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One of the most well-known isekai anime series is Tensura Slime. The genre is often associated with several characteristics, the most notable being harem and ecchi.

The reason for this is that the majority of shows falling under this genre frequently have a high degree of s*xualized content, which may be quite controversial among viewers.

In that sense, many individuals who haven’t seen the series would assume that Tensura Slime has a lot of harem and ecchi content, but the majority would be shocked to learn otherwise.

In actuality, while being a modern isekai genre classic, this anime doesn’t include as many harems as one might think.

Describing why the anime Tensura Slime isn’t a harem

Tensura Slime follows the standard pattern of the isekai anime genre: a burglar fatally stabs Satoru Mikami, a normal Japanese employee in his thirties, and Satoru Mikami is reborn as a slime in a magical world.

Nevertheless, now he can imitate something or someone’s talents by absorbing them.

Satoru ends up being named Rimuru, which is how he is known in this world, and he forms several significant relationships in the plot. A lot of shenanigans occur throughout the series.

Contrary to common assumption, the series is not a harem anime because Shuna and Shion, the two major female characters, are involved with Rimuru.

In actuality, the anime focuses less emphasis on harem dynamics and romance than previous isekai series, with very few ecchi scenes.

Isekai anime’s appeal and Tensura Slime

Compared to many other anime series that are presently airing, the series may be viewed as moderate, which might appeal to or turn off a wide spectrum of fans.

A good illustration of the current popularity of isekai anime is Tensura Slime.

The success of this genre may appear perplexing to those who are not familiar with it. Particularly, in light of the numerous isekai series that are regularly released each year and continue to do amazingly well.


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