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Throughout the Star Wars prequels, General Grievous was a powerful Jedi-slayer everybody feared. And but, for many of his appearances, he is simply defeated and runs away like a coward. That has raised questions on whether or not his claims are correct. But the terrifying actuality is that General Grievous did certainly kill Jedi, however the one solution to win was by taking up those that have been far youthful and inexperienced.

While Grievous had the popularity of a coward, he was additionally one of many only a few non-Force customers who may maintain their very own in opposition to a Jedi. That was extremely spectacular, and the primary season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars proved it to be true. During their pursuit of Grievous, Jedi Master Kit Fisto and his previous apprentice Nahdar Vebb entered his residence, with the latter failing to outlive the villain’s onslaught of traps and assaults.

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But through the duo’s journey, they got here throughout a number of padawan braids and lightsabers Grievous stored as trophies, which served as a grim trace about his previous. Grievous then proved his value by isolating Nahdar from Kit Fisto and killing him with a blaster. And whereas Kit Fisto was capable of escape, it confirmed how Grievous acquired his popularity. Deep down, he knew he could not defeat a Jedi Master, and by concentrating on somebody younger and weak, issues have been far simpler.

So, through the Clone Wars, Grievous purposefully attacked younger Jedi. He would not discriminate in opposition to age or talent, and there was by no means any honor in any of his kills, as all that mattered was that he may tick one other Jedi off his listing. He even kills defenseless prisoners as a show of energy, which occurs within the deleted scenes for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith when he takes the captured Jedi Master Shaak Ti and executes her with out a struggle.

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That solidifies his popularity as a coward but in addition paints him as a ruthless villain, on par with the likes of Darth Vader and Darth Maul. Easily one in every of Star Wars‘ most stunning scenes is when Anakin slaughters the Jedi younglings, and it is arduous to understand Grievous had been doing the identical all all through the Clone Wars. Because, regardless of him hardly ever encountering younglings on the battlefield, Jedi of their younger teenagers ceaselessly acquired pushed onto the entrance strains, which made them prime targets for Grievous.

Grievous’ cowardly popularity stemmed from his fixed fleeing, however that is not why he ought to’ve had it. It’s comprehensible why a non-Force person would run from a struggle with a Jedi Master, and retreating from an unwinnable battle is usually the proper transfer. But Grievous’ alternative of sufferer made him a coward, as he liked to boast in regards to the Jedi he killed.



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