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The recently published One Punch Man Chapter 178 puts the eagerly awaited Tatsumaki versus Saitama bout one step closer for fans. Fascinatingly, Fubuki, Tatsumaki’s sister, and Saitama’s close buddy are also present in the chapter and are ready to step in if things start to spiral out of control.

Oddly enough, in One Punch Man Chapter 178, Tatsumaki also questions Saitama about his relationship with Fubuki, her sister. While his response is uninteresting and reasonable enough, many fans are seeing it as irrefutable evidence that Saitama is the widely popularised “Sigma male” personality type.

Saitama responded to Tatsumaki’s inquiry regarding her relationship with her sister Fubuki by stating that they were just acquaintances. This destroys Fubuki visually, and she quickly kneels with a crushed look on her face. She expected Saitama to describe their connection more romantically or intimately.

Although One Punch Man isn’t normally considered a series in which fans frequently ship characters, Fubuki and Saitama has recently grown immensely popular. However, Saitama’s display of what some are calling the “Sigma male” mentality appears to have dashed all of the fans’ hopes for the two.

Saitama joining the list of fictional characters who are admired for such traits has certain followers who seem especially happy that he is exhibiting such an attitude. Patrick Batemen from American Psycho is one of these characters, and interestingly, many proponents of the “Saitama Sigma male” agenda use GIFs of Bateman to discuss this most recent development.

However, not all Saitama fans are happy with this most recent interpretation of the character. Some claim that because he didn’t genuinely “reject” Fubuki, his reply is useless. These fans feel that Saitama refers to Fubuki as an acquaintance rather than a friend or a girlfriend and that this is the reason for the look she displays in the most recent issue.

However, it appears that their supporters are in the minority as the majority of readers on social media have praised the “Sigma masculine” interpretation of Saitama’s behavior. The “Sigma male” meme gained notoriety in meme culture coupled with the idea of “stamping” for romantic partners, where the terms “Beta male” and “Alpha male” were used to describe those who “simp” or do not.

The idea of a “Sigma male” is seen as similar to that of an “Alpha male,” with the main distinction appearing to be that a Sigma doesn’t take other people’s perspectives into account. In this regard, Saitama would unquestionably fit this description based on his most recent One Punch Man activities.


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