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Ranma ½ Episode List

What Is Ranma ½ Filler List?

Ranma 1⁄2 is a manga series from Japan. Ranma 1⁄2 filler list was an anime series aired from 1989 to 1992.  A total of 161 episodes were released from the Ranma 1⁄2 filler list. 

It was written and illustrated by Takahashi Rumiko. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. It was serialized from August 1987 to March 1996.

Ranma 1⁄2 is a romantic comedy and adventure anime series. The series revolves around Ranma Saotome. Ranma Saotome is a young boy.

From early childhood, he specialized in martial arts. He specialized at the Saotome school of martial arts.

Ranma Saotome is a top-class martial artist and superstar. He and his father face a horrible destiny while practicing this in China.

They unintentionally fall into a cursed spring.  Now, Ranma is cursed to become a girl. Ranma is cursed to become a girl when cold water is splashed on him.

But only hot water can change him again into a boy. Things become more complicated. Ranma learns that his father had planned for his marriage.

Ranma has to marry one of the three daughters of Soun Tendo in order to ensure the future of the Tendo dojo.

While Soun knows the situation of Ranma. He is still willing to continue the engagement. He selects his youngest daughter, Akane.

Akane herself seems to be a professional martial artist and is famous for hating men. Ranma 1⁄2 follows Ranma and Akane’s funny journeys. They face different enemies. They meet some new desires of love. They also find different ways to fight each other. All this happens while their commitment hangs over their head.

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