King Arthur's Gold Rocket Crafting Guide for Spaceships

This handbook is required to take care of fundamental info and guideline about spaceships and how one can construct them.

Getting began

After you discovered the way to craft a launchpad and received caught in subsequent steps what to do:

For first you should allow HUD hints with urgent F1. The indicator ought to seem in left backside nook of your display. After that you could be hover your mouse on a launchpad and see wanted gadgets to finish a stage its on.

Crafting rocket & wanted supplies.

To finish a stage of crafting rocket, it’s a must to put wanted gadgets into launchpad’s stock. Hold an merchandise and “E” button (default), then put the held merchandise with clicking or releasing “E”. You can also throw the merchandise right into a launchpad, if you happen to stand out of its borders.


  • When any merchandise on the listing reachs zero, you continue to can put it inside, however launchpad wont insert it till thats not wanted for one more stage once more.
  • When each merchandise on the listing reachs zero, crafting present stage ends and it modifications to the following.

New and superior supplies, which might be utilized in crafting rockets:

  • Titanium – reasonably uncommon ore, that you may accumulate with pickaxe, drill moles, grinding stone within the grinder, meteors and coal mines.
  • Carbon – superior materials that’s obtainable solely with chemical substances lab (however not drug lab!)
    The recipe is: Coal in stock; warmth >= 1,000; stress >= 200,000
    Basic chemical substances lab’s max stress is 180,000, which means it’s a must to improve it with copper ingots. Hold copper ingots and go nearer to chemical substances lab. Make positive its activated, after which maintain “E”, discover a button with lamp icon

  • Blueprints (energetics, superior automation) – you should purchase them in library or get from chickens’ crates and Commander chickens aswell.
  • Fuel – crafted in druglab or chemlab with any out of two recipes. Recipes you’ll be able to test on different guides. Hobo NPC additionally promote 25 gasoline for a random price.
  • Catalyzers – gadgets that you may craft in Mechanist’s Workshop and require enriched mithril. For that you need to craft irradiator (mithril reactor), for higher yielding and larger capability of its, you’ll be able to improve the reactor with mithril ingots (2) or put it in water (should cowl complete reactor to develop into working). More information about reactors it’s possible you’ll test in different guides

Modules and ending rocket crafting

After you completed every stage – you’ll be able to lastly deploy the rocket and launch it.

There are 2 rocket varieties for now – Asteroid Harvester and Space Rocket.

They differ with craft price, launchpad (that they have been crafted on) measurement and allowed locations to launch. Also Space Rocket has 4 modules slots with completely different stats, see information about them down right here.


There are 3 most important locations – Asteroid (Asteroid Harvester, Space Rocket), Moon (Space Rocket), Exoplanet (Space Rocket)

After you select the vacation spot, you’ll be able to lastly launch the rocket.

The loot and time to arrival of the crate with loot is determined by the vacation spot.

Also it’s possible you’ll meet enemies if you open the crate for first time, likelihood of enemies is trusted the vacation spot of rocket too, which crate arrives from.

Modules of Space Rocket

There are 4 modules for now. You can craft them moreover to extend some stats of the crate on return. To craft them it’s a must to put sure gadgets on the stage of crafting small sections (screenshot above) earlier than head of rocket. When you crafted a module, particular icon ought to seem on the module you crafted.


Fuel tank – lets you set vacation spot to Exoplanet. Recipe – 750 gasoline.

Weapon pack – decreases likelihood of enemies’ look. Recipe – 16 UZI (UPF Submachine Gun).

Drill station – will increase quantity of loot contained in the crate. Recipe – 10 energy dirlls (inexperienced ones).

Detailed scanner – will increase likelihood of enemies’ look. Recipe – 1 telephone.


There are some bugs associated to how game is working and never the very best code of those additions.

You can meet them principally if you crash or rejoin to the server whereas crafting rocket.

Sometimes gadgets disappear, however they don’t lower the wanted quantity. Solution – put extra gadgets, they wont disappear however it would repair the wanted quantity visible bug.

Sometimes sure gadgets which might be thrown into launchpad wont auto-insert and can fall close by launchpad.

Sometimes individuals will see completely different materials lists and phases of crafting. Try placing the whole lot wanted for rocket – it doesnt imply you pay extra gadgets, however solely see completely different quantities.

Rejoining to server could assist to reset a stage.

By salty Snek

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