The following comprises spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 2, “The Rogue Prince,” which debuted Aug. 28 on HBO.

It’s exhausting to disclaim comparisons between Rhaenyra and Daenerys Targaryen on House of the Dragon. No matter what, Rhaenyra’s story has the same vitality as somebody many deem unworthy of the Iron Throne. Despite her father, Viserys, appointing her as successor, his impending marriage to Alicent has shaken issues up much more, foreshadowing that simply as Daenerys was robbed of her birthright, Rhaenyra could nicely endure the identical destiny.

Prior to that, although, Rhaenyra stored urgent, like Daenerys did, to show her mettle. But whereas she embodied Daenerys’ vibe in spirit, Episode 2 lastly allowed Rhaenyra to bodily present why she’s simply as assertive as her descendant centuries down the road. And make no mistake, it was a sequence that illustrated feminist energy and the way a lot the astute Rhaenyra deserves the Iron Throne.

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Daenerys had fairly a number of moments on GoT the place she confirmed grit and dominance, all linked to her being a pacesetter. Whether it’s liberating slaves, burning tyrants of the Seven Kingdoms and even razing King’s Landing when she felt the debauchery of the capital wanted to be repaid with hearth, Daenerys proved that she wasn’t to be trifled with. Khal Drago, Jon Snow, Jorah Mormont and so many others acknowledged the boldness, each good and unhealthy, of the princess that ought to have been queen.

Well, Rhaenyra had the same shining second when Otto Hightower, the King’s conniving Hand, took a small legion to confront Daemon at Dragonstone six months after Queen Aemma’s horrific dying. He was upset Daemon stole the egg Viserys had for his useless child, Baelon, however he did not wish to escalate issues and trigger a full-blown struggle. After all, Daemon did commit treason by squatting within the Targaryen maintain, and bringing Mysaria in as a possible partner.

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But simply when it appeared like violence would get away, Rhaenyra swooped up from the clouds and landed her dragon, Syrax, on the bridge. She disobeyed her father’s orders, broke the royal code as she was risking her personal life as an inheritor, and let Otto’s gang know her dragon would not tolerate anybody touching her. It was a badass sequence, evoking how highly effective and scary Daenerys was with phrases, one thing clearly handed down amongst Targaryen ladies, per Rhaenys’ cutthroat perspective because the “Queen Who Never Was.”

In addition, Rhaenyra calmly let Daemon know he’d should slay her to get the throne he so desired. A nervous Daemon walked away, throwing the egg again at her, not simply because he did not wish to kill his crush, however as a result of he was shocked by how prepared Rhaenyra was to show she was an influence participant. Admittedly, Daemon had the sting together with his personal dragon, in addition to a bigger armed pressure on the prepared, however Rhaenyra’s unpredictability and daring demeanor disarmed him, and saved quite a lot of lives within the course of.

Thus, whereas her dad was ticked off, Viserys needed to respect her. Like Daenerys, she went into the stomach of the beast and emerged unscathed, avoiding political battle and hiding how fractured her household was. It was a genius transfer, as a result of slightly than cower and be denied her company within the royal court docket, she was proactive, rebellious and confirmed poisonous males hungry for energy that she might be diplomatic amid hostile negotiations — or if wanted, a warrior able to spill blood. Ultimately, this left followers desirous to see how Daemon will counter, how Otto will react after being confirmed up by this younger, dragon-riding princess who desires the Iron Throne, and if Alicent as her soon-to-be stepmother will throw Rhaenyra off her quest in taking what she sees as her rightful declare to the Targaryen property.

House of the Dragon airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO and streams on HBO Max.


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