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How To Unlock Characters in Omega Strikers

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Want to build the best roster for Omega Strikers?!

Strike fast and hard.
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Want to know how to unlock all the characters in Omega Strikers? To describe the game, we go with badass, extreme dodgeball. It’s a fast paced, free-to-play 3v3 knockout striker. Choose your character from a bunch of cool weirdos. Then you smash opponents off the arena using explosive abilities, and score goals in chaotic, lightning fast matches. Kind of plays like Smash Bros. and it a blast between friends. Knock out your friends and score mad points. That is a can’t lose formula.

But unlocking characters is key to winning all matches on various levels. It’s fairly easy, but we have some bad news, too. Namely, real cash. While it’s frustrating, it has become the norm for games like this.

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How To Unlock Characters in Omega Strikers

To unlock new Striker characters in Omega Strikers, players have two options. First, they can earn Striker Credits, a currency earnable via Mission completion and gameplay. On the other hand, fans get new Strikers using Ody Points, the game’s premium currency purchasable with real money.

So while it pains us to have to mention the real money thing, we also need to understand something. Making games is neither cheap nor easy. So if you find one like this you really like, support it. If you don’t agree with the pay-to-win model, there are still tons of games out there for you.



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