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Superman is among one of the most effective personalities in both the DC and also Marvel cosmos. Some personalities like the Hulk have a reputable case to possibly be more powerful, which has actually brought about a variety of disputes amongst followers. Although intercompany stamina disputes can be enjoyable, it isn’t as simple when looking particularly at the DC cosmos.

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Superman is exceptionally solid and also extremely effective, yet he drops listed below some outstanding superheroes in the DC Universe. While they might not have the ability to bench press weight like Superman, lots of heroes have actually confirmed they are more powerful somehow, though that could shock some followers.

Updated on September 3, 2022 by Scoot Allan: The Kryptonian stamina of Superman has actually confirmed important to the survival of the multiverse in occasions like Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, Superman isn’t constantly the greatest personality in the DC cosmos. There are a couple of various other heroes like Billy Batson (also known as Shazam) that have actually presented one-of-a-kind toughness that permit them to subdue Superman. These effective heroes might not constantly appear like a lot, yet they have the stamina to tackle the Man of Steel when required.

15 Phantom Stranger

First Appearance: The Phantom Stranger (Vol. 1) #1, by authors John Broome & M.W. Wellman, penciler Carmine Infantino and also inker Seymour Barry

The Phantom Stranger is a weird limited personality that has actually sadly been mainly failed to remember in current tales. No one actually recognizes his real beginning. He can be a dropped angel that agreed Lucifer versus God, a guy that attempted to leave God’s rage by devoting self-destruction yet was restricted from leaving the temporal airplane by an angel, or perhaps Judas Iscariot himself.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • He’s billed with transforming humankind far from wicked, one spirit at once
  • The Phantom Stranger has actually led effective illusionists like Tim Hunter
  • He functions along with various other enchanting beings as component of the Trenchcoat Brigade

Whatever his beginnings, The Phantom Stranger is a never-ceasing being that has accessibility to deep wells of magnificent power along with large enchanting abilities. Superman has actually never ever been at chances with the Phantom Stranger in the past, which’s most likely a good idea for the Man of Tomorrow. He would not win that round, provided his weak point versus magic.

14 Madame Xanadu

First Appearance: Doorway to Nightmare (Vol. 1) #1, by author David Michelinie, penciler/inker Val Mayerik, colorist Liz Berube and also letterer Ben Oda

Madame Xanadu is an old being that has actually strayed the Earth for unimaginable centuries. Her beginnings have actually varied with each model, yet her preliminary beginning tale located her cursed by Merlin to for life stray the Earth. She can visualize the wickedness and also fear that was to find yet was not able to interfere or exercise additional magic.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • She can concentrate her superordinary powers via a deck of Tarot cards
  • Xanadu acquired her eternal life after besting Death in a video game of cards
  • Her powers were improved as a result of her close link to The Spectre

Xanadu ultimately acquired her powers and also firm back. She is the half-sister of Arthur Pendragon that ran away the failure of Camelot by leaving to Avalon. She has actually made it through to the here and now and also currently typically deals with the Justice League Dark. She is an effective never-ceasing hag, which suggests she is somebody that can quickly lower Superman if they were ever before up in arms.

13 Etrigan the Demon

First Appearance: The Demon (Vol. 1) #1, by writer/penciler Jack Kirby and also colorist/letterer Mike Royer

Etrigan the Demon is a Prince of Hell bound to the temporal type of the never-ceasing Jason Blood. Etrigan is solid, quickly, spews hellfire, and also can raise spells of his very own. The Demon is an effective never-ceasing being and also a magical entity, which has actually constantly confirmed to be an issue for Superman.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • He took control of Hell while putting on the Crown of Horns
  • His stamina raises at magical places like Stonehenge
  • He when punched Superman clear right into orbit

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The Demon’s ill-intent typically subdues Jason Blood’s propensities in the direction of heroism. Superman typically discovers an escape of an uncomplicated battle or obtains the assistance of somebody a lot more amazingly inclined. However, it stands to factor that Big Blue would certainly be sorry for a one-on-one face-off with Etrigan the Demon.

12 Green Lantern

First Appearance: Showcase (Vol. 1) #22, by author John Broome, penciler Gil Kane, inker Joe Giella and also letterer Gaspar Saladino

Green Lantern Hal Jordan is the most effective and also brightest of the Green Lantern Corps. He was the initial Corpsman from Earth, and also he has actually pressed the ring to restrictions unimagined prior to him. In a lot more current comics, he also took care of to build his very own brand-new Green Lantern ring from his pure will. Green Lantern’s hard-light constructs can hold a few of the greatest beings in deep space.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Green Lantern’s power can be turbo charged by a Blue Lantern
  • Parallax almost reworded the whole multiverse throughout
    Zero Hour
  • He can enhance his all-natural stamina making use of hard-light constructs

All of this would not always suffice to defeat Superman. Still, there is a variation of Hal Jordan that quickly subdued Superman in the past. As Parallax, Hal Jordan acquired godlike powers after soaking up power from the Oan Central Power Battery. He had powers of development and also damage that towered over the may of also Superman.

11 Dr. Manhattan

First Appearance: Watchmen (Vol. 1) #1, by author Alan Moore, penciler/inker/letterer Dave Gibbons and also colorist John Higgins

The exceptionally effective being referred to as Dr. Manhattan initially showed up in the Watchmen cosmos as Dr. Jon Osterman. He was captured in an inherent area experiment which tore him to his atoms. He created the capability to draw himself back with each other atom by atom, which additionally opened various other effective capabilities that made him a planetary danger to the multiverse.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Built his very own kingdom on Mars by repositioning issue
  • Dr. Manhattan removed a lot of the heroes of the DC cosmos
  • The powers of Dr. Manhattan were made use of to repair the multiverse

Dr. Manhattan has reality-altering capabilities that permitted him to control the timestream of the DC Universe. His try out the DC cosmos led to the New 52 cosmos, though he ultimately encountered Superman throughout the Doomsday Clock collection. Manhattan can restore his body to subdue Superman, though he picked to rely on Superman’s heroism and also finished the battle.

10 Firestorm

First Appearance: Firestorm (Vol. 1) #1, by author Gerry Conway, penciler Al Milgrom, inker Klaus Janson, colorists Adrienne Roy, and also letterer Todd Klein

Firestorm is an unbelievably effective hero with a tremendous selection of capabilities. Characters like Ronnie Raymond, Jason Rusch, and also Dr. Martin Stein have actually been collaborated by the Firestorm Matrix to end up being the Nuclear Man. Firestorm has the superhuman stamina to compare with nearly any individual, yet he has a lot more than stamina at his disposal.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • He can enhance his stamina by soaking up aspects to impose his covering
  • Firestorm can forecast nuclear fires that he can additionally control
  • He can modify his thickness to additional magnify his physical strikes

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Firestorm can reorganize issue and also power right into any kind of type. He can also take in radiation and also transform it right into Kryptonite to deteriorate Superman. Batman specified that Firestorm has sufficient power to defeat Superman, which is additionally rather tough proof that the Nuclear Man is more powerful than the Man of Steel.

9 Doctor Fate

First Appearance: More Fun Comics (Vol. 1) #55, by author Gardner Fox and also penciler/inker/letterer Howard Sherman

Superman would certainly have no possibility versus Doctor Fate. He is among DC’s most effective magic customers many thanks to the magical capabilities of the planetary being called Nabu. He powers human hosts like Kent Nelson with his enchanting capabilities, having them and also in some cases taking control of their bodies. Dr. Fate is generally never-ceasing as long as there is a human host to regulate.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Dr. Fate is a representative of the Lords of Order in a recurring fight versus the Lords of Chaos
  • He’s better improved by the Amulet of Anubis, the Cloak of Destiny, and also the Helmet of Fate
  • Superman when used the Helmet of Fate to eliminate a wonderful fight versus Xanadoth

Superman has a number of considerable weak points. One of these is Kryptonite, which can eliminate him. However, the various other significant weak point is magic, versus which Superman additionally has no protection. Doctor Fate can do whatever he desires with magic, making him a lot more powerful than Superman if they were ever before compelled to fight.

8 The Flash

First Appearance: Showcase (Vol. 1) #4, by author Robert Kanigher, penciler Carmine Infantino, inker Joe Kubert and also letterer Gaspar Saladino

Put them side-by-side, and also there is no other way that any individual would certainly believe Flash is a more powerful hero than Superman. The greatest conversation amongst followers of Superman and also The Flash is generally regarding that is quicker. Few followers speak about that is more powerful since The Flash simply does not have the physical stamina to complete.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Flash has the ability to enhance his stamina significantly making use of the Speed Force
  • He can weaponize the Speed Force lightning created when he runs
  • Flash can get to rates essential to supply a boundless mass strike

The Flash might not typically have the stamina to eliminate Superman, yet he is still the fastest male to life and also among DC’s essential speedsters. He can take advantage of the Speed Force to press himself faster than practically any individual in the DCU. This permits him to perform at light rate and also struck somebody with the power of a white dwarf celebrity, as explained by The Flash himself.

7 Shazam

First Appearance: Whiz Comics (Vol. 1) #2, by author Bill Parker, penciler/inker C.C. Beck and also colorist Bill Parker

Shazam was developed one year after Superman in 1939, though he was initially referred to as Captain Marvel. Shazam had one considerable distinction that divided him from the Man of Steel. A wizard provided Billy Batson the powers of the gods via making use of a magic word that turned on changing illumination.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Shazam is typically referred to as the World’s Mightiest Mortal
  • He can spreading his power with the remainder of the Shazam Family
  • Shazam is additionally among minority heroes that have actually knocked senseless Superman

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Shazam remains in a comparable stamina course as Superman, yet he is additionally able to make use of lightning at his command. Shazam’s enchanting powers provide him a clear benefit over Superman whenever they satisfy in fight. The 2 heroes have actually dealt with numerous times, with Shazam usually taking the win unless outdoors pressures go to play.

6 Wonder Woman

First Appearance: All-Star Comics (Vol. 1) #8, by author William Moulton Marston and also penciler/inker Harry G. Peter

Wonder Woman has actually confirmed over and over again that she is a suit for practically any kind of superhero or bad guy. This consists of Superman, that she has actually encountered numerous times throughout the years. Just like the Kryptonian, Diana has superhuman stamina. She is close to unyielding, has superhuman endurance, and also ages gradually, providing her a lengthy life expectancy.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Diana is a demigod that possesses the stamina of the Olympians
  • She was honored with a section of Hecate’s enchanting capabilities
  • She had the ability to modify fact after soaking up Anti-Crisis power

Diana was increased to be a competitor and also has actually educated with the best Amazon warriors. She additionally has enchanting capabilities along with a magical sword that can reduce also Superman’s skin. Wonder Woman would certainly be a wonderful close friend since she recognizes just how to eliminate, yet she’s a harmful adversary to have since her stamina gets on the same level with Superman.

5 The Spectre

First Appearance: More Fun Comics (Vol. 1) #52, by author Jerry Siegel and also penciler/inker Bernard Baily

The Spectre has numerous points going with him. His powers are practically unlimited, and also he can do basically anything. He can control time and also area and also can regulate all issue. Likewise, he is almost untouchable, and also his stamina is unlimited.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Aztar was an effective satanic force that repented to end up being the divine Spectre
  • He is bound to a human host to restrict his powers and also lower corruptibility
  • The Specter is encouraged by DC’s Abrahamic God referred to as The Presence

Despite staying among one of the most effective heroes, Superman’s stamina has actually waxed and also wound down throughout the years. The Spectre is limitless in his stamina, making him more powerful than Superman at his ideal. Spectre’s duty as the divine Spirit of Vengeance makes him among one of the most effective beings out there.

4 Martian Manhunter

First Appearance: Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #225, by authors Joseph Samachson & Jack Miller and also penciler/inker Joe Certa

Superman and also Martian Manhunter are equates to when it involves their stamina and also endurance. However, while Superman’s stamina is among his crucial superhuman qualities, Martian Manhunter has much more amazing capabilities at his disposal.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Martians can additionally phase via strong issue and also fire power beam of lights from their eyes
  • He when tackled the whole lineup of the Justice League by himself
  • Martian Manhunter has a worry of fire that can literally deteriorate him

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J’onn is a shapeshifter that can modify his type and also regrow his body. He is additionally among one of the most effective telepaths on Earth, which includes in his toolbox of dealing with capabilities. With both males so also when it involves their base stamina, J’onn takes the lead with his consolidated powers. To highlight this, Superman himself stated that J’onn is one of the most effective getting on Earth.

3 Swamp Thing

First Appearance: Swamp Thing (Vol. 1) #1, by author Len Wein, penciler/inker Bernie Wrightson and also colorist Tatjana Wood

Superman is most likely fortunate that Swamp Thing does not typically wish to combat. If Superman does not injure the Earth, he has absolutely nothing to be afraid from the Protector of the Green. However, if both ever before did battle, Swamp Thing has sufficient in him to beat the Man of Steel.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • Dr. Alec Holland developed a Bio-Restorative Formula prior to he came to be Swamp Thing
  • He can draw extra power from The Green to enhance his stamina as required
  • Swamp Thing developed several effective bodies in a fight versus Superman

Swamp Thing has a variety of capabilities, and also he has actually understood the aspects, providing him the capability to control them. He can make himself one with the Earth and also end up being as huge and also solid as required, which better raises his stamina. If the demand to eliminate ever before emerged, Swamp Thing can enhance his stamina to make himself more powerful than also Superman.

2 Captain Atom

First Appearance: Space Adventures (Vol. 2) #33, by author Joe Gill and also penciler Bill Montes

Captain Atom and also Superman have actually dealt with prior to. In that fight, Superman needed to take out a technique or 2 to find out ahead since, at the end of the day, Captain Atom is more powerful than Superman. On top of his stamina and also invulnerability, Captain Atom can take in and also remove radiation and also power of all kinds.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • He was initially a personality from Charlton Comics called Allen Adam
  • Captain Atom can modify his thickness and also task effective power blasts
  • He is covered in a quantum shield which contains his unpredictable power type

Captain Atom has actually confirmed in previous fights that he is more powerful than Superman and also has far better combating abilities. He can additionally weaponize red sunlight radiation, which can deteriorate Superman like Kryptonite and also magic. His in some cases unchecked nature has actually gained him a credibility as one of one of the most unsafe DC heroes.

1 Supergirl

First Appearance: Action Comics (Vol. 1) #252, by author Otto Binder and also penciler/inker Al Plastino

One DC personality that could not appear more powerful than Superman is really his relative, Supergirl. This reality is canon both in the comics and also on tv. This results from a strange reality regarding Supergirl, as Kara Zor-El is really older than Superman, despite the fact that he has actually gotten on Earth much longer.

Notable Traits/Accomplishments:

  • She shares Superman’s various other Kryptonian capabilities like warmth vision and also incredibly rate
  • Supergirl signed up with the Red Lantern Corps prior to she discovered just how to regulate her craze
  • Like Superman, she has an effective power area that deals with her stamina

She educated on Krypton prior to Kal-El was birthed and also had a lot more experience. She additionally soaked up a lot more solar power on her journey to Earth, which boosted her power degrees. She will just remain to obtain more powerful the longer she stays on Earth. Even Batman exposed to Superman that his relative was more powerful and also a lot more effective, which is proof sufficient.

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