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Last Updated: 6 months ago

A few series stand out in the constantly evolving universe of anime and manga, grabbing the interest of followers and setting the stage for future anime productions. Dandadan, written by Yukinobu Tatsu, is one such anime that has lately gained attention.

Science Saru, a company renowned for its unique and wacky animation and visual style, will handle the animation. Dandadan is all set to adapt into an anime in 2024. An announcement was made this Monday unveiling the creative team and production studio.

You need to check out the incredible Dandadan trailer on YouTube, which seems like it will be one wild journey. The teaser for Dandadan gives us hope that it will include vibrant colors, smooth animation, and a distinct Science Saru aesthetic.

Given the notoriously bizarre nature of the manga, many fans are thrilled that Science Saru is bringing Dandadan to life.

As the Jump Festa 2024 stage event takes place on 16 December 2023, followers may anticipate further information on cast members and other announcements.

About “Dandadan” Anime Series

Fuga Yamashiro will serve as the film’s director. Hiroshi Seko will compose the series, while Kensuke Ushio will compose the soundtrack. Naoyuki Onda will design the characters, while Yoshimichi Kameda will design the creatures.

Dandadan narrates the tale of Momo and Okarun, two high school students who became friends. The plot centers around Momo Ayase, a student who believes in ghosts but rejects aliens, and Okarun, who rejects ghosts but believes in aliens.

Opposing worldviews of Momo and Okarun, drive them to push one another to visit locations said to be haunted by ghosts and aliens to determine who is ultimately right. Dandadan anime series mixes humorous moments with scary and spooky themes.


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