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Buso Renkin Episode List

1A New LifeManga Canon2006-10-04
2The True Form HomunculusManga Canon2006-10-11
3You’ve Become A Little StrongerManga Canon2006-10-18
4Another New LifeManga Canon2006-10-25
5To Protect SomeoneManga Canon2006-11-01
6The Butterfly of Black DeathManga Canon2006-11-08
7Whether or not You’re a HypocriteManga Canon2006-11-15
8A Night in the DormManga Canon2006-11-22
9The Hayasaka TwinsManga Canon2006-11-29
10It Seems We’re Well MatchedManga Canon2006-12-06
11Til Death Do Us PartManga Canon2006-12-13
12CarnivalManga Canon2006-12-20
13Signs Of DeathManga Canon2006-12-27
14Who Are You?Manga Canon2006-12-27
15An Intermediate ExistenceManga Canon2007-01-10
16New StrengthManga Canon2007-01-17
17When Dawn ComesManga Canon2007-01-24
18The EscapeManga Canon2007-01-31
19As Long As I Can Protect YouManga Canon2007-02-07
20With Strength and PowerManga Canon2007-02-14
21Gone Into FlameManga Canon2007-02-21
22A Decision Is RequiredManga Canon2007-02-28
23Boy meets Battle GirlManga Canon2007-03-07
24When You Die, I’ll Die With YouManga Canon2007-03-14
25No One Could Ever Take His PlaceManga Canon2007-03-21
26PeriodManga Canon2007-03-28

What Is Buso Renkin Filler List?

Buso Renkin anime filler list is a Japanese series of the manga written and illustrated by Rurouni Kenshin’s author.

It follows Kazuki Muto. He becomes an alchemical warrior.

In Buso Renkin anime filler list, a high schooler saved a mysterious girl from a monster.

The girl revives him. She does this with a magical pendant that produces a weapon for its owner to battle these demons.

To stop the monsters and their master, they team up. The Buso Renkin manga has sold more than 3 million volumes in Japan.

It has also been listed for the Seiun Award for science fiction work. From manga and anime magazines, it got a mixed reception.

The art of Watsuki received the most favorable feedback from reviewers. Other elements of the manga have split the opinions of critics, such as its action and characters.

Kazuki Muto

A 16-year-old boy who was killed while trying to save Tokiko Tsumura by the homunculi.

Tokiko replaces his heart with a Buso Renkin to revive him. He agrees to help in the battle against the homunculi and is finally asked by Captain Bravo to be an Alchemist Warrior.

He allows this because of his will to defend his sister Mahiro and his mates. His Buso Renkin is a spear-lance, Sunlight Heart.

It has a cloth that transforms into energy that can be used as propulsion. The story begins when one night, a high school student is killed to save a mysterious girl from a demon.

They believe it was a dream. And woke up in the school room. But he soon finds out that when he and his sister are attacked by a giant serpentine demon, the dream was not at all a dream.

The girl that he rescued, Tokiko Tsumura, explains that the creature is a homunculus. When he was saving her, Kazuki was struck and killed by it.

However, feeling responsible for him, she revived him by putting a Kakugane medallion in his chest. It was like acting as a substitute heart.

The Kakugane, as Tokiko describes, is an alchemical system that takes a certain shape depending on the user of the Kakugane.

It creates a special Buso Renkin when triggered. The only thing that can kill a homunculus monster is that of Buso Renkin.

Kazuki designs his own Buso Renkin (the “Sunlight Heart,” a big lance) using this. Along with Tokiko and her own Buso Renkin (the “Valkyrie Skirt,” an execution scythe), Kazuki joins the battle against homunculi and their master.

Last Words

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