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Club Penguin is an amazing game. The creators of the game using their skills and hard work gave us this wonderful game to play. It is our sheer pleasure that we can share Club Penguin Codes with you. These codes will change your gaming experience as these codes can unlock many freebies such as Coins, Hiking Backpack, Stealth Tracker, Light Blue Face Paint, Silver Roman Helmet, Dark Electric Guitar, Black Face Paint, Black Roman Helmet, Parrot, Pirate Boots, Thunder Blade, Black and red Sailor Shirt, Tricorn Hat, and also Treasure Map Background. Also, to save you from hazel, we will guide you on how to redeem codes in Club Penguin.

What Are Club Penguin Codes?

The game developers want you to have the best gaming experience. As the game progresses and reaches new heights, goodies and rewards in the form of codes are released by game makers. Also, during festivals and special occasions you can expect a few of these codes.

When you redeem these codes, you get certain items that help you in your gaming quest. You can upgrade your game characters and inventory by redeeming these codes that are game exclusive.

Club Penguin Codes List

In the list below you will find all the Club Penguin related codes. We share new codes as soon as they are posted on social handles by the developers. Sometimes the codes may expire after a while. We would advise you to redeem the codes as soon as we share them.

You can get new codes from the official Twitter or other social handles of the developers. However, checking for each code can be a bit tricky. You can bookmark this page to get the latest and working codes.

Working Codes

This is where you will find all the latest and working codes to get some freebies.

NWARMYCPO (May 1, 2020) –Hiking Backpack, Stealth Tracker and also TIE Fighter Pilot Costume

ICEWARRIORS (May 1, 2020) –Light Blue Face Paint, Silver Roman Helmet and also Light Blue Hockey Jersey

DARKWARRIORS (May 1, 2020) –Dark Electric Guitar, Black Face Paint, Black Roman Helmet and also Black Hockey Jersey

GRADUATION (April 20, 2020) –An exclusive item and also 3,000 coins

GOLDSEMPIRE (April 16, 2020) – Golden Shield, Gold Scuba Tank and also Gold Letterman Jacket

BOXCRITTERS (April 14, 2020) – 2,500 coins, Box Critters Pin and also Australian Hat

7MILLION (April 8, 2020) – 2,500 coins and also 4 items

SWATOFCP (April 8, 2020) – Snowboard helmet, Red Scuba Tank, and also Reed night vision goggles

DISCORD200K (March 11, 2020) – 5,000 coins, Flit Hoodie, Cozy Blue Scarf, Discord Pin, Yellow Designer Scarf and also Red Ski Goggles

PIRATES (February 14, 2020) – 1,000 coins, Parrot, Pirate Boots, Thunder Blade, Black and red Sailor Shirt, Tricorn Hat, and also Treasure Map Background

ROBSTIXCPO (February 11, 2020) – 2,500 coins, Roblox Pin and also Roblox Hoodie

ANNIVERSARY2 (January 5, 2020) – 2,500 coins, 2nd Anniversary Shirt, 2nd Anniversary Sweater and also 2nd Anniversary Lei

KIWIICPO (August 3, 2019) – 5,000 coins, Kiwi Sneakers, Kiwi Costume, Crazy Kiwi Background, and also Kiwi Purse

QUEENBADGER (March 12, 2019) – 2,000 coins and also Queen Badger Background

Expired Codes

Codes in this list no longer work. You can help us by listing new or expired codes in the comment section. We will add them to their respective lists.

KINGANDQUEEN (March 23, 2020) – 5,000 coins

CONGRATSMEGS (December 16, 2019) – 4,000 coins

BIGRILEY1400 (December 9, 2019) – 7,000 coins

BIGVALE1400 (December 9, 2019) – 7,000 coins

SOCIETY2019 (December 4, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Joker Pin, Comic Batman Background and also Batcave Background

TEAMTREES (October 31, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Knotted Recycle T-Shirt, New Player Background, Tree COstume and also Green Recycle Shirt

4MILLION (October 12, 2019) – 2,500 coins and also 4 Million Lei

BIRTHDAYGIRL (October 3, 2019) – 5,000 coins, Kiwi Costume, Happy Birthday Hat and also Bunch of Balloons

TWITTER50K (September 25, 2019) – 2,500 coins and also Twitter Hoodie

YOUTUBE1K (August 25, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Black 3d glasses, Blue Trendy Top, Blue headphones, and also Blue Striped Fedora

3MILLION (June 13, 2019) – 2,500 coins, 3 Million Grid Sweater, Black Scarf, 3 Million Lei, and also 3 Million T-Shirt

2MILLION900 (May 21, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Cop cap, City’s Finest Uniform, Hawkeye wear, Hawkeye Quiver & Bow and also Hawkeye Bodysuit

2MILLION800 (May 9, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Rebel Boots, Emotional Background, Muppets World Tour Background, Rebel Costume and also Scare Games Trophy

2MILLION700 (May 2, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Stormtrooper Helmet, Stormtrooper Costume, Avicii Hoodie, Elsa´s Giveaway

2MILLION600 (April 23, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Flash Costume, Judy Hopps Costume, Flash Mask, Nick Wilde Costume, Rocky and CeCe Giveaway, Nick Wilde Mask, Judy Hopps Mask

2MILLION500 (April 12, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Disgusted Dress, Sad Outfit, Joyfull Dress, Dude Stuffie, Angry Outfit and also Frightened Outfit

VALENTINES20 (February 14, 2020) – 2,000 coins, Heart Balloon Pin, Valentine’s Day Coffee and also Valentine’s day Hair

2MILLION200 (March 16, 2019) – 2,500 coins Delivery Outfit, White and Black Puffle Sweater and also Sea Monster Background

2MILLION300 (March 26, 2019) – 2,500 coins Snowstorm Suit, Emotes Background, Fluffy Gown and also Alumni Jacket

More Expired Codes

2MILLION400 (April 2, 2019) – 2,500 coins EPF Workout Hoodie, Yellow Neko Hoodi and also Neon Purple Hoodie

NEWYEAR2019 (January 1, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Inflatable Duck, Brown Fedora, Keytar, Yellow Raincoat, MP3000, Blue Cuckoo Ka-shoes, Cowboy Vest and also Winter Poncho

2MILLION (March 1, 2019) – 2,500 coins, 2 Million Lei, 2 MIllion Letterman Jacket and also 2 Million Grid Sweater. Reason: Reaching 2,000,000 registered players

2MILLION100 (March 6, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Cray on Hoodie, Cloud Forest Background, Cookie Serving Apron and also McKenzie´s biker outfit

DISCORD10K (May 16, 2018) – 4,000 coins

DISCORD20K (June 28, 2018) – 2,500 coins, Stuffed Bunny and also Piccadilly Plaid

DISCORD30K (July 29, 2018) – 2,500 coins, Laptop and also Online Safey Sweater

DISCORD40K (September 3, 2018) – 2,000 coins, Squidzoid Costume, Blast Off Hat R, and also Red Rocker T-Shirt

CPISLAND (September 27, 2018) – 5,000 coins, Dory Costume, Olaf´s Costume, Nemo Costume, Kermit the Frog Costume, Kermit the frog Head, Mike Costume and also Club Shirt. Reason: Closure of CLub Penguin Island

DISCORD50K (November 2, 2018) – 2,500 coins, Green Letterman Jacket, The Thundercloud, Discord Pin and also Grey Hoodie

DISCORD60K (December 13, 2018) – 2,500 coins, Space Hoodie, Space Sneakers, and also Planet Pin

CPISLAND2 (December 23, 2018) – 2,500 coins, CP Island Pin, CP Island T-Shirt and also CP Island Hoodie

DISCORD70K (January 27, 2019) – 2,500 coinsBlack Jedi Robes, Bull Target Costume, Donut Destroyer, Bailey Costume, Cream Pie and also TIE Fighter Costume

DISCORD80K (March 16, 2019) – 2,500 coins, Fish Dog Vendor Hat, Kendo Suit and also Loch Ness Costume

DISCORD90K (April 20, 2019) – 2,500 coins, and also 5 items

DISCORD100K (May 29, 2019) – 2,500 coins, and also 5 items

V1ZDXTY2Z (September 17, 2019) – 2,000 coins

STPATRICKS (March 17, 2020) – 2,500 coins, and also 3 items

Note: We would recommend you to enter the codes as they are. You can also copy and paste the codes. This is because the codes are case sensitive and might not work if entered incorrectly.

This is all we could get for you from Club Penguin. If you see any codes missing or expired, just let us know in the comment section. We will test and add them to the list.


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