Money Is a Superpower
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This choice is admittedly a difficult one when it comes to deciding what powers people would choose to have if it were feasible to have any. Superhuman strength, speed, and elemental and energy prowess have all been used to great effect in anime and comic books.

Many different superheroes have elevated even bug powers to cool status. Ironically, fans have claimed that superheroes without special abilities like Batman or Iron Man have the power of wealth. Even though this is a comedy, there is some truth to it.

Without their enormous wealth, Batman and Iron Man wouldn’t be nearly as effective as they are. However, in two related yet distinct approaches, anime like Bungo Stray Dogs and High Card has gone one step further and succeeded in making money into a real — and quite terrifying — superpower.

Few antagonists in Bungo Stray Dogs have been as dangerous and difficult to defeat as Francis Fitzgerald.

Francis, known as “The Great Fitzgerald,” has the potential to transform any wealth he has—including cash on hand, stocks, and bank accounts, as well as expensive jewelry and other luxuries—into raw power.

As long as he has the money to fund the rise, he can presumably raise his physical stats indefinitely with this talent. In High Card, Leo Constantine Pinochle, whose strength is “Never No Dollars,” is the captain of the titular team and the present bearer of the Seven of Diamonds.

Leo has a special ability that allows him to use the money he has on him to create anything he wants, as long as it has a value equal to the money he “spends.”

His group receives funding directly from the Fourland royal family, and he appears to be already pretty wealthy in his own right, so the amount of money at his disposal is essentially limitless.

He does, however, appear to use his skill much more sparingly than the other team members, likely due to its nature and the potential economic consequences. If “Never No Dollars” had any genuine restrictions, they would be that Leo may only use it while he is carrying actual cash; unlike Francis Fitzgerald, he cannot just use money from his bank account or other sources.

Money can’t buy happiness is a saying that is frequently heard in the real world, although most individuals would disagree if you asked them.

Since happiness is an emotional state, money may not be able to buy it, but it may be used to purchase goods or, at least, provide a certain level of security that enables one to pursue dreams and objectives that may ultimately result in the happiness they desire.

There are things that money cannot buy or do, even in the best of circumstances and with all the money in the world.


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