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Batman: Fortress establishes a brand new, but lovably acquainted Green Lantern. The whimsical, pizza-loving rodent D’ayl

Given the magnitude of the DC multiverse, the Green Lantern Corps is brimming with artistic and comical alien characters. Batman: Fortress #4 introduces a brand new, but endearingly acquainted Emerald Knight – D’ayl – a big rodent Lantern seemingly from the arboreal planet of H’Iven. Heavily harking back to the fan favorite Green Lantern Ch’p, D’ayl has traveled from Oa to help Batman to find the Fortress of Solitude.

Batman: Fortress #1-#3 finds the Caped Crusader in the midst of a worldwide blackout attributable to the presence of an unidentified aerial phenomenon. Even worse, Superman is nowhere to be discovered. After a failed offensive assault by the Justice League leaves Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Hawkman captured, Batman discovers why the aliens are right here. The expertise inflicting the worldwide disruption is definitely a scanner looking out particularly for a Kryptonian signature.

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Realizing there’s Kryptonian expertise that might assist them in opposition to the extremely superior alien tech, and with completely no signal of Superman anyplace on the planet, Batman reluctantly turns to Lex Luthor for assist breaking into the Fortress of Solitude. After discovering the Fortress has been moved from its regular location within the Arctic Circle, Luthor and Batman narrowly escape a battle when the aliens arrive on the similar location. Back on the Batcave, D’ayl manages to sneak previous Batman’s intricate safety system and asserts that regardless of the Guardians’ needs to remain out of this specific occasion, he’s there to assist Batman. But principally D’ayl is there to show the facility again on in Gotham so he can go to the one place within the galaxy the place he can get a “decent slice of pizza!”

With the introduction of a brand new H’Ivenite Green Lantern, readers will probably be strongly reminded of the beloved Green Lantern Ch’p. First showing in 1982’s Green Lantern Vol 2 #148 (written by Marv Wolfman), Ch’p, an apparent and playful reference to fashionable Disney characters, was capable of cease Doctor Ub’x and his military from taking up his house planet and finally joins up for coaching on Oa with the likes of Hal Jordan. Having served with the Green Lantern Corps of Earth on many events, Ch’p developed shut relationships with John Stewart, Salakk and finally Kilowog. The whimsical nature of the character and his companionship with extra fashionable Lanterns like John Stewart and Hal Jordan actually solidified Ch’p as a fan favorite up till his unlucky dying in the course of the occasions of Green Lantern: Mosaic.

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Batman: Fortress #4 additionally establishes that D’ayl and Bruce have fairly a major historical past collectively when the 2 heroes briefly look again on earlier adventures and reveal simply how nicely they know each other. Thus, it’s doable that D’ayl may have a component to play within the DC multiverse. The inauguration of the character in such a major occasion would recommend that D’ayl, on the very least, will probably be showing extra usually. Not to say the truth that he is among the few super-powered heroes left to assist Batman within the absence of Superman.

Considering the boundless attain of the Green Lantern Corps throughout the DC multiverse, it was solely a matter of time earlier than readers had been greeted with a brand new hero from H’Iven. With Ch’p’s successor, B’dg, lately changing into a Blue Lantern throughout 2021’s Green Lantern run by Geoffrey Thorne, D’ayl is an amusing and welcome addition. His team-up with Batman is already an entertaining and memorable second and will show to be essential within the seek for Superman.



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