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How to Use and Upgrade Your Tools in Potion Permit

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Working hard

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You’re not just a pharmacist/chemist in Potion Permit. You’ve got to go out there and get all the materials you need yourself and that’s a lot of work! Every hard-working explorer and forager needs the right tools for the job of course. Sometimes you even need to improve them so you’re not overworking yourself either. So here’s how you use and can upgrade tools in Potion Permit.

You have three distinct tools all with their very specific uses. No worries you get them all at once at the very beginning and are able to use them fairly easily. The trick is to learn what creatures and objects to use them on. First, you have your hammer, you will use it to break rocks and gather items such as stone and nuggets. Then you have an axe that will be for chopping down trees for wood. Last but not least, your sickle is used to harvest plants and flowers.

Each tool can also be used as a weapon to harvest parts from certain creatures. Not every creature needs to be attacked with a specific weapon, but some work better than others and there are some creatures you can only use one tool for it to work on. Only the hammer affects creatures with the stone icon on top of them, such as armadillos and large beetles. The axe is usually the most effective against more violent creatures such as Bears and bull-like creatures called Savages. The sickle seems to really affect jelly creatures the most and seems to cause them to drop their item more when used.

How to Upgrade Tools

To upgrade your tools you have to go to the Hearts and Sparks shop in the center of town. The shop is run by Opalheart and her daughter Runeheart. These two headstrong ladies will get your tools improved and up to tip-top shape. Each level requires a new improvement to the shop itself as well, so once you upgrade all 3 tools, you have to complete a task to then upgrade the Hearts and Sparks blacksmith.

Each tool upgrade costs gold, stone, and wood. You will have to do a lot of foraging; breaking rocks and chopping trees to achieve each upgrade. Once you do, the time to cut trees and break rocks is faster and you don’t have to spend as much stamina to do so. The improved tools also do more damage to all the creatures you’ll run into. Try to upgrade them as soon as possible so that production and foraging can go much faster and more efficiently as well.


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