This article comprises spoilers for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39 “Contagion Island”, streaming now on Crunchyroll.

Throughout Digimon Ghost Game, considered one of Hiro Amanokawa’s biggest strengths has been his compassion. This energy additionally has been proven to have its downsides. For instance, Hiro has struggled with telling individuals “no” once they ask him for assist. However, Hiro’s kindness total has helped information the group of their interactions with Digimon and led to most of their encounters ending peacefully.

However, the sequence additionally has proven that Hiro can nonetheless develop and evolve to be extra successfully sort. In Episode 39, “Contagion Island”, Hiro’s makes an attempt to assist a Ryudamon who has developed right into a Gyukimon virtually result in catastrophe. However, the sequence prevented the anticipated cynical route of getting Hiro changing into extra hardened. Instead, the episode confirmed that his kindness may be simpler when taking within the enter of his teammates and mates.

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From the start of the episode, Angoramon tried to warn Hiro concerning the risks that Gyukimon posed. However, whereas Ryudamon was in Gyukimon kind, Ryudamon nonetheless retained his core persona and want to not hurt anybody. Hiro has at all times seen one of the best in most individuals and Digimon, so his compassion towards Ryudamon’s plight was each comprehensible and anticipated. It would have been utterly out of character for Hiro to show his again of Ryudamon or label Ryudamon as evil merely due to his evolution.

Even so, Hiro made many errors whereas attempting to assist Ryudamon that nearly ended with Ryudamon utterly subsumed by the Gyukimon evolution. Hiro took Ryudamon alongside on a category journey to a distant island as a result of Hiro didn’t need to depart Ryudamon alone when he requested for assist. On the island, Ryudamon misplaced management of himself and contaminated a lot of Hiro’s classmates and the adults accompanying them inflicting a zombie-like outbreak, beginning the method of reworking his victims into extra Gyukimon. Hiro’s option to take Ryudamon alongside on the journey regardless of his teammate’s recommendation did assist restrict the quantity of victims by isolating Ryudamon, however there might have been different methods to maintain Ryudamon contained whereas in search of solutions that may not have endangered the individuals on Hiro’s college journey.

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However, on the episode’s finish, the lesson for Hiro was to not cease serving to different individuals and Digimon. Hiro’s compassion nonetheless was essential to Ryudamon’s salvation. Because Hiro and Gammamon had been so sort to Ryudamon, they had been in a position to make use of Hiro’s digivice to psychically join with Ryudamon and information his transformation again to his Ryudamon.

However, they had been solely in a position to determine the power with the enter of Hiro’s teammates and mates. Ruli and Bakumon had been those to determine this new Digivice capability, and Bakumon was the one in a position to remedy Ryudamon’s victims and switch them again into people. Therefore, Hiro’s true classes from the incident had been that he wanted to suppose by how he would assist individuals and Digimon extra completely, and he additionally wanted to take his teammates’ recommendation into extra consideration sooner or later.

Despite this lesson, the episode nonetheless emphasised total that Hiro’s compassion was a energy, not a weak spot. In the aftermath, Hiro instantly was in a position to replicate and acknowledge his errors. However, his teammates refused to let Hiro dwell and as an alternative targeted on the methods during which Hiro’s willingness to assist has been his biggest energy. Ryudamon himself additionally confirmed how Hiro’s popularity for compassion has unfold. Hiro’s father, Hokuto Amanokawa, has been touring within the Digital World and telling the Digimon he encounters to search out Hiro in the event that they wanted assist. While this popularity places extra of a burden on Hiro, he in the end has usually been the only option of helper for a lot of Digimon as they wrestle to adapt to the human world.

Digimon Ghost Game turned an episode that might have been a cynical flip towards a hardened Hiro right into a heartwarming reaffirmation of the energy of his kindness. The episode additionally reaffirmed the energy of the group’s bonds and confirmed that they’re at their greatest when they’re working collectively. Thus, Hiro’s compassion stays his biggest energy, and he now has extra information to successfully use that compassion to assist individuals and Digimon because the group continues to search out extra Digimon who’ve crossed over into the human world.



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