Total War: WARHAMMER II Tomb Kings Khemri Legendary Guide and Turns

I need to share my expertise with enjoying Khemri on legendary, particularly the primary turns so you might have an excellent begin to their marketing campaign.

Turn 1

Attack and occupy The Salt Plain with Settra. One observe I need to add already is that if you wish to fish for a sure follower you would go forward and as an alternative sack this settlement and the opposite Top Knotz settlements, nonetheless it will sligthly alter this information so I’ll assume we occupy all of the settlements.

Recruit 1 Skeleton Chariot and a pair of Skeleton Archers. Queue the remaining 2 skeleton archers and fill the opposite unit slots with skeleton spearmen.

Build a Charnel Plaza in Khemri.

Now for The Dynasties/Research. This selection is just not set in stone (ha ha) however I’ll give my suggestions:

Want to buff your skeleton archers? Go for the Second Dynasty.

Want to construct up your economic system and settlements sooner? Go for the Third Dynasty.

Want to buff your Ushabti? Go for the Sixth Dynasty first for the applied sciences you unlock, then go Fourth Dynasty for the Lord that truly has bonuses for Ushabti.

Turn 2

Demolish the Bone Shaper constructing in Khemri.

Turn 3

Construct Open Graves in Khemri, Skeleton Archer might be your most important injury seller within the early game and establishing a navy constructing now can even full one in all your Missions.

Settra ought to acquire his first stage now, getting Lightning Strike as early as attainable isn’t a foul factor, however you would additionally think about getting Sun-Scorched Bones to buff your Skeleton Spearmen and later your Tomb Guards.

Turn 4-6

Nothing occurs on Turn 4, Skeleton Spearmen ought to nonetheless be recruiting from the queue.

On flip 5 the Top Knotz ought to begin raiding you, don’t worry about them and preserve recruiting Spearmen.

Turn 6 is the place all of the magic occurs. It begins with Top Knotz attacking The Salt Plains, this must be a straightforward autoresolve with solely your Skeleton Warriors dying, which you dont need anyway. For put up battle loot, go both Endless March for the cash, or Harvest Organs for the Canopic Jars, you’ll be able to by no means have sufficient of each though you don’t spend any cash on recruiting or maintenance.

You ought to now be given “A Choice of Servants” if you’re enjoying singeplayer, that is the vital half, you want to Call upon the Necrotect. When you might have him you want to both Embedd him in Settras military or injury the partitions of the Black Pyramid of Nagash.

Now it is best to have unlocked the Great Incantation of Ptra, carry out the ceremony immediately and transfer this particular Necrotect to Zandri to Colonise ruins, it will take 2 turns.

Finally transfer Settra in direction of Gor Gazan, merge 2 pairs of Skeleton Spearmen with one another when you autoresolved and recruit 2 extra skeleton archers and 1 Skeleton Spearman to fill your stack.

Turn 7

Colonise Zandri along with your particular Necrotect. Build Desert lookout, Charnel Plaza and the Bone Wharf in it. Go forward and Issue the Worship of Phakth Commandment within the Land of the Dead.

Attack and occupy Gor Gazan with Settra, this must be one other simple autoresolve besides if they’ve constructed a garrison constructing, in that case you’ll have to battle manually. Demolish regardless of the constructing in Gor Gazan is. Merge extra Spearmen with one another and recruit recent ones if wanted.

Now it is best to have Population Surplus within the Lands of the Dead, Upgrade Khemri to Khemri (Mastaba)

Keep leveling Settra the best way you need him and your necrotect.

Turn 8

Attack and occupy Galbaraz, once more this must be a simple auto-resolve with none lack of items. Galbaraz ought to have a Open Graves, construct Charnel Plaza in Gor Gazan.

Upgrade your Bone Wharf in Zandri to a Grave Port.

Issue both Worship of Phakth or Worship of Asaph in Southern Badlands.

Turn 9 and onwards

Congratulations! Top Knotz are lifeless and you’ve got 2 provinces beneath your belt with a Dynasty midway there. The Knights of Origo ought to begin trespassing and finally raid Zandri, however don’t worry about it, simply be sure to improve the Desert Lookout into Tower of Bone on flip 10 so that you’ve partitions there. This will be sure that each Knights of Origo and Rakaph Dynasty won’t declare conflict on you early, however they’ll nonetheless raid the hell out of you.

Dont neglect to construct the Gold Mine in Khemri and a Mortuary House, improve your Charnel Plazas when you might have the cash.

From right here on the world is your oyster. Your greatest choices are to assault Knights of Origo to cease them from completely raiding you, Numas for the proximity or Rakaph Dynasty to maneuver out west. You might additionally simply B-line for the Books of Nagash which might be hiding within the mountain ranges to your south and west. I’d nonetheless advocate that you simply wait till you might have your second lord prepared with a full stack earlier than occurring a rampage.

The finish?

This information is WIP, extra might be added later, thanks for studying and I hope this helped to get a smoother Khemri begin! If you might have any critique or enchancment to both the written information or the walkthrough itself please be at liberty to remark.


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