Zombie Parking Weapon and Strategy Guide

This information explains how the weapons work, together with a great technique together with suggestions.



Hello! Welcome to the Zombie Parking Weapon Guide. This information will clarify the next:

  • The weapons and the way they work
  • Strategies for the weapons
  • Pointers for each weapons

This is my first information written for a game and never solely that, its the primary information written for the zombie parking neighborhood.


The Shotgun

The shotgun is likely one of the two weapons that you’re geared up with in Zombie Parking. The shotgun is an effective use for taking zombies down by themselves or in a pair. Despite it being a shotgun, it’s not good at spraying enemies down. Another good use for the shotgun is getting headshots, its very onerous to overlook so long as you purpose on the head

The AK-47

The AK-47 is the second weapon that you’re geared up with in Zombie Parking. The AK-47 is nice for taking down crowds of zombies (primarily across the later waves of zombies). Another nice use is for taking down fuel canisters.


Waves Strategy

There are totally different moments the place the spawn fee of zombies in a zombie parking game that I’ll to seek advice from as “waves”

First Few Waves

The shotgun goes to be your important weapon for the primary few waves. There aren’t many zombies throughout this level, so there isnt actually a motive to make use of the AK to spray down crowds simply but. That is until you wish to get higher combos, however I would save that for a special information.

The Next Few Waves

The subsequent waves could have small clumps of zombies throughout this half. You’ll nonetheless be utilizing the shotgun as a important, however the AK will certainly be used a bit extra on this half. Be a bit extra cautious about choosing up ammo and energy ups. The zombies collision is a bit damaged and it might probably lure you right into a game over

The Other Waves

From now on, you may be operating from crowds, and utilizing the shotgun to kill zombies in your manner. You wish to circle zombies close to vehicles. This could have it so you may hearth fuel canisters so that almost all zombies within the space will explode. This will likely be sufficient drops for ammo and energy ups to gather.

Power Up Strategy

There isnt many energy up methods to speak about apart from the invincibility and infinite ammo.

Infinite Ammo

Infinite ammo is a really uncommon energy as much as get however it’s a tremendous energy as much as wipe out crowds for extra time to assume. When the infinite ammo energy up comes by, equip your AK and begin firing down enemies


When you receive this energy up, it’s nice to make use of the shotgun to realize extra headshots. When aiming, you’re slower and the zombies can catch as much as you. The invincibility energy up counters that downside. So rack up headshots for a greater rating with this energy up


I hope this information has helped you turn out to be a greater Zombie Parking participant. I’ve poured out my coronary heart and soul into this information so thanks very a lot for studying this information! Have enjoyable!

By sir_tophatt

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