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Last Updated: 6 months ago

The 2024 Jump Festa is almost approaching. After the event’s whole program was revealed, manga and anime enthusiasts were ecstatic. An anime adaptation of another Weekly Shonen Jump series is on the way thanks to a newly discovered listing for a potential “Blue Box” anime.

The Blue Box anime series is illustrated and written by Miura Kouji. The manga series Blue Box tells an engaging shonen story by fusing romance, sports, and exquisite art. Most of the shonen manga are related to adventure and action themes. Meanwhile, Blue Box shows that romance may fit the genre nicely.

Jump Festa 2024

On the Blue Box stage at Jump Festa 2024, fans may anticipate hearing the news of the official anime announcement. The festivities will be streamed live to those who can make it to Jump Festa 2024.

Nonetheless, Jump Festa’s official website and YouTube channel offer a live feed of the event. Fans who are unable to attend in person, whether they are from abroad or not, can watch live stream.

For the benefit of viewers worldwide, the live broadcast also features subtitles, enabling them to understand all the event details in real-time.

What to expect from Blue Box manga?

A lot of shonen enthusiasts searching for something fresh were drawn to “Blue Box” when it debuted in 2021 thanks to its engrossing primary love tale. The tale of two people who fell in love is told in the shonen manga series “Blue Box.”

In the Blue Box shonen manga series Shouya Chiba will portray the voice of Taiki Inomata. Moreover, Reina Ueda will portray the voice of Chinatsu Kano.

The show centers on Taiki Inomata, a male badminton team player and student at Eimei Junior and Senior High. He can now further his connection with his crush and fellow basketball player, Chinatsu Kano, as they both work to help his teams win a national championship when Kano moves in with his family.


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