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Return To Monkey Island: How To Free Otis

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Otis, Guybrush’ old crewmate, has landed himself in jail, but it’s possible to help him attain freedom once again.

a dank, dimly lit jail call. a man in a white shirt with a dark beard stands behind jail cells bars while Guybrush peers at the lock on the cell door. Wood beams stretch from the walls to the ceiling. another man in a large hat stands in the next cell over
Screenshot via Terrible Toybox

Otis is an old friend and crewmate of Guybrush, having helped him on many of the latter’s past adventures. Now, Otis has once again found himself in the slammer due to some dubious dealings. You can find him in the cell right next to Stan the Used Ship Salesman, and Otis insists that Guybrush break him out of prison again. You know, for old times sake. The only problem is a rather large, heavy cell door blocking the way.

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How To Free Otis

a dank, dimly lit jail. a man with a dark beard and wearing a white shirt is behind the bars of the first cell. Guybrush stands in front of his cell and peers down at the lock of the cell door
Screenshot via Terrible Toybox

The first thing you’ll want to do is examine the lock on Otis’ cell door. Guybrush can’t make out the serial number with just his eyes, so he’ll need something with magnifying properties. Lock Smith (her name and her job) right across the street from the jail has a magnifier designed for just such a purpose, but she won’t let Guybrush borrow it for anything. Fortunately, another shopkeeper is giving away a decent substitute.

Wally owns the Map Shop on Low Street, and he’s giving away monocles as part of a marketing push. Grab the two monocles left in the bin and combine them within your inventory to create a double-monocle (feels like there might be a better name for this) that makes small things easier to see.

Make A Cell Key

a blonde haired man stands in the middle of a narrow shop. There are display cases on both sides, and behind him is a window. behind the shop's counter is a woman with a shaved head wearing welding goggles, a leather apron, and leather gloves. A green parrot sits on a roost over the counter. Behind the woman is a large portrait of two older woman with a young girl
Screenshot via Terrible Toybox

Equipped with the double-monocle, return to the jail to read the serial number on Otis’ cell door. Guybrush will copy the numbers down on a small piece of paper which is then added to your inventory. Next, head back across the street to Lock Smith and hand over the serial number. She’ll spin up her key grinder and make a replica jail cell key.

After paying Lock for her trouble, skip back across the street to the jail and use the key on the lock of Otis’ cell. Once the door is open, Otis will toss a quick thank you over his shoulder as he heads out the door and skips town. You’ll also unlock an in-game achievement for freeing Otis, which affords bragging rights in certain criminal circles.

Return to Monkey Island is available now for Nintendo Switch and Steam. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to join up with Captain LeChuck’s crew.



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