Early in Soul Hackers 2, gamers encounter Zenon, an artificially created demon working for the villainous Iron Mask to assist him get the entire Covenants in order that he may destroy the world. After triumphing over Zenon, gamers get entry to flooring 4F of Saizo’s portion of the Axis, a digital house during which protagonist Ringo deepens her connection together with her allies.

As a part of Soul Hackers 2‘s Aion Directive missions, gamers should defeat a extra highly effective model of Zenon utilizing solely Ringo and Saizo. The battle that ensues is genuinely fairly robust, however with the correct preparations, gamers can take this baddy down.

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How to Prepare for 4F Zenon

How the participant prepares for the mission, which is titled “Target: Zenon,” is totally key to beating the titular character. The recreation recommends gamers be at the least degree 54. However, extra precisely, they need to have greater than 900 HP (this quantity could range relying on problem chosen), which might be achieved with the correct equipment, gear and demons. Additionally, for this technique to work, gamers should have each the Conversion and Master Conversion skills unlocked for Ringo by way of COMP Smith within the Mansei Realm. Overclock is useful, however not strictly needed.

The very first thing gamers ought to do is create a demon that repels Gunfire-type assaults, however is weak or impartial to Ruin-type assaults. Valkyrie, who’s a Yoma-type demon, is an effective alternative for this. It’s doable to make use of Tetrakarn for this technique, however not really helpful. Next, gamers will doubtless need to unequip any demons from Milady and Arrow. It’s completely key that the participant’s social gathering of demons have the ability to do heavy Ice, Fire, Wind and Electric elemental injury.

With these skills and demons in tow, gamers can most simply discover Zenon by going to Gate 4 in Saizo Sector 4F. Head to the northeast, and he’ll be across the center of that space. Prior to combating Zenon, equip both Saizo or Ringo with the demon that repels Gunfire assaults. Put the demon with Ice magic on the opposite.

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How to Complete “Target: Zenon”

On the participant’s first flip, they’ll hit Zenon with no matter assaults they need. It will not actually matter, as he has no actual resistances or weaknesses. It’s not really helpful to make use of Ruin magic, although, as he’ll instantly purge himself of any standing illnesses. The trick to this battle is that, after 10 rounds, Zenon makes use of Apocalypse Light, which is able to instantly wipe the participant out. Ringo and Saizo should beat Zenon earlier than then, which suggests exploiting his ever-changing weaknesses.

On his first flip, Zenon will use Contract’s Ward to alter his resistances and goal a personality. What occurs subsequent is vital. If Zenon targets the character who repels Gunfire assaults, do not make any adjustments. Just hit him with Ice magic or gadgets, which is able to do a whole lot of injury and permit the participant to tug off a Sabbath. However, if he units his sights on the character who does not repel Gunfire assaults, use Master Conversion to change demons in order that they’re able to replicate them.

The subsequent spherical, use Ice on Zenon once more. When it is his flip, Zenon will use Greedy Claws. This assault does a ton of harm, and really heals him a proportionate quantity, which means any injury the participant does might be undone. It is crucial he not land this transfer. However, he’ll at all times use the transfer on whoever has the Target standing ailment, and if the assault hits, it each debuffs him and offers a ton of harm. That’s why it is so vital to have him strike the character that repels Gunfire assaults. Tetrakarn can work, but it surely does impede the participant’s potential to deal out injury, which is vital to successful the battle.

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Afterwards, he’ll hit one of many characters with an elemental assault. If the participant’s well being is above 900, this should not show deadly, although it’d harm. On the following flip, heal whoever was harm by the basic assault and hit him with Ice once more. Zenon will use Target on his flip once more and Contract’s Ward to alter his resistances.

The finest method to win the battle is solely to repeat the above, switching demons as needed to take advantage of Zenon’s elemental weaknesses. The rotation fo these are as follows: Zenon is weak to Fire on rounds 4 and 5, Wind on rounds 6 and seven, and Electricity on rounds 8 and 9. On Round 10, he is weak to every thing. If he is gotten to Round 10, use Master Conversion to change to Wind for Saizo and Electricity for Ringo, as they will benefit from utilizing these parts, and hit him arduous.

Once Zenon’s defeated, gamers will earn an Ag Increase shard and be one step nearer to trophies associated each to finishing Aion Directive’s and Saizo’s Soul Matrix.

Soul Hackers 2 is out there on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


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