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The Legend of Korra is all concerning the adventures of the brand new Avatar, the Southern Water Tribe native Korra, and all her buddies. Korra truly grew up in isolation so the White Lotus may defend her from the Red Lotus, however quickly sufficient, Korra made many new buddies and even fashioned her personal Team Avatar.

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It could not at all times appear to be it, however Korra and her Airbending coach Tenzin are buddies, they usually have supported each other in some ways all through the Legend of Korra. Sometimes, Tenzin helped Korra as a buddy together with his phrases and emotional assist, and different instances, he expressed his friendship by rescuing Korra from hazard or empowering her in battle. It’s clear that Korra and her predecessor’s son are inseparable as buddies and fellows heroes.

10 Tenzin Let Korra Stay In Republic City

In the primary episode, the reckless Korra made an enormous mess by sneaking into Republic City and inflicting mayhem, a lot to police chief Lin Beifong’s frustration. Tenzin agreed to return Korra to the Southern Water Tribe, however then he modified his thoughts that night.

Tenzin actually turned Korra’s buddy when he generously gave her a second likelihood, permitting her to stay in Republic City in spite of everything. Korra was delighted and even exclaimed “You’re the very best!” But after all, Korra must reward Tenzin’s generosity by behaving herself for as soon as.

9 Tenzin Comforted Korra After The Amon Encounter

At one level, Korra foolishly challenged the masked villain Amon to a duel to resolve the Equalist battle rapidly. While Korra had noble intents, her problem was something however a good combat. Amon saved her ready, and simply when Korra lowered her guard, Amon and his thugs intimidated her earlier than leaving.

Korra was deeply upset by this, and she or he wanted somebody to consolation her. Fortunately, Tenzin quickly confirmed up and held Korra when she wanted him most, and he took her again to Air Temple Island to mentally get well from that nightmarish encounter.

8 Tenzin Boosted Korra’s Spirits About Airbending

In Book One: Air Tenzin was Korra’s Airbending coach above all. The two of them did not at all times get alongside in that regard, and Tenzin misplaced his cool when Korra destroyed his household’s Airbender apply array. But when Korra wanted an emotional increase as a struggling pupil, Tenzin helped out.

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Korra lamented that she was a foul pupil, and feared that she would by no means bend air. Sher thought herself hopeless, just for Tenzin to supply some barely gruff however encouraging phrases. Korra was skeptical at first, however later, Tenzin’s phrases sank in, and Korra began making faster progress.

7 Tenzin Cheered On Korra In The Arena

At first, Tenzin disliked the very idea of pro-bending, citing bending as a sacred artwork that should not be handled like a sport. He discouraged Korra from getting concerned, however then he graciously modified his thoughts, and he even began watching Korra’s matches.

Tenzin cheered Korra on as a real buddy, and it was good seeing him loosen up and have some enjoyable for as soon as. He even obtained upset in Korra’s protection, outraged that the Wolfbats staff was getting away with all its dishonest. If bending should change into a sport, it ought to at the least be a good sport.

6 Tenzin Made Tarrlok Leave Korra Alone

This was a minor gesture of friendship on Tenzin’s half, nevertheless it nonetheless counts, and it confirmed that Tenzin empathized with Korra and cared for her greater than ever. At that time within the story, councilman Tarrlok wished to recruit Korra to his anti-Equalist activity pressure, however Korra politely declined.

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Surprised, however not discouraged, Tarrlok saved urgent Korra to do issues his means, and issues obtained uncomfortable. Tenzin, having had sufficient, gently however firmly instructed Tarrlok that Korra had already made her determination, and Tarrlok wanted to depart her alone already. Reluctantly, Tarrlok did as Tenzin requested, and Korra was little question impressed.

5 Tenzin Tried To Rally Aid For Korra

Later in Book One, the battle with the Equalists heated up, and there was no escape this time. So, Team Avatar rallied to wage conflict with Amon’s forces, and Tenzin, being Korra’s very important ally and buddy, made certain to assemble much more assist for his Avatar buddy.

Tenzin sought to recruit the bender councilors and the United Forces to assist, although the Equalists finally stopped him and captured the Council. Tenzin may solely accomplish that a lot, nevertheless it was nonetheless noble of him to go this far for his buddy Korra in her time of want. He did way over defend his air temple residence.

4 Tenzin Objected To Unalaq’s Plan For Korra

It wasn’t apparent on the time, however Tenzin made the proper name by objecting to Unalaq’s plan to show Korra methods to management spirits. In this scene, Korra had to decide on between Tenzin and her uncle Unalaq to be her instructor, and she or he finally sided with Unalaq.

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Tenzin, as Korra’s buddy, had the Avatar’s finest pursuits at coronary heart and will inform that Unalaq was as much as no good. Tenzin was making an attempt to guard Korra from Unalaq’s depraved scheming, however alas, Korra did not hear, and Tenzin felt fairly dangerous about that.

3 Tenzin Helped Korra Get Into The Spirit World

Later in Book Two: Spirits, Korra parted methods from her clearly villainous uncle, and she or he wanted assist to cope with the spirit portals and foil Unalaq’s plan. This is the place Korra’s buddy and coach Tenzin re-entered the image, lending his experience to each Korra and his eldest youngster, Jinora.

Tenzin labored laborious to arrange a ritual and thus enable Korra and Jinora to enter the spirit world without having using the spirit portals. It labored, and Korra owed Tenzin quite a bit for serving to her in her second of want towards Unalaq and the evil spirits.

2 Tenzin Taught Korra To Bend Energy

During Book Two’s climax, Unalaq fused with Vaatu the darkish spirit and defeated Korra in battle, even destroying Korra’s connection to Raava within the course of. All appeared misplaced, however after Unalaq departed for Republic City, Tenzin stepped foward to assist Korra as a much-needed buddy.

Tenzin uplifted Korra’s spirits by reminding her that the Avatar is about who they’re, and never simply what they’re, and Korra is totally a hero at coronary heart, regardless of what number of instances she loses. Tenzin additionally inspired Korra to bend vitality contained in the Tree of Time. All that allowed Korra to energy up, get again into the combat and eventually declare victory over Unalaq.

1 Tenzin Helped Korra Fight Kuvira’s Colossus

In Book Four: Balance, Korra spent many of the season other than Tenzin, since Korra was wandering alone and Tenzin had his personal enterprise with the reborn Air Nomad nation. They later reunited in Republic City for his or her final stand towards Kuvira’s invading military, and Tenzin was able to combat like by no means earlier than.

Tenzin did his half to assist Korra, bravely gliding round in battle and utilizing paint to try to blind the colossus, slowing it down. Aside from that, Tenzin additionally gave Korra a heat welcome again to town, glad to see his Avatar ally and buddy as soon as once more.

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