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A youthful new hero entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+’s Ms. Marvel collection. The first season tailored the character of Kamala Khan as she developed mysterious new powers. She then adopted within the footsteps of her hero, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. Danvers was the primary to make use of the title Ms. Marvel within the comics, and it was her costumes that impressed Kamala.

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There have been a number of totally different variations of the costume which have been worn by the heroes who’ve taken on the mantle. While the Kree Captain Mar-Vell impressed a few of the costumes, most have been distinctive to the character. Ms. Marvel’s costume has additionally been modified a number of instances by reality-altering occasions to additional broaden her wardrobe.

10 Kamala Khan’s Girl Power Costume During Heroes Reborn Failed To Impress Fans

The Heroes Reborn occasion of 2021 featured Marvel’s Justice League, the Squadron Supreme. They altered actuality to grow to be Earth’s mightiest heroes as a substitute of the Avengers. Former legacy heroes like Ms. Marvel discovered themselves with new mentors and identities. Kamala Khan grew to become a fan of Power Princess as a substitute of Captain Marvel.

This would end in her discovering a Utopian Circlet that gave her related powers as Power Princess. The Squadron Supreme member welcomed Kamala Khan as her sidekick Girl Power. Unfortunately, Girl Power’s costume misplaced a lot of what made Ms. Marvel’s costume such successful with followers. Girl Power’s costume was darker and lacked flash, so followers weren’t too upset to see it go.

9 Kamala Kang’s Costume Blended Elements Of Ms. Marvel With Kang The Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror has a number of totally different identities that he’s used throughout time, although one of many strangest appeared through the Infinity Wars occasion. Gamora used the Infinity Stones to warp actuality and merged characters collectively. Ms. Marvel merged with Kang the Conqueror to grow to be the time-traveling shape-shifting hero often known as Kamala Kang.

The Infinity Warps character’s costume adopted the design of Ms. Marvel’s trendy costume. However, Kang the Conqueror’s inexperienced and purple shade scheme was used for the costume. Kamala wore a helmet that additional referenced her new connection to Kang the Conqueror. Kamala Kang was one of many first Infinity Warps to be cut up aside so they may each assist restore the universe.

8 Agent Khan Choose Stealth As An Inhuman Spy Working For Medusa In Secret Wars

The trendy Secret Wars occasion featured the destruction of the multiverse and the rebirth of one thing new. God Emperor Doom used the facility of the Beyonders to type a brand new Battleworld out of remnants from the shattered Marvel multiverse. Inhumans: Attilan Rising explored a brand new tackle the Inhumans that pitted Queen Medusa and her followers in opposition to Black Bolt’s resistance.

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Agent Khan used her shapeshifting skills to impersonate others and infiltrate secured places. She adopted a darker stealth costume with a yellow chest piece that barely resembled a full physique model of Carol Danvers’ darker Ms. Marvel costume. The multiverse was finally rebuilt and Agent Khan and her glossy stealth costume disappeared.

7 Sharon Ventura’s Ms. Marvel Suit Was Basically An Upgraded Wrestling Uniform

After Carol Danvers had developed into her Binary identification and left Earth, a wrestler named Sharon Ventura took up the mantle. The Power Broker granted Ventura unimaginable power and sturdiness so she might be a part of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. However, she quickly discovered her calling as a hero and a substitute member of the Fantastic Four.

Unfortunately, her costume as Ms. Marvel was a particular step down from Carol Danvers’ earlier costumes. She wore a purple and yellow bodysuit with a blue sash that considerably inverted the unique shade scheme of Ms. Marvel. Sharon Ventura deserted this costume after her She-Thing transformation. Her new costume as She-Thing adopted the Fantastic Four’s shade scheme.

6 Kamala Khan Became Mystic Marvel When The Champions Were Altered By Weirdworld

Ms. Marvel helped discovered the trendy roster of the Champions alongside her fellow younger heroes like Sam Alexander/Nova and Miles Morales/Spider-Man. The crew discovered themselves on a mission to Weirdworld, which altered their actuality. The strongest members of the Champions had been every given a fantasy makeover that reworked Ms. Marvel into Mystic Marvel.

Kamala’s new magical edge additionally affected her costume. Her shade scheme remained the identical with a number of extra layers of brown robes. Her new purple cloak grew to become the costume’s biggest identifier, which match properly into Weirdworld’s fantasy setting. She solely wore the Mystic Marvel costume for a number of points, however it was nonetheless a refreshing costume change for Ms. Marvel.

5 Carol Danvers’s Original Costume Was Inspired By Mar-Vell But Didn’t Make Much Sense

When Captain Marvel first gained her powers, Carol Danvers determined to comply with in Captain Mar-Vell’s footsteps. This additionally prolonged to her costume, which featured the identical purple and darkish blue shade scheme in addition to his Kree star insignia. However, the costume featured a bared midriff and likewise eliminated the leggings.

While the uncovered pores and skin wasn’t essentially an issue, it didn’t make a lot sense as a superhero costume. The design of the swimsuit would have led to a lot of motion points and simply didn’t really feel very sensible as a crimefighter’s costume. It was quickly altered into her extra iconic costume, although her unique swimsuit nonetheless holds a treasured spot with some followers.

4 Carol Danvers Simplified Her Costume As Ms. Marvel With A Sleek Black And Gold Suit

One of Ms. Marvel’s finest costumes was really designed by her teammate on the Avengers, Janet van Dyne/The Wasp. She adopted a brand new black bodysuit with a hanging yellow lightning bolt that Kamala Khan would later use in her personal swimsuit. Danvers paired the bodysuit with excessive black boots and lengthy gloves in addition to a purple sash that served as a homage to her unique costume.

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Ms. Marvel didn’t get a lot of an opportunity to put on this costume initially, as she was put in a coma by Rogue on certainly one of her first outings within the new swimsuit. However, she would return to this costume and rededicate herself to being a hero after the House of M occasion. She additionally briefly wore this swimsuit throughout her debut as Warbird, although she finally created a brand new costume for that identification.

3 Kamala Khan Gained A Powerful Alien Costume That Became The Villain Stormranger

On an journey right into a doable future, Ms. Marvel gained a brand new alien costume when she bonded to a Kree Stormranger Nanosuit. The alien swimsuit assimilated her costume and up to date the design. Unfortunately, when Ms. Marvel refused to permit it to kill certainly one of her enemies, it separated from Kamala Khan. The alien swimsuit created a brand new type that grew to become often known as Stormranger.

While bonded to the Kree Stormranger Nanosuit, it adopted the same old shade design scheme although gave her swimsuit a metallic edge. Her purple sash now resulted in sharp blades, and the lightning bolt design labored its manner down her swimsuit in a dynamic new design. As Stormranger, the brand new villain stored this design however featured a brand new blue and violet shade scheme.

2 Kamala Khan’s First Ms. Marvel Costume Respected Her Idol But Made It Her Own

After the Inhuman Terrigen Mists unfold across the Earth and precipitated Kamala Khan’s transformation, she used her shapeshifting powers to grow to be her hero, Ms. Marvel. However, she rapidly deserted the type of Carol Danvers and created her personal do-it-yourself model. Her costume referenced her idol’s swimsuit but in addition blended her personal tradition and identification.

She used a burkini to create her costume, which featured a lighter shade scheme from Ms. Marvel’s unique costume. She additionally modified the prolonged lightning bolt from Danvers’ black swimsuit for her personal insignia. Gold bangles finalized the swimsuit and made it her personal. Her good friend Bruno would finally create a biokinetic polymer swimsuit that might stretch and embiggen with Kamala Khan.

1 Carol Danvers’ Classic Ms. Marvel Costume Updated The Original Suit To Become Iconic

Ms. Marvel’s unique costume was near good, although the naked midriff held it again. After a number of problems with Ms. Marvel, the costume was fortunately altered right into a extra applicable crime-fighting outfit. Ms. Marvel’s basic costume nonetheless featured the identical purple and darkish blue shade scheme in addition to the gold star insignia that was additionally worn by Mar-Vell.

The modified costume used a full bodysuit as a substitute of the midriff-baring underwear and high combo from her debut. She would finally give this costume to Ultragirl to make use of as her successor. However, Norman Osborn took it again and gave it to Moonstone when she disguised herself as Ms. Marvel on his crew of Dark Avengers.

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