In-world and out, the unique Iron Man is mostly accepted as the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark’s public “I’m Iron Man” announcement launched what turned the age of the superhero, and the franchise’s huge success has allowed it to turn into an natural alternate future timeline all its personal. But the historical past of the MCU goes again additional than that, as subsequent efforts have made abundantly clear.

That provides the franchise a novel alternative. With the unique Avengers successfully disbanded following the occasions of Avengers: Endgame, hypothesis abounds on what sort of staff will substitute them. However the MCU responds to that query, it needn’t be the one “new” Avengers staff launched. Several heroes had been energetic properly earlier than Tony entered the image, and never all of them had been frozen in ice. Who’s to say they did not staff up properly earlier than Tony’s announcement?

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That may set the stage for a “pre-Avengers” staff, working secretly at a while within the MCU’s previous to cease some international risk. Indeed, apart from Steve Rogers and The Howling Commandos, most of them operated in secrecy (for continuity functions, if nothing else). It would not be troublesome to conceive of a world risk someday between the top of World War II and the arrival of Iron Man, requiring a prototype Avengers staff to counter.

There is definitely no scarcity of candidates for such a staff. Hank Pym spent a few years working for SHIELD as Ant-Man, and relying on the interval, Janet Van Dyne may readily be a part of him as The Wasp. Isaiah Bradley makes one other potential member, as does Peggy Carter and surviving Commandos like Dum Dum Dugan. A Black Panther of some selection can be in operation as properly — if not T’Challa’s father T’Chaka, then his predecessor — and both Red Guardian or a Black Widow may add a determine from behind the Iron Curtain to emphasise a very international staff.

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The additional one goes afield, the extra potentialities open up. Figures just like the Kree have a earlier historical past on the planet Earth, with Mar-Vell/Wendy Lawson secretly working there because the Nineteen Eighties. The similar goes for the Clandestines from Ms. Marvel, Khonshu and a few model of Moon Knight (probably Arthur Harrow), and even members of the Eternals like Thena or Makkari, who won’t be above slightly surreptitious assist to humanity. The Ancient One may be a part of such a staff as properly, and her possession of the Time Stone opens up the chance for a cross-time mash-up that includes any variety of figures.

The similar goes for villains. Some of them are already within the combine — together with organizations like Hydra and The Ten Rings — as is Loki, who’s no stranger to inflicting bother on Earth. Loki Season 1, Episode 1, “Glorious Purpose,” detailed the God of Mischief’s stint as prison hijacker D.B. Cooper. An identical incursion — requiring a superheroic response — can be surprisingly straightforward to slide into the timeline, offering an excuse to usher in Thor, The Warriors Three or conceivably any Asgardian to the Avengers.

On high of all the pieces else, it is a chance for a post-Endgame Steve Rogers to take a curtain name, both because the chief of such a staff or as an advisor, given his presumed “retirement” with Peggy. Frankly, that will simply be icing on the cake. The MCU has turn into so wealthy and well-developed over the previous few years {that a} “throwback Avengers” venture set within the latter half of the twentieth century requires solely a narrative adequate to justify it. The staff itself is ready to be chosen and will serve with out diminishing or taking away from regardless of the MCU has in retailer for the long run.


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