Dragon Ball Films Filler List
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An anime series called Dragon Ball Films aired from 1986 to 2015. There were 19 Dragon Ball Film episodes broadcast in all.

With 16 filler episodes recorded in total, Dragon Ball Films has a very high filler rate of 84%.

Akira Toriyama founded the Japanese media franchise Dragon Ball in 1984.

It makes sense that one of the most-watched anime movies ever is Dragon Ball. As Goku grows stronger and repeatedly vanquishes his opponents, fans are enthralled with his exploits.

Fans were able to see some of the greatest battles in movie history as the series began as an adventure manga and gradually leaned more and more into its many battles.

About Dragon Ball Films

Goku is an odd child with bushy tails who spends his days hunting and eating. That is until he meets Bulma, a domineering girl who has a thing for boys.

When they come into Gurumes, a wicked king who is also searching for the dragon balls, they are all searching for the balls for various reasons. The Dragon Ball Saga’s Emperor Pilaf Saga is replaced with the events of the film.

List of Filler Episodes for Dragon Ball Films

Below you will find the updated list of all the films that have aired to date for the anime Dragon Ball. If there is an update, or if a new episode airs, we will add it to the list. If you have an update regarding new episodes, let us know via the comment section. this will help us to keep the list updated.

1Curse of the Blood RubiesFiller1986-12-20
2Sleeping Princess in Devil’s CastleFiller1987-07-18
3Mystical AdventureFiller1988-04-07
4Dead ZoneFiller1989-07-15
5The World’s StrongestFiller1990-03-10
6The Tree of MightFiller1990-07-07
7Lord SlugFiller1991-03-09
8Cooler’s RevengeFiller1991-07-20
9The Return of CoolerFiller1992-03-07
10Super Android 13!Filler1992-07-11
11Broly: The Legendary Super SaiyanAnime Canon1993-03-06
12Bojack UnboundFiller1993-07-10
13Broly: Second ComingFiller1994-03-12
15Fusion RebornFiller1995-03-04
16Wrath of the DragonFiller1995-07-15
17The Path to PowerMixed Canon/Filler1996-03-04
18Battle of GodsAnime Canon2013-03-30
19Resurrection ‘FAnime Canon2015-04-11

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