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Is the new mobile One Punch Man game strictly pay to win, or can you succeed without spending money? This has become a running question in the area of game journalism. We flash back 20 years, pay to win wasn’t even a ‘thing’. But now half the mobile (and even triple A) games coming out have some form of market that takes real cash, which has really set a lot of people off. But with free-to-play games, that is sort of the normal blueprint now, unfortunately. But with the new One Punch Man game, how bad is it?

The game itself is a gacha style mobile RPG with lots of characters and items to unlock and utilize. But free to play can mean pay to win, so let’s dive deeper.

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Is One Punch Man Strongest Pay to Win?

“The gameplay itself is enjoyable enough to meet the standards of mobile RPG fans with tons of challenges and game modes to unlock; plus it gives enough rewards for F2P players, so everyone can rest assured that this is not entirely a pay-to-win game.”

Also, this:

” As for the game being a gacha game, it does not feel pay-to-win. F2P players can get some very powerful teams if they play the game long enough, or lucky in their rolls. However, the gacha system is pretty hard, with some very low rates for SSR characters,” via TapTap.

We will be honest, the wording of the press release is a tad bit strange. Not “entirely” doesn’t feel like a solid enough no. It sounds like a delicate usage of words and a slight avoidance of the question. The best way we can explain it is this. If you have to ask, you already probably know the answer.

The overall hot take on the game so far is that it is pay to play, but no one seems to think it is fully pay to win either. We’ve already started hammering away at the game ourselves among other titles like Potion Permit. We will follow up once we’ve played more and know more.


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