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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law continues to construct as much as what might be a Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation of the Planet Hulk/World War Hulk storylines from the comics. Though the previous was already loosely touched upon in Thor: Ragnarok, the fallout of Hulk’s time on Sakaar has but to be proven. That might get used to determine simply what occurred when the Hulk first went off-world.

The MCU has but to make clear simply how lengthy Hulk was on Sakaar, not to mention all that occurred. There have been some clues in Ragnarok, however these solely served to make the matter much more complicated. With nobody figuring out how lengthy he was away or how he spent his time when gone from Earth, a key a part of Hulk’s MCU historical past remains to be ambiguous.

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Hulk Spent Two Years on SakaarThor vs the Hulk in the MCU film, Ragnarok

During the occasions of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the indignant Hulk rejected Earth and the remainder of humanity, taking off in a Quinjet. He subsequent seems in Thor: Ragnarok, having traveled by means of a wormhole and ended up on the alien planet Sakaar. Becoming a well-liked gladiator, he loses observe of his time and place, having solely obscure reminiscences of what occurred. That would keep his actuality for an unspecified period of time till one in every of Banner’s former buddies got here to the planet.

Thor and Loki find yourself on Sakaar throughout Ragnarok, with Thor stunned to see Banner and his inexperienced alter ego. Thor tells him that it has been two years since Banner left Earth, one thing Smart Hulk not too long ago reiterated on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. At first look, this solutions the query of how lengthy Hulk was on Sakaar, however upon digging deeper, that planet’s wonky relationship with the space-time continuum makes issues much more sophisticated.

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Two Years on Sakaar May Be a Lot Longer Than Banner Realizes

Thor and Loki supposedly arrived on Sakaar weeks aside, regardless of being transported from the Bifrost with only some seconds distinction. That established time works in another way on that planet, which received backed up by Jeff Goldblum’s character, the Grandmaster. He states that, on one other world, he could be a lot older, additional suggesting that chronology is not fairly the identical on Sakaar. Thus, what was about two years for Thor and the Avengers on Earth might have been for much longer for Hulk.

More than possible, these lacking occasions will get totally revealed by the top of the primary season of She-Hulk. That could even embrace the return of the indignant Savage Hulk and the groundwork for the MCU’s model of World War Hulk. If that is the case, the present MCU might not be able to face the complete fury of a Hulk that is been utterly unleashed, particularly if he finds that he was “robbed” of years of his life on Sakaar.

To see if Hulk’s previous will get unearthed, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is at present streaming on Disney+.



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