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The following accommodates spoilers for Harley Quinn Season 3, Episode 8, “Batman Begins Forever,” which premiered Sept. 1 on HBO Max.

Harley Quinn has definitely pushed Bruce Wayne to the restrict in its third season. The playboy was scuffling with Gotham being overrun by villains like Bane and the notion {that a} depressed Jim Gordon, in addition to a redemption-seeking Joker, have been dangers when it got here to the mayor’s place. To make it worse, Bruce broke mentally when Catwoman dumped him.

He started feeling extra alone than ever, lacking his mother and father greater than common. This drove him to experiment on Frank the Plant as a part of a feud with Harley and Poison Ivy, which led to them now invading his thoughts due to Doctor Psycho. In the method, as Harley realized Bruce’s deepest, darkest secrets and techniques, the sequence turned Joe Chill right into a grotesque horror present.

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Harley, Clayface, Psycho and Ivy have been shocked to see most of Bruce’s reminiscences targeted on Crime Alley and the masked man — Joe Chill — taking pictures his mother and father useless. Of course, followers would know Joe was the killer from the comics, who additionally appeared in Batman Begins. This fashioned a loop inside Bruce’s head, the place he soaked within the grief and trauma all his life. When Harley’s crew was ejected from Bruce’s thoughts, although, Harley stayed and tried to maintain the child model of him secure from Joe, all so his thoughts would not endure everlasting harm from her incursion.

But irrespective of how a lot she chopped, shot or blew Joe up, his physique stored reforming, nodding to masters of horror like John Carpenter. In that sense, Joe was a real demon, together with his giggle, disfigured smile, stained enamel and haunting persona sending chills down Harley’s backbone. He did not cease looking them both, which resulted in Harley discovering different reminiscences — specifically, Bruce turning into Batman.

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She lastly understood the Bat now, and why he was so pushed to cease crime. However, when Joe discovered her and the child at Wayne Mansion, a much bigger twist emerged. He unmasked, with Bruce’s face being revealed. The Bat confirmed Joe manifested as him, as a result of him feeling responsible over the murders. That fateful night time, Bruce insisted Thomas Wayne skip work to see the Mark of Zorro, and the boy additionally insisted they stroll down the alley as he wished to fake to be a hero within the shadows.

Harley tried to lure him right into a remedy session to get him over this. But Bruce took the boy, reaffirming they’d by no means be cured. He escorted him again to the inescapable alley to maintain driving their angst and pain-laden profession because the Caped Crusader.

Upon this second of realization, Harley was despatched again into the true world, petrified how Bruce processed Joe and merged with the villain, turning into this immortal monster. This explains why Bruce stored pining for Selina to make him entire, as he wanted the hole in his coronary heart and soul crammed. And why Bruce finally tortured Frank, hoping he may use the being’s regenerative powers to resurrect his mother and father and undo his grave mistake as a toddler.

New episodes of Harley Quinn debut Thursdays on HBO Max.



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