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The Worst Generation of the One Piece sequence have routinely made headlines internationally, traversing the seas on their very own adventures. Some have shaped alliances with Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, others have actively stood in opposition to the Straw Hats, and a few have but to even work together with the protagonists and have remained considerably within the shadows of the story. As the ultimate saga approaches and the race to seek out the One Piece heats up, the time for the Worst Generation to make their final transfer has come.

The eleven pirates of the Worst Generation had been launched to One Piece earlier than the time-skip, through the Sabaody Archipelago Arc and since their introduction, lots of them have been a driving power inside the story. Some Super Rookies have been bigger components within the narrative than others, however the majority of them have been given their alternative to shine inside the story. Now that stretch to Laugh Tale is being laid out for the epic conclusion of One Piece, the whereabouts of the Super Rookies stays a thriller, and whether or not they play a significant function within the climax is being actively theorized by followers.RELATED: One Piece Chapter 1057 Recap & Spoilers: The End

The Victors of Wano

Firstly: Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Trafalgar D.Water Law, Eustass Kid, and Killer have wrapped up their raid on Onigashima and have ready to set sail in three separate instructions to keep away from crossing one another. It’s protected to say that Luffy and Zoro would be the focus of the persevering with story, touring with the remainder of the Straw Hats in direction of the South-East, after shedding at straws to Kid. There is a cautious optimism as they head in direction of the Island of Elbaf, however one factor is for sure — Luffy and Zoro will definitely be the highest contenders for the One Piece on the final island.

As Law sails to the North-East and Kid and Killer have taken the easternmost route, it’s unlikely both of their crews will make an look within the subsequent arc. Law had been with the Straw Hats since Punk Hazard and must return to his personal journey, while Kid can be a hindrance to the Straw Hats journey ought to they cross paths so quickly after separating. There is a chance for the 2 Super Rookies to return within the last battle of the sequence, however the place they line up in assist or opposition of the Straw Hats has but to be made apparent. Out of all of the Super Rookies, Luffy, Law, and Kid have proven probably the most curiosity find the One Piece and changing into Pirate King or studying the historical past of the world on the ultimate island, organising a possible battle. RELATED: One Piece: When Did Jimbei Truly Become a Straw Hat?

Marines and Defectors

During the Wano arc, it was revealed that X Drake was really an agent of SWORD, a secret Navy group, spying on Kaidou as a member of the Beast Pirates. Luckily for Drake, the battle on Wano was not broadcasted internationally, as Marineford was retaining his true id as a marine below wraps with solely CP0 figuring it out and Basil Hawkins assuming the very fact. Whilst he was left badly wounded through the raid, it’s seemingly he’ll return to the ocean and proceed his goal as a double agent, serving in SWORD. However, he confirmed an honorable aspect to his nature and with the rising break up of the angle of justice within the Navy ranks, Drake’s view falls extra in keeping with characters like Smoker, Sengoku and Koby, who might find yourself opposing the righteous indignation of Akainu.

Similar to Drake, Hawkins was left gravely wounded throughout his combat with Killer and even predicted his personal demise on the finish of the battle. He was final seen explaining his choices to stay with Kaidou to Drake and ended up collapsing. Whilst it isn’t unimaginable for Hawkins to have died with distaste and betrayal, different characters have suffered far larger feats of presumed demise, comparable to Pell or Pound, and returned to the story. Should he survive, it’s seemingly he’ll comply with the identical route as Scratchmen Apoo and return to the ocean as a pirate captain as soon as once more. Though Apoo was ready to make use of his wily methods to flee the battle and slip data to the world in regards to the occasions that unfolded. Unluckily for Hawkins, he lacked the cowardice Apoo portrayed and suffered for it. RELATED: Eiichiro Oda Is Wrong: Shonen Manga Should Be More Serious

Past Flames and the Forgotten

Capone Bege snagged a starring function within the Whole Cake Arc, preventing alongside Luffy in opposition to the Yonko, Big Mom, and dwelling to inform the story. One would assume with a household now below his care upon his ship, Bege would take into account the prospect to calm down and benefit from the lifetime of a husband and father. Considering Bege’s cruel and gluttonous nature, that is unlikely to be the case. Bege orchestrated a plot to assassinate a Yonko and barely escaped the blunder by the pores and skin of his tooth – – but, his journey shouldn’t be over but. His alliance with Luffy might have been one in every of comfort however ought to a last battle erupt on the final stretch to Laugh Tale, Bege would by no means miss the chance to insert himself to amass any glory or treasure he can earlier than the battle is over. As a father he wants to offer, in any case.

Jewelry Bonney has probably the most mysterious story that has but to be given a lot exploration. She was final seen infiltrating Mary Geoise and witnessing the horrific therapy of Bartholomew Kuma, a connection the reader was not but conscious of. As new developments regarding Sabo’s confrontation with the Admirals and the rescuing of Kuma was revealed, it opens the potential of Bonney enjoying an element within the ploy. As the Revolutionary Army has a giant half to play within the story, there’s a sturdy risk Bonney has a reference to the Revolutionaries and can make an look within the spiraling story of Sabo, and reconnecting with the Straw Hats because the World Government and Revolutionary Army attain their last conflict.

Though, there’s a Super Rookie who has had even much less impression to the story than Bonney — Urouge. The Mad Monk spent a while recovering within the Sky Islands after his bout with Cracker and the Big Mom Pirates, and so far as it’s identified, remains to be enjoyable carelessly. It can be a tragic disgrace if the Super Rookie with the bottom bounty and panel-time didn’t make one other look earlier than the conclusion of the story however his lack of connections with the remainder of the narrative make it troublesome to position him and may he seem within the last battle for the One Piece with no foreshadowing, it might really feel pressured. It can solely be hoped he’ll seem within the hopeful Elbaf, or maybe a aspect island story, with the Straw Hats to supply some type of arc to his improvement, however with so many characters in determined want of improvement, his probabilities seem fairly slim. RELATED: One Piece: Yamato’s Straw Hat Status – And Fan Reactions to It


The final and most harmful for the development of the Straw Hat Crew is without doubt one of the Yonko, alongside the newly appointed Luffy, Marshall D. Teach. It is usually forgotten that he was a member of the Worst Generation, who skyrocketed to fame far above his counterparts as a result of his actions through the War of the Best. Blackbeard has been foreshadowed as a significant antagonist of the story and even perhaps the ultimate foe for Luffy to beat earlier than he can declare the title of Pirate King. He was final seen making ready to set sail to assert one thing mysterious earlier than the marines may purchase it. Needless to say, Blackbeard is making strikes on the ocean and preparation for his personal supposed accession to the crown of the Pirate King.

The Super Rookies have been a combined bag of character improvement, with some being provided severe and steady placements within the story while others have fallen by the wayside. It can be a sight to behold to see all of the Worst Generation within the final voyage in direction of One Piece, all striving to achieve the tip, however with the development of a few of their arcs, it has change into obvious that some have little curiosity in changing into the Pirate King. Whilst it has been entertaining to be taught extra of their personalities, skills and goals, there’s nonetheless time for extra improvement. Especially for poor Urouge.



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