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The Harry Potter movies splendidly captured the magic, enjoyable, and hazard of the books that impressed them. However, as nice because the movies have been, loads of glorious plot traces from the novels did not make it onto the large display.

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Since the flicks solely had time to incorporate two and a half hours of story, they lower many main plots for minor characters, leaving film followers in the dead of night. While the movies perform completely nicely with out them, these further storylines add to the attraction and enjoyable of the Wizarding World.

10 The Students Broke Ron Down And Built Him Back Up

Ron wasn’t essentially the most assured Quidditch participant, much more so throughout his fifth 12 months when Dolores Umbridge banned Harry, Fred, and George from enjoying, forcing him to step up. Although he performed the numerous Keeper function, his nerves sometimes made him bodily unwell earlier than matches, and he did not carry out nicely.

The Slytherins created a music to taunt him, entitled “Weasley Is Our King,” stating that he could not cease different groups from scoring. The music initially tore his confidence aside till the Gryffindor college students made it constructive, praising him as his ability grew. Eventually, Ron helped lead the Gryffindors to the Quidditch Cup, and his confidence was sky-high.

9 Ginny Perfected A Dangerous But Funny Hex

Ginny Weasley was nothing greater than a aspect character and quickly-incorporated love curiosity for Harry within the movies. However, within the books, she was a novel, clever, and humorous character who held her personal at Hogwarts.

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One of her shining moments got here when she hit Draco Malfoy with a Bat-Bogey Hex. The attraction turned the sufferer’s bogeys into bats, flying out the nostril. It could possibly be harmful, however it was a hilarious and spectacular attraction when completed proper.

8 Percy Abandoned His Family

After graduating from Hogwarts, Percy Weasley went on to work on the Ministry of Magic and have become Cornelius Fudge’s Junior Assistant unnaturally shortly. However, the promotion got here simply after Voldemort’s return, making Arthur suspicious.

Arthur felt Fudge was utilizing Percy to spy on him and Dumbledore, resulting in many fights between the 2. Percy mentioned extremely insulting issues to his father and left the household, selecting his profession over his family members. Unfortunately, the movies ignored this storyline, though it performed a big function within the remaining three books.

7 Ron And Hermione Became Prefects

Before their fifth 12 months, Dumbledore named Ron and Hermione Gryffindor’s Prefects, a title given to every home’s brightest witch and wizard that gave them additional duties and management tasks. Ron and Hermione have been pleased with their roles, as have been Arthur and Molly, who gifted Ron a brand new broom in celebration.

This second was important for the youngsters, particularly Ron, who lived in Harry’s shadow for years and eventually bought a highlight. Hermione took the function extra severely, however regardless, each college students made good leaders. It’s a disgrace the flicks ignored this small however character-defining element.

6 The Deathday Party Was A Silly Halloween Treat

During their second 12 months, Gryffindor’s House Ghost, Nearly-Headless Nick, invited the trio to his five-hundredth Deathday Party. The celebration aimed to get Nick entry to the Headless Hunt, and he needed the youngsters to vouch for him. Unfortunately, the Hunt’s chief in the end denied Nick’s entry as a result of he wasn’t wholly decapitated.

The social gathering was revolting to the youngsters however was nice for readers and had a spooky Halloween really feel. Ghosts crammed the area, ate moldy, rotten meals, after which performed Head Hockey. Although the trio left early, it was a enjoyable plotline that will’ve translated nicely onscreen.

5 Harry Funded Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

In the movies, Fred and George’s joke store, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, abruptly popped up with out clarification. The Weasleys notoriously lived humbly, having to pay for seven youngsters, so it was considerably shocking that the twins may afford a store in Diagon Alley, a main location.

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In the books, after profitable the Triwizard Tournament and watching Cedric die, Harry did not need or want the prize cash. Therefore, he gifted it to the twins to assist fund their dream. Although they initially protested, Harry pressured them to take it, they usually turned it into their extremely profitable and profitable enterprise.

4 Alice And Frank Longbottom Had A Sad History

Neville’s dad and mom, Alice and Frank, have been briefly talked about within the motion pictures, however the books mentioned their historical past far more. The Auror couple served within the unique Order of the Phoenix through the First Wizarding War. Unfortunately, Death Eaters, together with the damaging and terrifying Bellatrix Lestrange, used the Cruciatus Curse to torture the pair into madness.

Neville did not inform his schoolmates about his dad and mom’ situation till the trio noticed him in St. Mungo’s along with his grandmother, visiting the incapacitated Frank and Alice. Although their state did not embarrass him, it was nonetheless so much for a younger child to cope with, and their relationship was unhappy however touching.

3 Rita Skeeter Was An Animagus

Rita Skeeter was the obnoxiously nosy journalist who pestered the youngsters through the Triwizard Tournament, utilizing her magic quill to spin and twist phrases to offer herself one of the best tales. She in some way knew Hogwarts secrets and techniques when she wasn’t close to the college, giving Hermione trigger for query.

Rita was an unregistered Animagus, changing into a small beetle to look at and achieve info unnoticed. After discovering her secret, Hermione held her in a jar in a really uncharacteristic second. She solely launched Rita when she promised to not publish extra false tales about Harry, lest Hermione reveal her standing to the Ministry of Magic.

2 Tom Riddle’s Backstory Showed A Tragic Past

The motion pictures confirmed glimpses into Tom Riddle’s life earlier than changing into Voldemort, however they ignored many important particulars. For instance, his mom, Merope Gaunt, used a love potion to trick the good-looking Muggle, Tom Riddle, Sr., into marrying her. He finally escaped, leaving Merope pregnant and alone, who died shortly after giving start.

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Like his father, Tom was extremely charming and good-looking, though he gained an intense hatred for Muggles. He used his attraction to gather completely different artifacts, together with the Hufflepuff cup and Slytherin’s locket, from numerous sources to create his Horcruxes. His previous was a lot sadder and extra complicated than the flicks portrayed.

1 Harry Treated The Elder Wand Much Differently

The Elder Wand, which belonged to Dumbledore for many years, was essentially the most highly effective within the Wizarding World and connected to whoever disarmed its earlier proprietor. It flipped allegiances from Dumbledore to Draco, then to Harry, though Voldemort believed it belonged to Snape. When he killed his right-hand man, the Dark Lord noticed himself because the rightful proprietor, however the wand would not work towards Harry.

After defeating Voldemort, Harry used the Elder Wand to restore his unique, damaged one. He then put the wand again in Dumbledore’s tomb and promised that when he died a pure dying, its energy would die with him and break the damaging cycle. The Elder Wand’s finish was far more important and memorable within the e-book than within the movie, the place Harry haphazardly and disrespectfully broke it in half.

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