The autonomous AI generally known as Skynet is thought for having a ton of weaponry in its arsenal. From a close to infinite variety of endoskeletons inhabiting the Terminator sequence to the ever-dangerous Hunter-Killer drones, Skynet virtually by no means appears to expire of machines used to combat humanity. Yet as Transformers vs. Terminator by David Mariotte, John Barber, and Tom Waltz exhibits, their eternal wrestle launched the AI to a extra alien risk, the ranks of the Autobots and Decepticons. It was Skynet’s try and eradicate this risk that led to what might be essentially the most terrifying robotic villain but.

In the distant future, a pair of T-800s focus on the present concern of alien machines destroying their numbers, a risk they have not confronted for the reason that likes of Robocop. Skynet’s solely possibility is to return in time and cease them from ever coming on-line. While they do handle to efficiently ship a T-800 again in time, it finds that it is too late to cease the risk totally and is as a substitute pressured to staff up with the likes of the Autobots, regardless of its ulterior motives. At the tip of Transformers Vs Terminator #4, the T-800 gives to sacrifice itself for the nice of the mission, opting to be thrown straight into Megatron’s chest and destroy him from the within. Vanishing simply as shortly because it appeared, Skynet leaves the remaining Cybertronians and returns to its new way forward for a bolstered machine military with two new fashions towering over the remainder. Two screens present the brand new minds piloting Skynet’s techniques, the T-800 that was initially despatched again on one and the defeated Megatron on the opposite, each grinning fortunately. This makes for a devastating collaboration, contemplating the unyielding adaptability that Skynet possesses.

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When Skynet’s already huge fight capabilities, there isn’t any higher instance than the ever-adaptable Terminator sequence. The T-800 seen within the comedian virtually instantly finds itself outmatched in opposition to the likes of Starscream or Bumblebee, but it is able to adapting virtually instantly to the situation at hand. It can decide up weapons utilized by the Cybertronians and fireplace them with ease, by no means lets its human dimension hinder it on the battlefield, and even manages to wound Megatron’s eye with human weaponry earlier than aiding to kill him ultimately. Coupled with the truth that its scans of the alien machines present their mannequin numbers and potential weaknesses, Skynet takes the thought of “know thine enemy” to the acute. Although within the case of Megatron, Skynet did much more than simply know him.

Megatron is much more than simply the chief of the Decepticons. A talented tactician, legendary warrior, and galactic conquerer, Megatron is a worthy adversary. His fixed struggles have proven he could have flaws, however he is nonetheless in a position to deal with Prime one-on-one and ship due punishment to any machine keen to step as much as him. If he cannot win by way of sheer power he’ll use underhanded techniques, reminiscent of cheat codes in video video games, to get the higher hand in any combat. From stature and prowess alone, Skynet beneficial properties rather a lot from simply having the ability to replicate and deploy a number of variations of the Emperor of Destruction’s physique. Having his mind alongside his brawn signifies that Skynet may very properly pursue his beliefs of intergalactic conquest with greater effectivity than the Decepticons ever had.

After having their numbers whittled down by solely preventing Megatron, the likes of the remaining Autobots and Decepticons must wrestle in opposition to him but once more. Although, in contrast to the tip of Transformers Vs the Terminator #4, there’d be much more Megatron our bodies to whittle down. Not solely that, however they’d even be supported by a sophisticated model of the T-Series, the HK-series, and varied different machines, which solely add extra gas to the fires of warfare between the 2 sides. Once the likes of them are handled, Skynet would don’t have any appropriate opposition and would start to look to broader horizons utilizing Megatron’s data to its benefit. Space can be yet one more place with which Skynet may ship its forces, scouting out areas and inhabiting worlds with the intention of snuffing out natural life. Sadly, there’d be little in the best way to cease that from taking place.


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