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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure stands as one of the vital iconic and inventive shonen manga/anime franchises on the market, and it solely will get higher with time. Many of its finest struggle scenes, Stand-based skills and plot traces defy anime norms as triumphs of manga artist Hirohiko Araki’s creativeness, besides, sure JoJo’s characters actually do conform to sure archetypes, even when it is in sudden and distinctive methods.

Jotaro Kujo is clearly a tsundere, for instance, whereas Joseph Joestar may be described as a himbo, similar to Son Goku. Then there’s the scheming vampire Dio Brando, who’s greater than the inventory power-hungry villain he seems to be. He additionally suits a -dere kind, and probably the most entitled, pretentious and secretly susceptible kind of all of them — the himedere, or wannabe princess.

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The Basics of a Himedere Character in Anime

The himedere character archetype relies on the Japanese phrase hime, or “princess,” and the time period dere, referring to lovey-dovey emotions. Like the opposite -dere varieties, the himedere kind describes the distinctive methods during which an individual behaves towards their love curiosity and certainly, how they act in on a regular basis life on the whole. Among the -dere varieties, the truth is, the himedere is among the many least more likely to have a selected love curiosity, with himedere being extra of an perspective and a life-style than a technique for love. This is particularly true for antagonistic characters akin to Demon Slayer‘s Daki or certainly, Dio Brando of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fame.

A himedere is a wannabe princess — somebody with an inflated sense of significance, energy and authority. Such characters are not often precise royalty or the Aristocracy — as an alternative, they merely act prefer it, often to compensate for a troublesome childhood or previous traumas. It’s a coping mechanism, briefly, and lots of himedere characters act like that to flee emotions of alienation/loneliness, abandonment points, a way of powerlessness or common frustration with their lives and future prospects. Thus, a himedere tries to retake management of their life by bossing round different folks, dressing to impress and convincing everybody of their very own significance.

Such characters aren’t essentially bullies or villains, however they have a tendency to emotionally push folks away to allow them to conceal their insecurities and private points. They don’t need folks to see them as they are surely — a himedere desires everybody to see the boss, a powerfully charismatic queen who at all times will get what she desires. And whereas himederes are usually younger girls hiding childhood traumas, therefore “princess,” additionally it is potential for a male anime character to take this route, as Dio Brando as soon as did.

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Dio Brando’s Himedere Rise to Power in JoJo’s

Even if Dio Brando is a male character and has no real love curiosity, he suits the himedere archetype fairly properly, embodying all the basics in true JoJo fashion. Like most himederes, Dio Brando had a tricky childhood and suffered from irritating emotions of obscurity, a scarcity of affection and powerlessness. In Victorian England, he grew up along with his dysfunctional alcoholic father Dario, and even in mainstream society, Dio confronted scorn and rejection. He had the whole lot to show and an ego that desperately wanted nourishment, and his probability got here when the beneficiant George Joestar adopted him because the foster brother of Jonathan Joestar.

This is the place Dio’s himedere aspect actually shone within the Phantom Blood story arc. He dressed properly, acted self-important and made the whole lot about himself, all whereas fooling George Joestar into pondering he was a selfless and humble boy. Dio solely had his personal pursuits at coronary heart, akin to tearing down the whole Joestar property, and he arrogantly donned the stone masks to grow to be a vampire and acquire final energy. Before lengthy, Dio might be seen carrying fancy garb whereas talking in a grandiose method in his fortress stuffed with lavish decorations and unique chimera-like pets. In his thoughts, he was already the prince of England, and he stored up this perspective proper till the top, when Jonathan defeated him twice. All this occurred as a result of Dio wished so badly to be any person — anybody who others might admire and respect as a wannabe prince.

Dio Brando returned as DIO within the Stardust Crusaders story arc, and he introduced his himedere perspective with him. He continued to suppose and communicate in a grandiose method from his palace in Cairo, and he even had a platoon of highly effective Stand customers to boss round. That’s one of many core traits of a himedere — the will to be the boss and management different folks whereas viewing them as servants or peasants. In probably the most villainous manner potential, DIO did precisely that, treating himself like an excellent remaining boss battle for Jotaro and the gang.

DIO was totally satisfied of his personal energy and greatness, believing it his future to rule the whole world sometime as a king. He defiantly maintained this perspective proper till his dying second within the solar’s rays, nonetheless determined to distance himself from the poor, depressing Victorian-era boy he had as soon as been. In making an attempt to grow to be a lavish prince, DIO set himself up for his final failure as an alternative, marking him as probably the most tragic (though not sympathetic) himedere of all of them.



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