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Last Updated: 6 months ago

After chapter 368 was released, Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover manga took a three-month break, and there have been no updates on when it will return. However, on 25th December 2023, Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover Manga will make a comeback, according to an announcement made by @WSJ_manga on X (formerly Twitter). A wonderful Christmas present for the fans.

The upcoming manga chapter will include stickers and a unique poster in addition to being 28 pages long. The next Jump GIGA 2024 winter magazine edition will include it. Fans of Black Clover reacted with enthusiasm when the new chapter’s release date was revealed.

The length of the forthcoming chapter, as revealed, disappointed enthusiasts, though. Fans had hoped that Black Clover would follow the comic book manga series in Jump GIGA magazine, which usually has 50–60 pages per chapter.

About Black Cover Manga

Yuki Tabata is a manga artist and writer from Japan who created the series, Black Clover. Since February 2015, Shueisha’s Shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump has serialized it; as of June 2023, its episodes have been compiled into 35 tankobon volumes.

The manga Black Clover has moved from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine to Jump GIGA for serialization.

Asta, who was born without magic in a world full of it, is the center of Black Clover. Even though the youngster is only a regular person, he decides to work hard and one day become the Wizard King. At that point, he discovers a secret grimoire with five leaves that contains the special Anti-Magic abilities.


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