The Sky in Dark
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In the episode introducing Dark Deku, some My Hero Academia supporters are shown figuratively waving their fists at the clear blue sky. Deku decides to leave U.A. after Season 6, Episode 18, “Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki.”

Deku decides to go on his own since he cannot let the people he cares about be in danger while he is aware that All for One and Shigaraki are after him. In the episode’s concluding image, Deku is seen standing atop a structure and surveying the scene of multiple destroyed buildings below him.

His torn and frayed superhero outfit, which now includes Gran Torino’s cape, reflects where Deku is at this point in his quest to be a hero. Some fans, however, take issue with the background, which shows a clear blue sky with fluttering clouds.

Many feel that it doesn’t fit the mood of the ensuing battle between heroes and villains and the approaching “Black Hero” arc. Because the sky appeared clear in Chapter 306, “The Final Act Begins,” manga enthusiasts contended that Studio Bones had made sure the animation was true to the source material.

The blue skies, according to many, represent Deku’s emotional state. Posted by The Mags Pie, “Deku is still our Deku, there’s hope. He’s trying. But the more he fights, the darker the sky gets, and the more he pushes people away until it rains and he accepts help. Horikoshi knows what he’s doing.”

Others fans concurred that the blue skies were the best option, while some objected to the color’s flatness. The concluding scene, according to one commentator, lacked “any emotion and effect” because of how plain the blue sky appeared. Based on @/Geeteetons, “It looks like someone just grabbed the fill-on paint and covered everything blue.

No tones, you can’t even tell where light comes from. It’s really bad to me at least.” My Hero Academia’s sixth season, which was produced by Studio Bones, debuted in October 2022 and ran for two consecutive seasons with 25 episodes each.

The “Paranormal Liberation War” arc, which pitted the heroes against Shigaraki’s Paranormal Liberation Front, was covered earlier in the season. Numerous heroes lost their faith in their heroic abilities during the battle, and some even decided to quit. Society’s faith in heroes has also been challenged by Dabi’s disclosure of his family’s history.

Deku is aware that he must use One for All to save everyone since Shigaraki and All for One are becoming more powerful and the foundation of the hero society is collapsing faster than ever.


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