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Plenty of magical women have dominated the style for years, like Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure. However, there have been many different magical women through the years. Even anime followers may be stunned to notice how uncommon or outright bizarre a few of these magical woman heroines might be.

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Magical women have turn into so ubiquitous in anime that they’ve been the topic of many parodies. Many of those like so as to add some spin, like the principle character turning into one thing apart from a heroine in a girlish uniform. In reality, some uncommon magical women do not even have to be a part of a magical woman collection. Some are aspect characters in all completely different genres.

10 Punie Will Kill Anyone Who Gets In Her Way (Magical Witch Punie-Chan)

In Magical Witch Punie-chan, Punie is the princess of a magical world and is tasked with spending a yr as a Japanese schoolgirl to show she is worthy to turn into Queen. However, Punie has to endure rivalry along with her sisters and assassins who need to overthrow the royal household.

Unfortunately for them, Punie is an skilled in martial arts and submission maneuvers in addition to magic. When the scenario requires it, Punie is completely high-quality with killing anybody or something with no second thought.

9 Ribrianne Is A Magical Girl From Universe 2 (Dragon Ball Super)

In Dragon Ball Super, Ribrianne, also referred to as Brianne de Chateau, is a parody of a magical woman who finds herself in a shonen collection. Upon reworking, she turns into extra alien in look, drawing comparisons to a teal Majin Buu and one of many Teletubbies. In true magical woman trend, she will be able to additionally develop butterfly wings as an improve. Interestingly, her humanoid alter-ego, Brianne, solely seems within the anime.

Ribrianne is technically powered by love, even eager to be declared a love goddess. However, Ribrianne is extra involved with the superficial elements of it. Because of this, it is implied that Ribrianne can underestimate and be defeated by real love.

8 Ranze Is The Daughter Of A Werewolf & A Vampire (Tokimeki Tonight)

In Tokimeki Tonight, Ranze has an uncommon heritage: her father is a vampire and her mom is a werewolf. Her household thinks she may develop up a standard woman, however there is a twist. Being the daughter of creatures identified for his or her chunk, Raze has the ability to rework into something by biting it.

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Tokimeki Tonight can be notorious for its ending. Ranze’s love curiosity, Shun, is revealed to be the prince of the Demon World, however he denies this. Ranze’s household is banished till they’ll discover the actual prince. At the final second, it is revealed Shun most likely is the prince, however the characters are interrupted earlier than this will get resolved. Allegedly, this was as a result of the manga was nonetheless operating, so the anime did not need to finish on a conclusive be aware.

7 These Angel Sisters Fight Ghosts With Lingerie (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt)

In Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt, two angel sisters, Panty and Stocking, are despatched to Earth and are tasked with combating evil ghosts. However, Panty and Stocking aren’t typical angels. In reality, the sisters should earn their manner again into Heaven after being kicked out.

The sisters make sure that to be subversive even of their transformation scenes and assaults. Not solely do they use poles to assist rework, however Panty and Stocking additionally rework their namesake lingerie into weapons to allow them to assault. Added to this, the collection is a love letter to Western animation. Panty and Stocking actually have a dog-like sidekick, Chuck, who tremendously resembles Invader Zim’s GIR.

6 Karin Transforms Into A Super Pig (Tonde Burin)

In Tonde Burin, the heroine, Karin, does not rework right into a typical magical woman, however a large superhero pig. Karin is aided by Tonrariano, an alien pig who’s the prince of his planet.

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Karin aspires to turn into a extra conventional magical woman and he or she’s basically paying her dues as Super Pig. Karin can earn magic “pearls” by doing good deeds and she will be able to rework into her idol, “Cutey Chao,” a well-liked, in-universe tokusatsu character. Unfortunately, there’s additionally a catch. Karin might be caught as a pig if anybody learns her secret.

5 This Magical Girl Is Really A Duck (Princess Tutu)

Magical women who rework into animal-themed characters or who’ve some animal motif aren’t exceptional. However, Princess Tutu provides a twist to this. The heroine, Ahiru, or Duck, is a duck remodeled right into a human woman. In this type, Ahiru can turn into the magical ballerina, Princess Tutu, tasked with saving a prince who misplaced his coronary heart. Ahiru additionally has a behavior of turning again right into a duck at occasions. If issues weren’t unusual sufficient, the city can be stuffed with anthropomorphic animals, like aardvarks and anteaters.

Complicating issues, Ahiru learns “Princess Tutu” is a personality from a fairy story acquainted to the townspeople. It quickly turns into obvious the city is trapped in a fairy story whose writer needs a tragic ending.

4 This Series Has Muscular Male Magical Girls & Yakuza Mascots (Magical Girl Ore)

Magical Girl Ore will not be a typical magical collection and never simply because it is a josei collection. Saki Uno learns that her mom is a former “magical woman” and needed to move the mantle to Saki because of well being issues. Saki now finds herself reworking into “Magical Girl Ore” and combating demons. However, whereas the transformation does certainly include a frilly outfit, Saki additionally transforms right into a muscular man whereas carrying it.

Saki’s “mascot,” Kokoro-chan, can be something however typical, trying and performing like a Yakuza member. Saki’s finest buddy, Sakuyo Mikage, additionally seems to be the same “Magical Girl Sakigasuki.”

3 Padudu Wears & Occasionally Eats Her Fish Sidekick (Magical Play)

In Magical Play, women journey via a magical “witchland,” Sweetland, and compete to go to Earth the place they’ll turn into correct magical women. The heroine of the collection is Padudu, who comes from a spot referred to as Sea Heaven. Padudu’s most distinctive characteristic is her sidekick, Uokichi, a big fish she wears as a cloak. In occasions of want, Padudu is not above cooking and consuming Uokichi’s flesh.

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In Magical Play, potential magical women usually use their animal sidekicks in such a trend. For instance, one in every of Padudu’s companions, MyuMyu, additionally wears a bikini product of cats.

2 Three Magical Girls Transform Into Super Rabbits (Sweet Valerian)

In Sweet Valerian, three women rework into superhero rabbits to guard Asialand. The three, Kanoko, Kate, and Pop, by accident received their powers whereas attempting to earn their moped licenses. The three turn into Serotonin, Dopamine, and Valerian and battle the evil Stress Team. The villains often rework individuals into monsters, who resemble all the pieces from cell telephones to ramen.

In addition to the three bunnies, the ladies have a panda-themed mascot, Panda-bu, who alerts them to monster assaults and serves as a narrator for Sweet Valerian. The collection can be well-known for its brevity, with every episode lasting a couple of minutes.

1 Even An Undead Boy Can Be A Magical Girl (Is This A Zombie?)

Is This A Zombie? reveals that even a horror collection can have a magical woman. It does not cease there, because the protagonist turns into a uncommon magical boy. Ayumu Aikawa dies, rises from the grave as a zombie, and obtains powers from a magical woman, Haruna.

Ayumu nonetheless will get a pink costume. In a parody of the anime trope, Ayumu additionally will get extra decorations, like roses, as his energy will increase. There are a couple of twists right here and there, like a magic chainsaw as a metamorphosis machine. Being a zombie additionally comes with added advantages. While the constraints are seldom defined, Ayumu has a powerful therapeutic issue and is near, if not outright, immortal.

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