She Excelled At ExamsThe Golden Trio study

While the OWLs and NEWTs are mentioned in additional element within the novels, the films do not discover the Hogwarts exams in depth, spending extra time on the adventures the Golden Trio is concerned in. However, exams are clearly the place Hermione shines probably the most.

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In many scenes, Hermione could be heard saying that she discovered exams straightforward or that she loved them. Similarly, when exams are canceled within the second film, Hermione seems to be dissatisfied. In the books, Hermione achieves 10 OWLs, and it’s protected to imagine she carried out as nicely throughout the film universe.

2 She Prepared To Go On The RunThe Golden Trio change to go on the run

In The Deathly Hallows: Part One, Hermione proves that not solely is she good, however she’s additionally extremely organized. Throughout the film, Hermione appears to be ready for something. During such a risky time, the trio is aware of they could must run at any second. This second comes throughout Bill and Fleur’s wedding ceremony when the Death Eaters descend.

Apparating into London, Hermione reveals Harry and Ron the undetectable extension attraction she has positioned on her bag. She fills her bag with clothes, books, meals, potions, and every little thing else they may probably have to go on the run.

1 She Brewed Polyjuice Potion In The Girls’ Bathroom

Polyjuice potion is a troublesome potion for any wizard to grasp, and but Hermione achieved this in her second 12 months at Hogwarts at simply 13 years previous. When Muggle-borns are put in jeopardy and the trio needs to get info out of Malfoy, they brew a Polyjuice potion to masquerade as Slytherins.

Although the potion works completely, proving Hermione’s intelligence and ability, not every little thing goes to plan. Hermione reveals that, regardless of her smarts, she doesn’t all the time suppose issues by way of. Hermione believes she has blended the hair of Millicent Bulstrode into her potion, nevertheless it seems to be cat hair, reworking Hermione right into a half-human, half-cat. Nevertheless, her capabilities with potions show her intelligence.

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