One of probably the most stunning facets of The Other Guys was the swerve director Adam McKay pulled with Will Ferrell’s Allen Gamble. As he and fellow NYPD colleague, Terry (Mark Wahlberg), tried to resolve an enormous case, many assumed Terry could be the one going off the rails because of his break-up and subsequent anger points. However, halfway by way of, the timid Allen was revealed to be a wildcard, harboring a harmful character generally known as Gator.

Gator was fairly poisonous, however whereas it was a humorous reveal, he did not find yourself factoring in a lot after that flashback. His greatest contribution was serving to Allen harness his internal rage to assist convey down the villainous Ershon and his allies within the finale. However, given Ferrell and Wahlberg’s unending reputation in Hollywood, The Other Guys ought to have a sequel centered on this comedic Hulk threatening the empire Allen and Terry constructed.

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The very first thing that makes Gator’s story value increasing on is his background. He was a delicate big in college, however he grew to become a violent pimp. Gator needed to step again from that life, which coincided with him assembly his spouse, Sheila (Eva Mendes), within the ER. She nursed him again to well being bodily and mentally, however bits of Gator lashed out at her within the current when Allen bought careworn over the case. He was impolite and aggressive, scaring her when she stated she was pregnant. Gator even accused Sheila of dishonest earlier than indicating he could not regress into his previous gangster methods.

Luckily, he and Terry finally grew to become stars on the job, with Allen seemingly pacified and cured. But this reputation paves the way in which for Gator to emerge in public as Allen laps up the limelight. It’d match the vanity their rivals, Evan (Rob Riggle) and Fosse (Damon Wayans Jr.), had, in addition to Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson) and Danson (Dwayne Johnson). That may fear Terry, who would not need to lose the respect they labored exhausting to achieve, with Gator presumably pushing Sheila to go away with their child.

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In that sense, Terry, in addition to the kooky division, led by Michael Keaton’s Captain Gene Mauch, must save Allen’s soul earlier than Gator consumes him absolutely. It would make Gator an antihero, together with his inner-circle needing to get him beneath management, identical to how the Hulk has to get reined in throughout many comics, cartoons and films. As for different enemies, Gator’s previous remains to be murky, and it may contain drug sellers or different pimps taking revenge for Gator unknowingly reducing into their enterprise years in the past.

Seeing Allen/Gator within the highlight would simply place this goal on him, leaving Terry torn on whether or not it ought to truly be a badass Gator defending his folks. Terry might even be left toying with the notion Gator could be a pressure for good. The sequel may check all this by having a few of his former girls or their jealous husbands coming after Gator, seeing as a working gag within the first film had everybody in some way falling in love and lusting for Gator.

A The Other Guys sequel may additionally assist convey Ferrell and McKay, who fell out due to HBO’s Winning Time, again collectively and capitalize on Wahlberg’s comedic chops earlier than he retires. It may even permit a few of their collaborators, corresponding to John C. Reilly, John Cena, Kevin Hart and Paul Rudd, to think about. Ultimately, it might be a hilarious story a few man with energy struggling to include the monster inside, whereas Terry, as his Rick Jones of types, tries exhausting to ensure Allen’s household life and profession do not get ruined.


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