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Bungie Autocompletes Sails of the Shipstealer Objective.
Image via Bungie

During week five of Destiny 2’s Sails of the Shipstealer seasonal quest, there was a quest step objective that required players to kill Champions. Progress for this objective was marked out of 50. Killing Champions in Master Ketchcrash would fill up the progress faster.

Shortly after the quest step went live, Bungie announced on Twitter that it would be auto-completing the objective for all Destiny 2 players. It cited the requirement being too high as the reason behind its decision. What does that mean, though? It’s rare that a quest step receives as much backlash as this one did, and rarer still that Bungie immediately completes it for the entire player base.

Why Did Bungie Auto-Complete Sails of the Shipstealer Step 35?

When released during week five of Sails of the Shipstealer, step 35 required players to kill a lot of Champions. Despite listing 50, each Champion you killed counted for approximately three points. That would still require players to defeat over 15 Champions to get this done., Though

The catch, though, is that Champions killed in the Master Ketchcrach activity would count for far more than three points. One Master Ketchcrash run was enough to complete this entire objective. However, Master Ketchcrash doesn’t have matchmaking, meaning the only way to do it is to either have five friends of a high power level ready and willing to play, or to use an LFG system. Casual players, many of whom log in once per week just to complete that weekly quest, usually have access to neither of those resources, meaning they’re left to kill over 15 Champions on their own for one simple quest step.

To put that into perspective, completing that objective would take longer than finishing every single quest step introduced this week. Many players simply don’t have that much time to invest in Destiny 2.

That’s why Bungie auto-completed this quest step. It was a barrier preventing a large number of players from progressing with the seasonal quest. It’s anyone’s guess how this idea got off the drawing board in the first place, but at least it’s fixed now.

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