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  • X-Men #14

    X-Men #14 (2022)

    Gerry Duggan

    C.F. Villa

    VC’s Clayton Cowles

    Cover Artist:
    Martin Coccolo, Jesus Aburtov



    Release Date:

    Matt Milla

Marvel’s X-Men have their palms full. Judgment Day has arrived, and after coping with the Eternals and summoning the Progenitor. Things are about to get even worse for the heroes now that aliens have dumped a flare generator on the Sun, which can trigger a photo voltaic flare so nice it’s going to actually scorch the Earth.

Written by Gerry Duggan, drawn by C.F. Villa, with colours by Matt Milla and letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles, X-Men #14 continues the Judgment Day arc with a twist. Tying in with A.X.E.: Judgment Day, the latest appointed band of X-Men — Firestar, Iceman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Magick, Synch, Force, and Havok — should show themselves by coping with a last-minute risk to humanity amidst the chaos of Judgment Day. Luckily, one standout member has simply the abilities to chill issues down.

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Judgment day has triggered a way of panic to unfold all through the Marvel Universe. Some moments give the viewers glimmers of hope, however for probably the most half, issues are trying bleak for the X-Men. Much just like the earlier challenge, X-Men #14 offers a way of optimism within the midst of the chaos, depicting the newly appointed workforce of X-Men as competent heroes capable of rise to any problem. Duggan throws them a story curveball within the type of a photo voltaic flare subplot. While this sudden flip of occasions may seem to be a distraction from Judgment Day, this little detour is a step in the suitable path for the X-Men. Duggan provides each member of this unconventional workforce an opportunity to show themselves. Iceman makes use of his powers to actually protect the Earth from the Sun, Magick demonstrates her blunt and brutal model of justice, Cyclops and Jean Grey deal with Progenitor splendidly, and Captain America joins the fray to supply jaw-dropping outcomes.

The solely draw back is the quite predictable framing gadget of the civilian newspaper journalist and editor, arguing about Iceman’s interview and disclosing his sexuality. While it sends a lofty message about journalism, censorship, and telling “his fact,” it comes throughout as superfluous, a case of telling quite than displaying. It actually ties in with the theme of judgment, however this could have benefited from a extra direct method. X-Men #14 is strongest when it exhibits the heroes being heroes, being themselves in public, having one another’s backs, and saving humanity.

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X-Men #14 has vibrant, daring, and vibrant visuals. Each web page is an explosion of colour due to Matt Milla’s more and more saturated palette. The Sun’s fiery golds and yellows distinction fantastically with Iceman’s cool and crisp blues and whites, offset by a wonderful celestial backdrop. Urban landscapes, sundown seashores, and snowy wastelands are rendered by artist C.F. Villa and Milla’s colours in cinematic glory. The X-Men look unimaginable as effectively. The combat choreography and actions circulate properly from web page to web page. Each web page seems like a murals, hammering within the tone of hopefulness and defiance that runs all through this challenge.

While it derails from the primary plot for almost all of the problem, X-Men #14 is the much-needed silver lining on the cloud of Judgment Day, fairly actually turning down the warmth in favor of reminding readers simply how heroic the X-Men will be.



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