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The following comprises spoilers for The Variants #3, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Several mates have come to Jessica Jones’ support in The Variants together with She-Hulk, Daredevil, Iron Fist and her husband Luke Cage. With their assist, she gathered the Variants, alternate variations of her from throughout the multiverse. But one factor nonetheless plagues Jessica’s ideas. It is the tenth anniversary of her freedom from the management of Zebediah Killgrave, the Purple Man, and the villain has already despatched her a warning of his return. None of Jessica’s mates totally perceive what she has been by underneath Killgrave’s management, however fortunately she simply met three copies of herself who know what she is up in opposition to.

Jessica has met a few alternate variations of herself by the point The Variants #3 (by Gail Simone, Phil Noto and VC’s Cory Petit) begins with the arrival of the newest copy. The pink-haired Variant sports activities Jessica’s traditional white and blue costume she wore underneath the alias Jewel. Seeing Jewel shocks Prime Jessica as a result of it has been greater than 10 years since she wore that costume. The youthful model of herself is so acquainted but so distant.

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Whenever a brand new Variant seems, Prime Jessica will get an terrible migraine. She collapses to the ground after seeing Jewel, and She-Hulk rushes to her facet. The Gamma Gal has been Jessica’s closest ally since Luke and their daughter went into hiding. She has stayed on the Cages’ residence and saved a watchful eye. Her first response after seeing her good friend fall is to inform Jewel to again away. The warning is well-meaning, however overprotective as a result of no combat is brewing. The youthful Variant’s instincts inform her to examine on her older self regardless of not understanding how or why she is on this alternate Earth. She is aware of higher than anybody what her prime self wants. Jewel and She-Hulk might match how a lot they care about Jessica, however solely the Variant is aware of one of the best methods to deal with her.

She-Hulk shortly realizes that Jewel has good intentions, and she or he offers the 2 some house to attach whereas fetching caffeine and frozen peas. As the 2 join, the older model realizes she acknowledges Jewel in look solely. Her youthful outlook appears nearly naive in distinction with Prime Jessica’s hardened outer shell. Jewel soothes her older self with strategies Prime Jessica left behind, akin to espresso. She’s matured to the purpose that issues that helped her thrive in her youth now drag her down, however her youthful self nonetheless sees the nice in her minor flaws.

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The divide grows when Jewel asks Prime Jessica if she plans to spruce up her look earlier than assembly up with the opposite Variants. Jessica finds the assertion superficial and confesses that she doesn’t care what individuals suppose since she escaped Killgrave. When the Variant asks who Killgrave is, the older model acknowledges the innocence of her youthful self. Jewel by no means confronted the trauma The Purple Man inflicted on Prime Jessica. The older lady cherishes the prospect to spend a second with this model of herself, somebody she was once however has step by step forgotten. She tears up and vows to guard Jewel. Knowing this Variant has by no means skilled the horrors Prime Jessica endured underneath Killgrave’s management uplifts her in a approach she desperately wants getting ready to the Purple Man’s return.

If Killgrave regains management of Prime Jessica, Jewel will probably be important to saving her older self. Jewel embodies Jessica Jones in her purest kind. This model is aware of what she values most. Even although she doesn’t come from an Earth the place she has a toddler and husband like Prime Jessica, Jewel misplaced her personal lover in a battle with Condorman. She is aware of what’s at stake. At this level, Jessica’s best risk won’t be Killgrave himself however his potential to realize management of the Variants and use them in opposition to her. She ought to embrace having so many relatable variations of herself whereas heeding the warning written on her espresso store receipt: “Don’t trust them.”



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