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The third entry in Sam Raimi’s in any other case acclaimed trilogy, Spider-Man 3 wasn’t precisely a beloved “farewell” to Tobey Maguire’s model of Spidey. Seen by many as an overstuffed step-down in high quality from the earlier two movies, it didn’t do justice to one of many Webslinger’s most iconic storylines from the comics. The largest cause for this was its forcing in a number of villains, one in every of whom did not match in any respect.

Of the three unhealthy guys in Spider-Man 3, Sandman is well probably the most egregious, having no actual narrative place beside a half-hearted revision of Uncle Ben’s dying. On the opposite hand, The Lizard would have made much more sense within the film because of each the character being already launched and the villains of the primary two movies. Here’s how the primary villain for Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man ought to have been one of many final confronted by Maguire.

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The villain of the primary Spider-Man film is a superb scientist named Norman Osborn who, because of a science experiment gone flawed, turns into the maniacal Green Goblin. Spider-Man discovers this by the film’s finish, and it comes as an excessive shock. Beforehand, Peter Parker had really considerably revered Norman Osborn, with the latter reaching out as a form of father determine. This could be twisted by Green Goblin, who looked for Spider-Man to grow to be his demented protégé.

The subsequent film featured a closely modified model of Otto Octavius, a.ok.a. Doc Ock. Instead of the cackling grasping mad scientist of the comics, this model of Otto was a humble scientist who was additionally a form of mentor to Peter. It was because of Otto’s earlier phrases that Peter was capable of break by way of to his fractured psyche, as he had grow to be mentally unstable after his tentacles have been bodily and psychologically grafted onto him. Once once more, it is a case of a scientist being become a monster by the very science that they and Peter love, with the human component being one thing that quickly bridges the hole between their villainy. It would’ve been straightforward for the third film to proceed this theme, but it surely was utterly dropped because of the presence of Sandman.

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The Lizard Should’ve Been Spider-Man 3’s Main Villain, Not Sandman

Sandman, like within the comics, was a criminal that occurred to get powers after an surprising experiment. This sounds just like the “science gone flawed” themes of Spider-Man villains, but it surely’s notably missing the scientific mentor angle of the primary two films. Flint Marko is a no one in relation to Peter Parker, not to mention a mentor/father determine. He’s juxtaposed into the dying of Uncle Ben, and it simply comes off as a tacked-on manner of constructing the character extra essential than he’s. A a lot better villain to have changed Sandman would have been The Lizard, aka Dr. Curt Connors.

Curt Connors was performed by Dylan Baker in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, although he by no means turned The Lizard within the continuity of Sam Raimi’s movies. This concept was deliberate for the canceled Spider-Man 4, with it being considerably recycled for Rhys Ifans’ Lizard within the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man. In each that movie and the unmade fourth Raimi movie, The Lizard would have as soon as once more been a scientific mentor of Peter Parker’s who’s made right into a monster — this time, actually — because of a scientific experiment gone flawed.

The concept of Connors turning into the bestial Lizard whereas Peter grapples along with his personal darkness with the black alien symbiote swimsuit might’ve labored completely. Connors might’ve warned Peter in regards to the symbiote, whereas Peter did the identical to Connors about experimenting along with his regeneration serum. By the film’s finish, Peter would expel the symbiote whereas serving to Connors do the identical for his personal darkish facet. This would have arrange Eddie Brock to obtain the symbiote within the subsequent film as an alternative of forcing the long-lasting Venom Saga to happen amid all the opposite plots in Spider-Man 3.

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Arguably, it might need been redundant to have the “scientist turns into a sufferer of science” completed 3 times, however Sandman actually wasn’t the reply. After all, his character was, in some ways, a retread of Doc Ock, as he had a tragic backstory grafted onto him in an try to make audiences really feel sorry for him. If turning a one-note villain right into a sympathetic character may very well be so blatantly redone, utilizing a theme that had grow to be a part of the film franchise would’ve been even higher. Unfortunately, followers will seemingly by no means get to see Dylan Baker’s Lizard, who was robbed as his rightful debut in Spider-Man 3.



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