The Straw Hat Pirates are One Piece’s most important protagonists. A band of lovable rogues, every of them have persona gimmicks that render them distinctive, compelling, and in lots of cases, humorous.

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However, all too usually do these quirks inhibit the crew of their efforts to seek out the One Piece. Although many traits are pretty minor, others are so extreme that they threat getting a number of of the Straw Hats killed. Through figuring out essentially the most harmful persona quirks, it turns into simpler to grasp when a joke goes too far and what the results have been.

10 Franky’s “Super” Pose Uplifts Allies

A jubilant and energetic man, Franky enjoys putting his “tremendous” pose at any time when doable. It often conveys his pleasure or that considered one of his enemies are about to get a beat down. Unlike most different members of the crew, Franky’s antics are utterly innocuous.

Instead of placing his allies at risk, his angle can uplift them, serving to to have fun previous victories or to arrange for future ones. The “tremendous” pose was most imitated through the Enies Lobby and Thriller Bark arcs given Franky’s latest induction into the crew.

9 Jimbei Doesn’t Have Any Personality Quirks

As the latest addition to the Straw Hat Pirates, Jimbei lacks as a lot display screen time as every other member of the crew. When mixed along with his austere and fatherly disposition, it gives the look that he has no persona quirks by any means.

Should he stay pretty easy and severe, such an angle could be welcome aboard the Sunny. After all, not everybody can have a weird gimmick to be milked for affordable laughs. Jimbei’s sobriety ensures that he is by no means liable for endangering his crew.

8 Brook’s Panty Requests Are Weird At Best

Brook has two persona quirks; his cranium jokes and his request to see a girl’s panties. Obviously, the latter is way inappropriate and has better capability to do the crew hurt. Unlike Sanji, Brook relents when his requests are inevitably refused and doesn’t push the problem afterward.

Moreover, he has bridled his lust much better than the cook dinner, even when each males are too lecherous for their very own good. Crass as Brook’s solicitations may be, they’ve by no means landed him in bother or posed a severe menace to his associates. To the opposite, Shakky agreed to humor him.

7 Usopp’s Lies Are A Mixed Bag

Usopp’s lies have combined outcomes. In many conditions, they’re instantly uncovered as fraud and make him look much more ridiculous than if he stored his mouth shut. However, they’ve additionally paid off.

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For instance, Usopp knocked Perona unconscious with out truly hurting her by exaggerating the burden of his two ton hammer. He additionally satisfied the Tontattas that he was a descendant of Noland the Great, which prevented them from executing him. Considering how unreliable Usopp’s lies have been, they’ll neither be thought-about a drawback or asset.

Although well-meaning and mature, Nico Robin’s penchant for darkish feedback can demoralize the crew. She will assume the worst if somebody’s destiny is unsure, probably positing that they met excruciating deaths. Robin is equally uncharitable in regards to the Straw Hat’s personal odds when going through dire conditions.

Although characters like Luffy and Zoro do not care about her pessimism, it demoralizes Usopp and Chopper. Considering that they are already skittish about going through off in opposition to the worst threats on the excessive seas, they do not want Robin reassuring them that their deaths are inevitable.

5 Chopper’s Quirks Portend Disaster

Chopper’s two quirks are vehemently refusing reward and hiding within the unsuitable means. While the previous could also be considerably annoying albeit inconsequential, the latter has potential for utter catastrophe. Since Chopper is not capable of take cowl accurately, he cannot make use of his diminutive dimension when serving the staff.

This is especially problematic when contemplating that he is one of many crew’s weakest members. If remoted from extra highly effective allies, Chopper is inevitably going to cover in a means the place he will likely be simply noticed and detained. Luckily, his low bounty ensures he is not a precedence – at the very least to the World Government.

4 Nami’s Obsession With Money Has Led To Trouble In The Past

Nami’s obsession and materials possessions has been one thing a nuisance for the crew. She first developed it when making an attempt to gather 100 million berries in order that Arlong would go away her village alone. The navigator was so determined for money that she even betrayed Luffy shortly after assembly him to get a fast payday.

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Between Zou and the Skypieans, Nami has no qualms with wrangling these she saves for every little thing they’re price. Despite this, she nonetheless usually serves because the group’s ethical middle, as seen in Punk Hazard when rescuing large kids.

3 Luffy Often Puts A Target On His Back

Luffy’s persona quirks usually make him a goal to these in his neighborhood. He will ascribe antagonizing nicknames to nearly everybody whether or not they need them or not. Worse but, he can’t assist however to declare himself as the long run Pirate King whether or not within the firm of marines or yonko.

To make issues worse, Luffy’s huge urge for food is extraordinarily troublesome to satiate and sometimes prices the crew most of its assets. If Luffy wasn’t as robust and adaptable as he’s, he’d probably be useless by now.

2 Zoro Gets Lost At The Worst Times

Zoro’s abhorrent lack of navigation may cause severe issues for the crew. In Syrup Village, his incapacity to observe instructions made him late to the battle with Kuro’s pirates. Should he have taken any longer, Luffy might have simply been overwhelmed.

He additionally acquired misplaced at Sabaody, which portended catastrophe because it was swarming with marines. The worst half about Zoro’s lack of path is that he refuses to acknowledge it. As a consequence, he continuously wanders off on his personal whatever the warnings his crew offers.

1 Sanji’s Treatment Of Women Nearly Gets Him Killed

Sanji’s remedy of girls is so antiquated and outlandish that it practically will get him killed in virtually each arc. Since he refuses to struggle them and even defend himself, he’ll usually lose in opposition to a lot weaker opponents like Kalifa and Black Maria.

However, even ladies who do not imply to hurt Sanji nonetheless find yourself hospitalizing him. On Fish-Man Island, he discovered mermaids so lovely that he practically died of an enormous nosebleed. Considering his persona quirk practically kills him frequently, it’s simply the worst within the crew.

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