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During a dialog with the third-smartest man on the planet, Mr. Terrific, simply who the neatest girl on Earth is within the DC Universe is revealed.

DC reveals who the neatest girl on the planet is in Flashpoint Beyond.

A preview for the miniseries’ fifth subject by writers Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan and Jeremy Adams with artists Xermánico and Mikel Janín exhibits Mr. Terrific and Time Master Bonnie Baxter having a televised dialog in regards to the historical past of the DC Omniverse. The preview partially spoils the ending of the Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths occasion being that it’s set two days afterward, and one in every of their subjects of dialog is the return of the Justice League, who seemingly died previous to the 2022 occasion in Justice League #75. After Bonnie scoffs at Mr. Terrific’s rationalization of the Omniverse, she offers her personal breakdown of the Omniverse, Hypertime and the Mandela Effect.

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Mr. Terrific is considered one of many smartest minds within the DC Universe, which Bonnie acknowledges within the preview. After giving her prolonged rationalization of the DC Omniverse, Mr. Terrific asks her, “And how have you learnt all this, Dr. Baxter?” Bonnie replies, “I’ve heard you humbly declare you are the third-smartest man on the planet, Mr. Terrific. I’m the neatest girl.”


  • Art by XERMÁNICO
  • Cover by MITCH GERADS
  • Variant cowl by XERMÁNICO
  • 1:25 variant cowl by SCOTT KOLINS
  • 1:50 variant cowl by HOWARD PORTER
  • $3.99 US | 32 pages | 5 of 6 | Variant $4.99 US (card inventory)
  • ON SALE 9/6/22
  • The Clockwork Killer’s id is lastly revealed because the mud settles after the showdown at Arkham Asylum. But as we study the reality behind how the Clockwork Killer got here to be, Thomas is confronted with a reality-altering selection!

The Time Masters Are Going After Batman

Though her title as the neatest girl on the planet is self-proclaimed, her youthful brother, Corky, has been warning Batman Bruce Wayne about her, Rip Hunter and remainder of the Time Masters arriving to cease the Caped Crusader from what he’s doing, although the Dark Knight’s plans should not totally referred to as of writing. Flashpoint Beyond is a thriller story a number of layers deep, being that there’s a serial killer on the free murdering time vacationers, by some means the Flashpoint universe has returned, Flashpoint Batman/Thomas Wayne has been introduced again to life following Justice League Incarnate and so forth. Whatever Bruce’s true plans relating to his father are although, they’ve been having a adverse impact on Hypertime.

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What Is Wrong With Hypertime in Flashpoint Beyond?

Prior to Flashpoint Beyond #5, Bonnie was final seen within the title touring by way of Hypertime alongside fellow Time Master Dr. Jeff Smith in Flashpoint Beyond #3. The duo’s journey was not easy crusing although, being that the loss of life of the Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne within the Flashpoint timeline prompted Hypertime to react violently. Dr. Smith cites Thomas Wayne being alive as a paradox to be the explanation why there’s hassle inside Hypertime.

Flashpoint Beyond #5 is written by Johns, Sheridan and Adams with inside artwork by Xermánico and Janín, colours by Jordie Bellaire and Romulo Fajardo Jr., letters by Rob Leigh and fundamental cowl art work by Mitch Gerads. Variant cowl art work is contributed to by Xermánico, Scott Kolins, Howard Porter and Tomeu Morey. The subject goes on sale Sep. 6 from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics



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