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Last Updated: 6 months ago

Although Black Friday has ended, Cyber Monday sales are still going strong. American stores are prepared for the event, as is the Crunchyroll staff. Its shop is filled with amazing discounts, one of which is the return of a well-liked Akira jacket that has been out of stock for a long time.

To commemorate the film’s 30th anniversary, Crunchyroll is once again offering its limited edition, iconic red leather Akira Jacket.

The iconic red leather Akira jacket can be yours for $450. It is undoubtedly more of a collector’s item than a necessary purchase for admirers of Akira or those who adore cyberpunk style. Given the item’s pricing, shipping is free; however, there is a catch if you wish to purchase the jacket. That being said, the limited-edition item may only be purchased by Crunchyroll subscribers.

There were only 600 unisex jackets produced in sizes S to 2XL, and as of this writing, the S and 2XL sizes are all sold out.

About Akira Manga

Katsuhiro Otomo wrote the groundbreaking cyberpunk comic series Akira in 1982. It was made into an anime movie in 1988. The story revolves around issues of authority, corruption, and the consequences of unrestricted science research.

In post-apocalyptic Japan, the narrative centers on Shōtarō Kaneda, the head of the rebel motorcycle gang known as the Capsules, and his companion Tetsuo Shima. When Tetsuo Shima learns he has extraordinary psychic skills, his powers get out of hand and the government seeks to control him.

Before a disaster comparable to the nuclear explosion that devastated the previous Tokyo forty years ago, which was caused by Akira, who possessed powers similar to Tetsuo Shima’s, can happen, the Capsules must attempt to stabilize Tetsuo Shima.

One of the most recognizable pieces of Akira isShōtarō Kaneda’s red leather jacket, which embodies both the Capsules’ disapproval of authority and the series’ ideals of revolt and independence.


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