Who Is Attack on Titan's True Villain?
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One of the most-watched action anime series of all time, Attack on Titan has a global appeal. The moral dilemmas present in the intricate narratives and the emotional struggle of the major characters captivate the hearts of the audience.

For a shonen manga, Eren Yeager is a strange hero, especially since the fourth season, when he entirely changed into an anti-hero. Attack on Titan, in contrast to the majority of shonen anime, has a hazy view of heroes and antagonists.

Eren may be viewed as a hero by some for risking everything to defend his loved ones, yet a villain by others who killed millions of people may be the more accurate description.

Even if they have done heinous crimes, people like Reiner, Bertholdt, and Zeke cannot be regarded as evil; misfortune and suffering are unavoidable. Numerous characters perished throughout the series.

The Armored and the Colossal Titans were the major antagonists in the first season of the show. The Female Titan later became one of the main antagonists in the second season after she was responsible for the murders of hundreds of Survey Corps members.

However, they were all subjected to brainwashing as young children before being given orders to annihilate Eldia and retrieve the Founding Titan. Attack on Titan, Eren, and Zeke Yeager staring ahead. Zeke Yeager is another; he once betrayed his parents and joined Marley’s army. He seized the Beast Titan’s strength and turned it against innocent humans.

He virtually decimated the whole Survey Corps, including Erwin Smith, in the second half of Season 3. Being a genius, he exploited his knowledge to try to sterilize the whole Eldian race. Zeke genuinely cares about his brother and wanted to make a better life for him despite all the nasty things he has done.

The protagonist Eren, who might also be considered a villain, comes in last but by no means least. He is already branded a villain for simply trampling over millions of people.

Eren wanted to portray Armin and the alliance as heroes who halted him and spared humanity from destruction. For the people he loved and the other Eldians, he gave everything he had.

Fans learned about the horrific events that happened more than two millennia ago and the person accountable for them after the truth about the Titans’ ancestry was made public. Karl Fritz, the 145th King of Eldia, married Ymir and exploited her influence to turn Eldia into an empire, which led to enslavement, genocide, and other atrocities.

Ymir, however, chose the spear and perished. Karl told her to stand up and said that she was meant to serve him since he didn’t think a simple spear wound could kill. He feared the power of the Titans would vanish with her when he knew she was indeed dead.

As a result, he gave the order to butcher her body and feed it to their three daughters. Due to the transfer of the despicable power that ought to have stopped with Ymir’s demise, the cycle of the royal dynasty cannibalizing their forebears upon death was created, allowing the Eldian empire to rule forever.

Karl Fritz was the true antagonist of the series, it would seem. Although his wife gave up her life to save him, he didn’t give a damn about her. Karl’s thirst for dominance sparked an endless circle of suffering and hostility that was only finally interrupted by Eren.

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